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By Cooljay687 (Cooljay687) on Monday, May 05, 2003 - 11:42 pm: Edit

For those of you with Cliff Notes, this is from Test 2, free resposne #2. If you do not have it, please still read to see if I am making sense. Thanks!!

Write a welldeveloped essay analyzing the author's purpose by exmaining tone, point of view and stylistic devices.

----William Hazlitt’s Lecture on the English Comic Writers uses a rhetoric strategy of compare and contrast to distinguish between succinct qualities of weeping and laughter. Hazlitt feels there are circumstances to why humans are provokd to resort to such measures. Because of his point-to-point basis of the compare and contrast method, a certain tone, point of view as well as syntax develops.
----The tone of the excerpt is quite perplexing. Hazlitt, to a certain degree has a pedantic attitude. For example, he discusses the relevancy of uncontrollable tears due to a “shock,” but once “the very rejection of these false claims” is apparent, laughter can result. Humans can revert to crying and laughter, like the directions of a compass can spin continuously. In addition, because of the use of a point-to-point comparison and contrast, it develops into a more subtle article with constant inversions.
----Hazlitt offers an interesting point of view, depicting laughter as a “tragedy” and tears as a “comedy.” A conceit is obvious with further references and relations yo each of th human qualities. The idea of tear sheds is being linked with “crimes,” “misfortunes,” and “shock” while laughter is analogized with “the follies and absurdities that men commit.” The conceits serve to show the author’s purpose in revealing causes of committing injustices successfully and perhaps committing the same injustices with a fallacy. The unsuccessfulness of a crime can lead to unsusceptible laughter because of the foolish element coming into play.
----The flow of thought in Hazlitt’s work shows great commitment to fulfill the interests of his audience. He uses distinct syntax to portray his views. Long, continuous sentences are relevant throughout the passage, letting the reader acknowledge and grasp Hazlitt’s meaning and relate to it. The use of dashes, colons and excessive commas show an informality voice from the speaker.
----It is compelling to analyze such simplistic sentiments of human life to a great degree. With Hazlitt’s work, the audience is engaged with emotions to either relate to his reasoning or perhaps find it faulty. Either way, Hazlitt will surely at least make one think before crying, as perhaps he or she should be laughing.

By J_Shen (J_Shen) on Wednesday, May 07, 2003 - 07:28 pm: Edit

It would be very helpful to have the accompanying essay, as I cannot get a whole sense of the references. I have no idea if this will be of any help, presumably to peace of mind, but I would rate it a 6-7. It is certainly well-informed and well-written - you know what you're talking about - but it's dry and a bit vague (kinda too tentative, not willing enough to commit strongly) and could use a bit of organizational work. nontheless, it is sufficient. hope you scored a 5!

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