Help me understand this monologue. Please????

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By Mimi (Mimi) on Saturday, September 11, 2004 - 11:37 am: Edit

I have to audition for something, so I picked this monologue. Would it matter which monologue I picked? This is a dramatic one and the play I'm auditioning for is The Best Christmas Pagent Ever. I need help understanding what some words mean. Scroll down...

Mayumi wonders if her lover will return (dramatic)
From The Death of Griffin Hunter.

Her lover is three hours late, and Mayumi begins to wonder if he is true. Despite his protestations of love, he is married and living a very successful life as the UN Undersecretary for Disarmament.

Mayumi- Noon, and he said nine. Or did he? Noon, nine,
A difference small of sign but huge of hope.
O why did I trust? Why did I believe
That he would ever choose me over her?
How could I be so taken, so naive
To ever think he would exchange his life
Of peace, to be with problematic me?
No. Griffin will. He said he would, he will.
He is a man takes freedom over habit,
Love over status, bliss over boredom,
Yet in the latter is security,
That all-uncompromising cause of choice.
He will not come. He has thrown me away,
And yet, he said he...No, he said a lie.
(is she talking to herself here?) O you sad human, once a comet came
Into the night of tiny, static dots
And spread a splash of light across the sky
As you stood dazzled, helpless on the ground,
And then it went away, yet still you stand,
Trying to review its transit marvel,
Incapable of honestly admitting
You’ll never see or touch its flash again,
For it is gone, and when it does return
You will be dead, with darkness all around.

Who is she talking to when she says "you will be dead".

The first part, she's questioning herself, and the second part, is she angry?? I don't know how to act out the second part. Thanks.

By Megofou (Megofou) on Saturday, September 11, 2004 - 02:38 pm: Edit

I would assume she's talking to her self through the entire thing. Still talking to herself with the "you will be dead."

Also, I wouldn't call it angry so much as feeling like a fool. She's making fun of herself for believing that he would come back to her and leave his stable life. She's saying...I saw him and stood in awe. He went away and still I stand in awe waiting. But now, she's begining to realize that she's lying to herself in thinking he will ever come back.

Something like that. I would vote for 'conflicted'.

By Anglophile (Anglophile) on Saturday, September 11, 2004 - 04:30 pm: Edit

First rule of monologues-- ALWAYS READ THE PLAY. Get to know the character. You cannot and should not just do a monologue cold--without background, and a clear understanding of who the character is and what she wants.
I agree that she is talking to herself for the "you will be dead", and Megofou is right on with the rest of it. In the second part, I think the underlying emotion is fear. She fears that he won't come and that she will lose love, or never find love again. Despair is there at the end, but keep her conflicted between fear and hope. That keeps your delivery alive. It's the indecision that holds the interest. On the last part, let the audience see the brilliance of this man through your eyes. Show them the joy and the beauty when you're talking about the comet, and the loneliness and helplessness that you feel as the onlooker. Then ask yourself what you (the character) wants more than anything-- to reach the comet/touch the man. Let the audience see your desire, then bring them down with your crushing realization that you cannot reach him.

What an awesome monologue! The words are just fun to say, so enjoy it :). Waaaaaah! I miss acting... :(

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