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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: March 2004 Archive: Criticle reading
By Socalnick (Socalnick) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:00 pm: Edit

People that are good at criticle reading(700+ on verbal), how do read the passages and answer the questions. Ive herd that it is good to skim then answer, but that dons't work for me. Any help

By Welshie (Welshie) on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:56 pm: Edit

I got a 40/40 on CR (saved my Verbal score). Basically I would just go directly to the questions, check the reference lines/question content and read the lines before, the referenced lines, and the lines after (in some attempt to establish context). When asked about "overall" meaning I would skim the pieces quickly.


By Hollaratme (Hollaratme) on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 09:53 pm: Edit

yeah im wondering this also

By Ubercollegeman (Ubercollegeman) on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 10:33 pm: Edit

AP Junior English did it for me. You read so many passages in that class that scanning for purpose and whatever becomes instinctive.

When you're taking CR, consantly ask yourself the question, "What is the author really trying to say?"

By Cooldude (Cooldude) on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 11:44 am: Edit

somebody plz spell critical correctly!!!!

By Welshie (Welshie) on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 05:19 pm: Edit


By Mehere (Mehere) on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 06:19 pm: Edit

you think not reading the passage is better than reading passage? well, in almost all of the qs, there has to be one asking for the main idea, so u have to read it anyways. and those qs with "which of the following is NOT one of the ways blah blah" then u have to read the passage again. :S u sure not reading is easier?

By Welshie (Welshie) on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 06:25 pm: Edit

Best way to answer that question to grab 10RS and test both methods; see which method works better for you. For me, scanning the referenced lines worked, for others- it might not.


By Culovv (Culovv) on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 06:29 pm: Edit

i got 750. i just read the passage first and then answered the questions. 40/40 on one test, and 39/40 on another.

By Socalnick (Socalnick) on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 08:46 pm: Edit

One of my friends recomended reading a section of the passage and answering the questions on that. Does anybody else do that.

By Hiya (Hiya) on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 08:51 pm: Edit

I used to read all the pasages, but it bogged me down... so now I read the 1st paragraph and answer the questions paragraph by paragraph... It really helps b/c It's fresh... then I do the main idea questions last after I've read it all.

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