AP US history easy question!! (it's easy)

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: March 2004 Archive: AP US history easy question!! (it's easy)
By Hidavid (Hidavid) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 02:51 am: Edit

i've senn this statesment in some website and that's exactly what my ap teacher told us ... but i just can't figure that out..i reread over my textbook and looked up REA, but i am still so confused.. could anybody help me understand this early colonial concept??? any help will be appreciated..

Students should understand the different political, economic, and religious developments of the individual colonies and then use this information to build their view of the larger regions of the British colonies—New England, Middle Atlantic, and Southern ..

By Gmf05 (Gmf05) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 06:35 am: Edit

You have colonies like Virginia that were founded by companies in order to gain gold. They farmed, etc. There are also Maryland, Pennsylvania, etc. that were supposed to be "safe-havens" started by religious people. Also, Georgia's purpose was a buffer against the French in Florida and a place to send debtors. Finally, Conneticut is unique in that it actually provided freedoms to its inhabitants (accepted Jews, Quakers, the like) --- started by Roger Williams FYI.
Then obviously you have the characteristics of each region...
South - Big on farming esp. TOBACCO, founded for $$
New England - Big on religion, family (think about their non-separate church-state gov't)

I think you get the idea

By Conker (Conker) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 06:56 am: Edit

Nope, Roger Williams founded Rhode Island, not Connecticut.

By Number9 (Number9) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 05:36 pm: Edit

Yes, to clear further confusion: It was Rhode Island (which was founded by Roger Williams) that was first to provide freedoms to its inhabitants (jews, catholics, etc.)

By Gmf05 (Gmf05) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 05:41 pm: Edit

**My mistake. I meant RI

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