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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: May 2004 Archive: March SAT Math Question
By Whtx (Whtx) on Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 11:25 pm: Edit

Does anyone remember the March SAT math question in the fill in section, they ask about the length of the side of a triangle or something? We were suppose to use ratios of the triangles to solve for it. However, there were two possible ratios and many people got that question wrong.

I guessed it and got it right. My question is, how were we suppose to know which ratio to use? Thanks

By Whtx (Whtx) on Thursday, May 20, 2004 - 11:22 pm: Edit


By Whtx (Whtx) on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 10:49 pm: Edit

can someone help?

By Whtx (Whtx) on Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 06:08 pm: Edit

No one is willing to help?

By Whtx (Whtx) on Monday, May 24, 2004 - 10:32 pm: Edit


By Qwert271 (Qwert271) on Monday, May 24, 2004 - 10:39 pm: Edit

If you remember the problem I can prolly help ya.

By Whtx (Whtx) on Monday, May 24, 2004 - 10:47 pm: Edit

Now i remember. it wasnt a triangle, it was a cone. I went through some old posts and someone said some stuff like "Yep, the cone one was simple ratios.

It gave the height and radius of the big cone and the height of the small cone. Setup a ration r/h = r/h and solve for r of the smaller cone."

Does anyone remember the question? My problem with this problem is that how were we suppose to know it was r/h = r/h instead of some other ratio? DAMN, i dont remember the exact problem but i know there was one other ratio that was possible but wrong. Can someone help?

By Jer728 (Jer728) on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 - 04:50 pm: Edit

Sorry, I think I spent like five minutes on it and was very discouraged when I couldn't get it because it seemed like it should be easy!

By Xiggi (Xiggi) on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 - 05:26 pm: Edit


Here's a thought ... use the search feature of CC. Type "cone" in the search and limit it to the SAT Prep forum. It will yield 111 posts and the first one that comes up should be the one you look for.

Go through all of them by clicking on the individual posts -not the threads. :)

By Whtx (Whtx) on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 - 08:48 pm: Edit


I went through the threads and have read the different posts on that topic. They tell me which ratio to set up. I did the ratio and arrived at the correct answer. However, I knew that there was also another ratio possible. The wrong ratio might be hypotenuse/radius or something like that. I do not remember.

Does anyone remember this problem? How do i know which ratio to use? THAT IS MY QUESTION! THANKS!

By Whtx (Whtx) on Thursday, May 27, 2004 - 05:22 pm: Edit


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