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By Bleakshack (Bleakshack) on Thursday, May 06, 2004 - 03:17 am: Edit

Hey everyone. Right now I'm a sophomore in high school and am wondering how I stack up compared to all the other sophomores out there. I will post a little information about my academic and EC self, and it would be awesome to see other people do the same, or at least comment on my post. Thanks, and here goes (+'s indicate classes taken/to be taken at UCLA, sports not included):

- Algebra II
- C++ Programming (prereq. for AP Comp Sci)
- French 1
- (H) Biology
- Health/CR (req. for graduation)
- (H) English
+ Precalculus

- (H) Chemistry
- (AP) Calculus AB
- (AP) Computer Science A
- French 2
- (H) World History
- (H) English
+ Microecon (equivalent of AP Micro)
+ Macroecon (equivalent of AP Macro)

- (H) English
- (AP) U.S. History
- (AP) Physics B
- (AP) Statistics
- (AP) Computer Science AB
- (AP) Calculus BC
- French 3
+ Ancient Art History
+ Renaissance Art History

- (AP) English Literature
- (AP) U.S. Government
- (AP) Chemistry
- (AP) Physics C
- (AP) French Language
- Multivariable Calculus
- Linear Algebra
- Ordinary Differential Equations

* Info
- Ranked 1 out of ~600 students, no tie. Reasonably competitive urban school.
- All A's and one B which did not affect my class rank because of A's in weighted classes my fellow classmen are not taking yet.

- SAT I: NT, ~1450 - 1550
- SAT IIs:
- Math IIC: NT, ~800
- Physics: NT, ~800
- U.S. History: NT, ~750
- APs:
- Computer Science A ~ 5
- Calculus AB ~ 5
- U.S. History ~ 5
- Computer Science AB ~ 5
- Physics B ~ 5
- Statistics ~ 5
- Calculus BC ~ 5
- Economics Micro ~ 5
- Economics Macro ~ 5
- Physics C ~ 5
- Chemistry ~ 5
- English Language ~ 3
- English Literature ~ 3
- Government ~ 3

- Hospital volunteer hours: increasing steadily
- CSF (standard stuff)
- Key Club (standard stuff)
- French Club
- Computer Club
- Progfest programming competition at CSULA
- Accumulating UCLA units
- Varsity swim (since freshman year), number one breaststroker
- Academic Decathlon: First freshman Honors competitor in the history of the program at my school. Returned sophomore year as the third highest scoring student in my county, one of three sophomores out of 600+ juniors and seniors. Advanced to the state competition and placed nationally (team score-wise) in the top 25. Thinking of stopping involvement in this program; it is extremely draining (30+ hours a week for a whole semester) and in my opinion, not worth the effort. Please post comments on this decision. Visit for more info.

In the grand scheme of things, I am shooting for Berkeley, Caltech, University of Chicago, MIT, and Harvey Mudd as a double major in math and some sciene, probably physics (theoretical, of course). Please input! Thanks for your time!

By Conker (Conker) on Thursday, May 06, 2004 - 05:12 am: Edit

I think that you're predicting way too many grades. You don't know that you're going to get 5's on all those AP exams. You don't know what your SAT scores will be (also, don't forget that you're taking the new SAT which is out of 2400, not 1600). In fact, given your PSAT score, your projected SAT score is 2030, or the equivalent of a 1350 in the current SAT.

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