Please grade my SAT2 writing practice essay

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By Jewlovvv (Jewlovvv) on Sunday, April 25, 2004 - 06:19 pm: Edit

Used 20 minutes & Real SATII's question:

Consider the following statements.

"There has always been great passion to keep things as they are."
"There has always been great passion to bring about change."

Throughout history, there have always been people not satisfied with the status quo. This concept can be perfectly illustrated by considering the history of the United States. The colonial period, the antebellum Congress, and modern day all provide for great examples of said dissatisfaction.

In the Chesapeake colonies, now known as Virginia, religious persecution was prominent. People such as William Penn and Anne Hutchinson sought to change thsi by foudning their own news colonies, Pennsylvania (PA) and Rhode Island (RI). The ideals of these colonies contrasted greatly with those of the original colonies. PA, for example, served as a haven to all but Jews and Catholics; it was radical for its time.

Slavery was a big issue in the Congress during the nineteenth century. A politican from the North, Brooks, an abolitionist, was attacked by Sumner, a senator from the South, one day on the senate floor. This feud not only symbolized the tensions between the North and South, but also the passions the respective spheres had. They were strong toward their causes, their means of change: the North wanted slaveyr banned everywhere, whereas the South wanted it legal everywhere.

Even today there is great passion for change; an example of this would be the recall election that recently took place in California. The constituents were unhappy with their governor, sot hey banded together to recall him and change the holder of office.

Although Americans are stereotyped to be lazy and apathetic, there has always been a movement somewhere for change. Since the colonial era, there has been a fire for change. It will never flicker or cease.


Yes, I know it sucks. It's my first practice. Please be brutally honest, so I can determine how hard I should prepare. On a scale of 2-12, please.

By Jewlovvv (Jewlovvv) on Sunday, April 25, 2004 - 09:55 pm: Edit


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