AP Chemistry free-response predictions

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: April 2004 Archive: AP Chemistry free-response predictions
By Ajoshi05 (Ajoshi05) on Saturday, April 17, 2004 - 12:27 am: Edit

Hey, i was wondering if anyone has any predictions about the 2004 AP Chem exam. Write back if any of u guys have any predictions. Thanks.

By Kewlkiwi102 (Kewlkiwi102) on Saturday, April 17, 2004 - 01:12 am: Edit

An equilibrium problem.

(no duh...lol :))

By Athlonmj (Athlonmj) on Saturday, April 17, 2004 - 08:37 pm: Edit

Hehe, Kewlkiwi, equilibrium problem is ALWAYS #1 on the free response.

I'll predict a problem that includes writing 8 reactions, of which you must complete 5 ;)

By Wrathofgod64 (Wrathofgod64) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 12:46 am: Edit

ne tips for predicting reactions? it looks really hard

By Upmysleeve (Upmysleeve) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 01:32 am: Edit

Do a lot of practice for the reaction question. They get to be really easy. Just search in google for "AP reactions" and you should find some old questions.

By Upmysleeve (Upmysleeve) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 01:35 am: Edit

Also, they tend to use the same types of reactions. There's usually...
-oxidation-reduction that occurs in acidic solution
-acidic/basic anhydride + water
-combustion of an organic compound
-precipitation from two solutions
-complex ion
-single displacement (especially with halogens i.e. Cl2 + Br- => Cl- + Br2

By Blee731 (Blee731) on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 - 09:16 am: Edit

Also, many people believe there will be electrochemistry, so study those reduction potentials and redox stuff.

By Imustbebored (Imustbebored) on Thursday, April 22, 2004 - 02:51 am: Edit

acid-base reactions, buffers, electrochemistry, molecule ball-stick model stuff, experimental questions about chemical reactions, and of course balancing equations...for the 2003 one, there was a question about light absorption...that was it for the one i took...i got a 3.

By Blee731 (Blee731) on Saturday, April 24, 2004 - 08:52 pm: Edit

Yeah, the 2003 free response questions and answers are available online on the AP Central website. It was about Beer-Lambert's Law and the relation of molarity to absorbance. It most likely won't be on the 2004 free-response (the one I'm taking this year), but may be on the multiple choice.

By Pinacolada (Pinacolada) on Sunday, April 25, 2004 - 03:22 am: Edit

what kind of lab/experiment question do you think there will be?

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