How to jump form 1450 to 1500+

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: April 2004 Archive: How to jump form 1450 to 1500+
By Surfer87 (Surfer87) on Monday, April 12, 2004 - 10:43 pm: Edit

does anyone have any tips

By Songster87 (Songster87) on Monday, April 12, 2004 - 11:42 pm: Edit

10RS + 30 Devoted Hours + MOTIVATION (most important part)


$1000 + PR Review Class (Motivation optional)

By Surfer87 (Surfer87) on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - 05:32 pm: Edit

i got a 700M
wat can i do to bring up the math to 750+

By Encomium (Encomium) on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - 05:33 pm: Edit

Hey, I got a 700 M 750 V too

By Wanksta (Wanksta) on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - 05:55 pm: Edit

That's pretty good man..math is easier to improve i think...DO PRACTICE PROBELMS

Verbal, on the other hand is more difficult :(...I only have 600. What should I do to improve? Is there a sure fire way to do well each time??

Hope this helps and thanks for your help in advance.

By Surfer87 (Surfer87) on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - 10:46 pm: Edit

thaks for the help.

for verbal what i did was just memorize as many words as i could. get one of those sat word book:
-Hot Words for the Sat I
by Linda Carnevale

good luck and thanks for the help.

By Surfer87 (Surfer87) on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - 04:57 pm: Edit


By Susu (Susu) on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - 06:13 pm: Edit

Have you considered standing pat with the 1450 and doing something wild and fun instead? Like taking up fencing, or reading a Russian novel?

By Poiz0n (Poiz0n) on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - 06:46 pm: Edit

good point Susu

By Azheim (Azheim) on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - 09:14 pm: Edit

I got a 710 math, 690 verbal.

I feel like I've already gone through everything good that's out there, but obviously not, since I only scored 1400 ;)

Is it worth it to invest the time to get a better score?

Oh yes, and I got a 27 on the ACT. I feel like that's low. Is there a reasonable comparison between that and the SAT?

By Skulkarni1 (Skulkarni1) on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - 09:22 pm: Edit

Azheim, your SAT score is good, don't say only !

your ACT score is decent, but your SAT score is much, much, much better then your ACT score. go to collegeboard and look at the conversion tables....a 30 on the ACT = 1350 SAT according to htem

By Gameguy56 (Gameguy56) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 12:17 am: Edit

I rased my SAT Verbal score by about 40-50 points be reading "Word Power Made Easy" Its a good read and forces you to remember the words by making you look at the roots

My practice SAT verbals were all around 690-700 flat, but I finished reading before the March SAT and got 740verbal. I think it helped.

As a side note. I also got a 1450 (710 math) I'm perfectly happy with verbal. I definitely think I'm a better at math than 710. I think I'll retake in june. Its too bad I already took all 10R SATs :-(

By Mpn (Mpn) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 12:18 am: Edit

Why don't you go read a book or do something productive instead of asking ridiculous questions?

By Nicolette1234 (Nicolette1234) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 01:22 am: Edit

Ok, so i did well on both sections (800 math, 780 verbal) and on my original PR diagnostic tests i got around... 1350 i think.
I took PR and Kaplan.. and realized that i'm completely lazy and don't like the idea of coming 3 or 4 saturdays to take SAT practice exams.
Taking a couple practice exams, no matter the context, is helpful to understand the exam, but i really don't think it will improve your score by much. So don't go crazy with them (at least, that's what i think)

Things that help:
studying some basic vocab found in dozens of books on SAT words (i don't know if any specific one is better than another).

Another tip for verbal... check out some of the popular names (PR, Kaplan, etc.) and buy a couple of their books or glance at ones from your friends, see which method for answering questions (especially the reading comp) is best for you, then stick with it! the biggest mistake i made was trying to keep in mind both PR and Kaplan. When i learned to really stick with one method (whether it be from a book or from your own ideas), my scores started improving.

get some kind of book specifically on the math section. There really aren't that many types of problems, and it's all very basic principles once you get right down to it. So, it shouldn't take long (especially if you're starting from anywhere 600+) to go over the types of problems and master them. Then, my personal advice again, if you have 700+, and generally score that on practice exams.. try taking a practice exam making sure to answer *every* math problem. Don't skip when you're probably only getting several wrong, then the rest of the points you didn't receive was for skipping. but, try it out first on a practice exam. (don't exp the day of the test, lol).

In any case, 1450 is amazing.. and i don't know if you should feel that you have to improve it by that much.. i would consider the advice everyone else was giving.. trying taking up another activity if you feel your SAT scores are inadequate.. rather than striving to fix those 10 questions you got wrong.

By Freudboy (Freudboy) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 04:44 am: Edit

the only difference between a 700 M and 780 M is some luck.

By Astrix (Astrix) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 05:22 am: Edit

You're dead on. I took it in Jan, got 700 M. Ordered QAS, turns out I answerted 16 where the answer was 1600 and 1600 where the answer was 16 (gridins)

And a couplea other stupid mistakes. Gunning for 800 in June...

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