Stressed about your APs? At least u didn't do this (hopefull

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: May 2003 Archive: Stressed about your APs? At least u didn't do this (hopefull
By Me1 (Me1) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 06:30 pm: Edit

For AP Lit. one of the seniors @ my school completely MADE UP a book for the essay.

By Jason817 (Jason817) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 07:03 pm: Edit

well if he knows that the graders don't confirm its existance, then that was a pretty smart move.

By Me1 (Me1) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 07:07 pm: Edit

He's not the type of person who would really be good @ making it up... And he described it as a classic. (A classic that none of the graders have heard of?)

By Nml1022 (Nml1022) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 07:14 pm: Edit

Who knows they might think is ingenious and creative? That move might have served him better on AP Comp though

By Johnnyd (Johnnyd) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 07:34 pm: Edit

My history teacher said if you get a single fact wrong, they stop reading your essay.

By Apguy (Apguy) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 07:43 pm: Edit

Your history teacher is not correct. They aren't going to give everybody who has a single flaw a score that low. You just get a lower grade depending on the amount of errors. If you made one minor one you can still do excellent, if you made up stuff about World War 3 you probably wouldn't get credit.

As for the english AP, the graders don't know of everybook out there and I doubt they would have the time to sit and verify it (they take like 2 minutes on each essay or something). I recall reading in some SAT II writing review books, it was encouraged to make up an incident or maybe even paraphrase a quote that never existed if you are in a jam. After all, they can't prove a paraphrased quote is not real unless they have a ton of time. Either way they are looking for the quality of the essay not the content on the SAT II. That isn't the case with the AP though. I think your friend would have better chances of getting away with this had he not said the book was a classic.

By Dori (Dori) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 09:58 pm: Edit

my english teacher is a grader for AP language exams. they're taught to read each essay in 1 min 30 seconds or less. she taught us to do it so we could grade each others essays and get used to the rubric

i made up a book on my SAT2 writing test. there were no problems :)

By Jason817 (Jason817) on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 10:04 pm: Edit

who doesn't make stuff up on the SAT II Writing?

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