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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: May 2003 Archive: GRAPES OF WRATH HEEEEEEEEEELLLLPPP
By Urattorney (Urattorney) on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - 05:53 pm: Edit

i need the answers to these questions desperatley...any help would be much appreciated.

1. what was the county stone orchard

2. what was connie referring to when he said he wanted to study tractors and make 3DOLLARS A DAY ( juss the part in Caps)

3. Why did the women get mad at Ma Joad for giving the scraps to the to thechildren?

4. What two things did the crazy lady say would happen to Rose of Sharon that were superstitious?

5. What was supposed to happen at the dance?

6. Why did Husto say they were our own kind about the people who helped at the dance?

Thanks in advance!!!

By Ace1 (Ace1) on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 - 04:05 pm: Edit

1. it was a place where they had convivials and shared their feelings with each other

2. she wanted just to underline the significance of the work rathar than the money value.

3. they got mad because of the previous occurances that served as precedents for that to happen.

4. they would go into eternal pergatory and they would have to eat from the bad orchard".

5. at the dance, they were susposed to have made a pledge in a secret room and they were susposed to induct Husto.

6.he said that because they were the same relation to him in terms of nationality.

your welcome in advance

By Urattorney (Urattorney) on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 - 07:54 pm: Edit

hahahahaha FUNNY

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