Best Internet service for my laptop??

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Discus: College Confidential Café: 2004 Archive: Best Internet service for my laptop??
By Yale5709e (Yale5709e) on Monday, September 06, 2004 - 01:40 pm: Edit

I have a lap top for college, and I would think I would need internet service...whats the best internet service out there for laptops??

Love Always,
Yale E.

By Allena (Allena) on Monday, September 06, 2004 - 02:25 pm: Edit

Internet should be offered thtough your schoo. If you are going to Yale (I'd assume from the Screen Name) I'm sure they've got wireless access on campus. You may want to consider making sure you do have wireless access from your notebook however, since that will mkae your life a lot better.

By Welshie (Welshie) on Monday, September 06, 2004 - 02:48 pm: Edit

As previously mentioned, you will most assuredly have a connection provided by your school. As per a laptop, it just as likely that you will have a buit in NIC/ethernet card allowing you to connect to a wired network but it's also a good possibility that you will have a built in Wi-Fi card that will allow you to connect to the wireless network. It has been my experience thus far that I am almost always connected into the wired network at my school but it is nice to know that I can go outside and connect to the wireless network if I so please. Lastly, because the internet service is provided, let me make a few suggestions about internet browser and other necessary utilities that go along with being on a big network and most importantly the internet. First, as per a web browser, I would strongly recommend you get Firefox (available as a free download at It is fast, customizable, secure, prevents pop-ups and spyware. Should you choose to want an intstant messaging service, I'd suggest either Trillian or Gaim. Both services utilize mutiple different clients (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc.) and compile them all into one program. Trillian is a bit trickier to manage than Gaim so I'd give the nod to Gaim here. Also, you are going to want to download Ad-aware SE ( which will take care of any spyware/adware that manages to get itself onto your laptop (or has previously managed to get onto your laptop). Iif you don't have a hardware firewall, I would suggest getting Sygate Personall Firewall ( this will protect you from unwarranted users accessing your computer and also from possible trojan threats. Lastly, get a decent anti-virus software. Check with you school to see what they offer/require to be able to access the school network. I hope that helps.

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