Kaplan's SAT 1600

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: April 2004 Archive: Kaplan's SAT 1600
By Romastaflex (Romastaflex) on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - 11:24 am: Edit

Has anyone ever tried Kaplan's SAT 1600 prep book? it seems more useful for the math than verbal. if u have used it, do u think it was worth buying it?

By Songster87 (Songster87) on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - 02:50 pm: Edit

Don't buy SAT review books. Ever.

Unless, of course, you don't know what "Process of Elimination" means or what Pythag's Theorem is.

By Sabinscabin (Sabinscabin) on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - 08:24 pm: Edit

well the math was absurdly hard and for people who are good at math their problem is not hard problems but making stupid mistakes, so I think the whole book should have been to help you make fewer stupid mistakes

i did like the verbal section though, the hard questions make the real sat questions extremely obvious. Just do the whole section the night before the test and the verbal section will seem like cake

By Mindyzhang (Mindyzhang) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 12:57 pm: Edit

the only SAT book (if any at all) you`ll ever need is 10 Real SATs

By Astrobobocop (Astrobobocop) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 01:44 pm: Edit

I got an SAT prep book, mostly for the math review. I had a horrible geometry teacher back in freshman year, so I could remember next to nothing. Also, I think it's helpful to just look back at the basic fundamentals of math, mostly so everything is fresh in your mind. I've never had much trouble with verbal, so I didn't do so much with that. The only thing I really spent time studying was analogies, and that was looking at the various bridges.
I can't wait to see my score

By Tree (Tree) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 05:14 pm: Edit

Kaplan's 1600 book is INSANE. There was one easy critical reading passage, and all the other ones were next to impossible...I got over half of them wrong. -.- The analogies and sentence completions had some vague words that ETS would never use. The math was also unrealistically DIFFICULT. I guess Kaplan is just trying to overprepare you for the real thing. I don't think it helped me much at all.

By Jollyapplepie (Jollyapplepie) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 10:36 am: Edit

Kaplan's 1600 ruined my self-esteem.

heh. imagine THAT written on the cover.

now, seriously, why buy a book that gives such ridiculuously difficult questions when all most people mess up on is not reading the question correctly, bubbling in the wrong answer, skipping a question when your bubbling ... etc?

By Traci87 (Traci87) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 12:47 pm: Edit

I skimmed Kaplan 1600. i guess it might have helped a little. i agree with everyone else about the 10 reals being more helpful and realistic.

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