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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: May 2003 Archive: Assess the validity of this statement...
By Arthur (Arthur) on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 05:32 pm: Edit

"of the april, may and june tests, generally the april test is hardest, may is second hardest, and june is easiest."

this sounds totally wrong to me (stupid imo), but some of my friends are saying this. so please tell me if it's just a rumor or there's any truth. thanks.

By Incognito (Incognito) on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 05:34 pm: Edit

I think it's a rumor

By Lateralus (Lateralus) on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 05:37 pm: Edit

na they are all rumors, and the more people think that the more they will continue to claim that they are easier when they take them. there is no "best" time of year to take the SATs

By Mindy_2004 (Mindy_2004) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 12:26 am: Edit

January is the best time... they always use an old test then.

By Number9 (Number9) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 12:45 am: Edit


By Confetti (Confetti) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 02:58 am: Edit

I don't think it's true at all, especially since a lot of people in my school seem to think that the May SAT is always the easiest. I really don't think there is any truth to that statement.

By Virgo007 (Virgo007) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 12:37 pm: Edit

May is NOT the hardest, it's one of the EASIEST. June is so-so.

By Jason817 (Jason817) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 12:50 pm: Edit

I found May to be harder than other months.

By Wallyjo (Wallyjo) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 12:52 pm: Edit

has anyone taken SATII bio?? im taking it in june and wanted some advice

By Gneugen (Gneugen) on Wednesday, May 14, 2003 - 05:03 pm: Edit

bullcrap. The tests are balanced for a reason! Collegeboard and ETS go to extensive measures to make sure the integrity of the test is upheld. They are balanced to make sure that everyone is held to the same standard... easier in may... PSSHH

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