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Discus: College Confidential Café: 2004 Archive: Hiking and camping
By Tongos (Tongos) on Friday, July 30, 2004 - 04:40 pm: Edit

does anyone here enjoy hiking, camping or backpacking in the mountains?

By Sparky (Sparky) on Friday, July 30, 2004 - 05:08 pm: Edit

Ya i do altough i have not gone for awhile. The last major trip was Mt. Whitney.

By Onnihs (Onnihs) on Friday, July 30, 2004 - 06:27 pm: Edit

i camp at least once a year. most recently i did two camping trips in at Big Bear, Ca. Fun fun fun!

As for hiking/backpacking, i've trekked HUNDREDS of miles with oodles of equipment on my back as an infantryman for 3 years.. hehe i refuse to do anymore hiking :P

By Tongos (Tongos) on Friday, July 30, 2004 - 07:20 pm: Edit

I hiked longs peak colorado, a fourteener on a very steep trail. did it in one day. kind of dissappointed about my time for the whole trip, i made the whole trip in thirteen hours, could've done less.
Last summer, I tried mt.shasta, with fifty pound pack. I was going to camp at lake helen, but then i got altitude sickness, so I headed down the trail at night. pretty crazy, but i'm hoping on trying it again, and hopefully making it to the top. 7000 feet elevation gain!

Actually I've seen crazier. There's this mountain by palm springs california where you go from sea level to 10000 feet in seventeen miles! crazy. And you do 8000 feet of it in 12 miles. People make it roundtrip, all 34 miles in one day!

By Sparky (Sparky) on Saturday, July 31, 2004 - 09:10 pm: Edit

Tongos the mountain in Palm Springs i think your talking about is San Jancito. Very good Mountain climb. Good training mountain.

I have also gone and summited Mt. Shasta with my father (he mountaineered in his 20's). We went up avalance gulch. It was windy so i couldnt really stand up at top and see the view. It was a heck of a climb.

By Emeraldkity4 (Emeraldkity4) on Saturday, July 31, 2004 - 09:24 pm: Edit

we just returned from the Pacific but we usually camp in the North Cascades

By Lucifersam (Lucifersam) on Saturday, July 31, 2004 - 09:40 pm: Edit

I've never actually done any like backpacking or anything like that, (I heard once that I may have been conceived on or maybe near Mount Rainer, though), but I really do love simply walking through and exploring a fairly untouched and pristine forest. It really puts me at ease.

By Tongos (Tongos) on Sunday, August 01, 2004 - 02:34 pm: Edit

I swore to my dad that i was going to do denali before i was eighteen. I don't think its going to happen though.
It is mt. san jacinto and the trail is called cactus to clouds. I heard that it is so challenging that they outlawed the trail. They were worried about people getting stuck on the mountain. Other trails come out of idywild, if your familiar with socal.
Avalanche gulch, do you remember helen lake? the red banks.
If I am going to climb mt. shasta in the future, i'm going to do it in one day. Helen lake is not a good place to camp at all!. Where's the lake!

By Sparky (Sparky) on Sunday, August 01, 2004 - 04:03 pm: Edit

Ya i remeber the red banks and helen lake (the lake is under all the ice). Be careful at the lake because one misstep can lead to a cold leg (leanred from experience). Lake helen is a okay place to camp but a one day trip would be tough since your going up alot in one day.

Ya the Cactus to clouds is a very very difficult hike. I usually come up from idywild since it's cooler and prettier.

My dad and I are planning to go climb some volcanoes in mexico after i graduat from HS.

By Tongos (Tongos) on Sunday, August 01, 2004 - 04:39 pm: Edit

ever do san gorgonio? that one is not that tough but its a pretty hike.
My parents are doing mt. baden powell right now (by mt. san antonio) in the san gabriel mountains near wrightwood, california.

Man, i remember that experience on helen lake, once you got out of the tent, it was so cold, but once you came in the tent, it was so hot (except for the ice ground). It was horrible.

I'm hoping on climbing silua grande in south america (mountain from touching the void).

, after i graduate highschool, i'm going to do a ton of peaks in the sierra ranging from mt. whitney, into the palisades and into upper yosemite. This is going to be a long trip. I'm going to bring ropes and another friend with me. These are the peaks, mt. whitney, mt. russell, mt. tyndall, mt. williamson, university peak (already did), mt. gardiner, clearence king and alot more! (i don't really know anyone who likes adventures as much as me where i live)

Hoping on doing the PCT and mt. everest too eventually.

By Sparky (Sparky) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 01:59 pm: Edit

well good luck on all your upcoming adventures. Ya ive been on San gorgonio and it is a very pretty hike. I dont know if i will continue with mountaineering once in college but ill see.

By Demonllama (Demonllama) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 02:12 pm: Edit

me! i absolutely love camping and hiking. especially hiking, because once you reach your goal, it's a great reward to see how high you climbed and to enjoy the view.
i'm going camping at the end of august, before i head off to college. and i want to join the hiking club at college because there's mountains all around the school that would be fun to hike.

By Tongos (Tongos) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 02:39 pm: Edit

sparky, you really should continue mountaineering once you head into college.
demonllama, where are you planning on hiking?

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