Score Increases After 10 Real SAT's

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: April 2004 Archive: Score Increases After 10 Real SAT's
By Scion (Scion) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 02:00 pm: Edit

after practicing w/ 10 Real SAT's, what was ur score increase?

By Modestmouse (Modestmouse) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 02:06 pm: Edit

I had a 220 pt. increase. My score on the 3/27 test was a 1550. Now you can back solve to figure out my original(it was bad, I don't like to mention it), lol. But, I should also mention that I totally spazzed out on math the first time, I made all these careless mistakes. I am naturally a math person, so the perfect math came easy, but it helped to do verbal in 10 Real's, because you get a hang of the CR(that was where most of my verbal trouble came from; actually, that's probably why I didn't get a perfect this time.) 10 Reals is DEFINITELY the only meaningful SAT test prep out there...

By Gmf05 (Gmf05) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 03:00 pm: Edit

150 pt increase. 1450 - 1600 from December to March (though quite a bit of that is just avoiding careless math errors I made in December. The verbal went up 60 points though.)

By Stanforduniv (Stanforduniv) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 04:05 pm: Edit

My score went from 1310 to 1590 = 280 point increase.

By Fireflyscout (Fireflyscout) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 04:10 pm: Edit

D had increase of 180 points from PSAT to SAT using 10 Real SATs (100 point increase in verbal, 80 point increase in math)

By Yujin (Yujin) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 04:50 pm: Edit

I don't really get it..

How does it increase when you just take practice tests over and over?

By Succor101 (Succor101) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 06:51 pm: Edit

'cause they recycle questions, particularly vocab...

By Tired_Student (Tired_Student) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 07:06 pm: Edit

Yujin: "practice makes perfect"
After you take a practice test and figuring out what you messed up on, you tend to avoide making the same mistake again.

By Kewlkat8 (Kewlkat8) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 08:38 pm: Edit

1450 (oct) to 1520 (mar)

By Mreeves (Mreeves) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 09:01 pm: Edit

Well, I only took the SAT once in March and got a 1580, but my latest PSAT score was a 1330 . . . lol.

I figured out that the Real SATs really didn't help me a lot because the tests are so old, I just didn't feel it accurately represented the SATs today. My average SAT score in the Real SATs was around 1450, and once (a fluke), 1600.

Really, try to get your hands on newer SAT tests. There was a link on CC once for two SAT tests from College Board, one from 2001 and one from 2002. They are really helpful . . .

By Runrickyrun123 (Runrickyrun123) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 09:17 pm: Edit

quick question...what kinda scores were you people getting while you were taking the real SATs. I took the first exam of the book (1995) and got a 770 math 730 verbal. Is this a good expectation of what I can do on an exam may 2004?

By Scion (Scion) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 10:11 pm: Edit

this gives me hope! thanks guys...

By Whtx (Whtx) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 10:51 pm: Edit


any idea where to look for those tests? Its very hard to just randomly start searching at every topic.

By Gameguy56 (Gameguy56) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 11:26 pm: Edit

PSAT 1340

After 10RS


By Xiggi (Xiggi) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 12:54 am: Edit

First, the old tests starting in 1994 DO accurately represent the existing SAT tests. Despite the fact that ETS brings in a few new surprises with each admin, it remains that an older released test is still 10 times better than tests published by Barron's, Kaplan, or Princeton Review. You do NOT waste any time by practicing on the 10RS.

In the meantime, here are the links that I provided previously:

Take the SAT

May 2002 Test

You will find two full tests available. One extra only if you have the 3d Edition.

May 2002 Test (.pdf/1.5MB) Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version recommended).

SAT October 2001 Administration--Bonus Test!
Extra Practice,

Just for You. Hope this helps.


PS The original post where I listed it all is July 2003 Archives - Original post about disclosed tests

By Smac86 (Smac86) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 02:23 am: Edit

1420 - 1500! [80 pts-- all in verbal!]

By Hobbes344 (Hobbes344) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 07:35 am: Edit

hey xiqqi i heard that that serviec is no longer available. DO you know if thats true?

By Xiggi (Xiggi) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 06:33 pm: Edit

The service was discontinued last fall.

By Xjay2max (Xjay2max) on Sunday, April 11, 2004 - 01:05 am: Edit


Verbal: 700
Math: 630 (it wasn't a great day for math lol)

After 10RS (i did only 5 tests btw):

Verbal: 740
Math: 800

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