What is your phobia?

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By Poison_Ivy (Poison_Ivy) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 04:32 pm: Edit

Amnesiphobia amnesia - I'm scared I'll behind and be considered a retard.
Daemonophobia demons - I know they exist. My grandfather did exorcisms.
Obesophobia gaining weight - Seriously.
Pnigerophobia choking of being smothered - It's the suffocation that scares me. Whenever I think about it I freak out.


By Jenesaispas (Jenesaispas) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 04:38 pm: Edit

Philophobia--love/falling in love--That's definitely me! Stay away, mes amants.

By Poison_Ivy (Poison_Ivy) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 04:43 pm: Edit

oui, l'amour est tres.....triste, mais ce n'est pas tres mal

By Thenarrator (Thenarrator) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 04:44 pm: Edit


By Legendofmax (Legendofmax) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 04:47 pm: Edit

I fear spiders, craneflies, female rejection, and being-hit-in-the-pillsophobia

By Ariesathena (Ariesathena) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 04:50 pm: Edit

Agyrophobia - crossing streets. I've been hit by cars twice.

Carnophobia - I'm a veggie.

Rhytiphobia - need more omega-3 fatty acids.

By Seleucus26 (Seleucus26) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 05:23 pm: Edit

aphenphosmphobia - fear of being touched. i'm getting over it now

By Philntex (Philntex) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 06:43 pm: Edit

Aviophobia - fear of flying. Funny, considering how I want to go to school thousands of miles away from home.

By Insanity (Insanity) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 08:48 pm: Edit

Kakorrhaphiophobia - fear of failure

that probably describes lots of people on this site

By Ticklemepink (Ticklemepink) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 09:22 pm: Edit

Ornithophobia (fear of birds).... specifically bill beaked birds... Was scarred for life when a seagull grabbed a fish out my hand at Sea World. Unfortunately, my uncle has the whole thing on tape and my famiy find it hilarious.

Just can't stand them and I do my best to avoid those kind of areas.

By Rbc13 (Rbc13) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 11:19 pm: Edit

Ariesathena, walnuts are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. 160 calories gives you about half of what you need, so if you have 320 calories worth you will have more than enough omega 3's. Most foods have little omega 3's in them, so walnuts aren't the only good non fish source. Also there are tons in flax seeds and flax oil, pecans have some, some in soybean oil, and smart balance butter has some too.

Here is a good site, it gives in depth nutritional profiles for all of the healthiest foods if you click on the bottom of the page for each food.


By Disappear_Here (Disappear_Here) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 11:22 pm: Edit

erm....i have ocd. does that count?

By Goodchocolate (Goodchocolate) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 11:28 pm: Edit

Nosophobia becoming ill
Nucleomituphobia nuclear weapons
Rhabdophobia being severely punished, beaten by a rod, or severely criticized
Taeniophobia tapeworms
Monopathophobia definite disease
Mottephobia moths
Meningitophobia brain disease
Ankylophobia immobility of a joint

By Twinkletoes696 (Twinkletoes696) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 11:45 pm: Edit

Aeroacrophobia- fear of high open spaces (no skydiving for me!)

Atychiophobia- fear of failure

Cleisiophobia being locked in an enclosed place

Iatrophobia doctors or going to the doctor (not so much a phobia, I just don't particularly like it and dread visits)

Obesophobia gaining weight

Panthophobia suffering or disease

Carnophobia- fear of meat (not a fear but an aversion to most)

Tomophobia surgery or surgical operations

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Saturday, July 03, 2004 - 01:12 am: Edit

i have several fears but i don't think any of them can be considered a phobia. i'm not afraid of rats or spiders or roaches (or any other kind of bug for that matter), but i am afraid of snakes more than any other animal in the world (ophidiophobia as it turns out but i don't think i'd ever actually have convulsions when i see one). well, i haven't actually seen one that's not held in captivity but as a child i've heard rumors from my friends that they've seen one lurking in my backyard and in the storage area nearby so i never went to those places by myself. the most horrendous story though was when a neighbor pulled a snake out of the toilet bowl! supposedly they later found out that a family of snakes lived on their rooftop which happened to be right next to a huge tree. also, whenever i walk on grass, i can't help but think that a snake lived underdeath (of course they'd bury themselves much much deeper than surface level but what if they rise to the top and catch you by surprise...this thought always comes to mind). and i also try to avoid huge rocks because snakes like to hide there.

next, i'm afraid of drowning. i took swimming lessons in third grade and the teacher thought i was the most stubborn of the kids there because i wouldn't dare submerge myself or lie horizontally on the water for a backstroke. i used one of those floating devices every time, and as i recall she had to call one of my parents to convince me to swim on my own and thank God i ultimately took the risk but with my coach standing by my side just in case i ceased to resurface. i'm still afraid of drowning now because just a short time after my lessons, my family and i went to a water park to celebrate my accomplishment, and i nearly drowned. that was definitely one of the scariest moments i've ever been through. so now i'm still cautious about going into the water, especially the beach. if the water is not clear enough, you never know what's lurking in it. one time, i got stung by a jellyfish which i accidentally stepped on.

By Demonllama (Demonllama) on Saturday, July 03, 2004 - 01:30 am: Edit

um... i just have a really intense fear of the ocean... which is weird considering i lived a couple of years in san diego when i was a kid and used to go swimming in the ocean practically everyday... *shrug*

By Voodoochile (Voodoochile) on Saturday, July 03, 2004 - 04:56 am: Edit

I pretend to be a hard-ass because I'm afraid that people will find out that I'm actually sensitive and laugh at me.

By Salamanda (Salamanda) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 12:38 am: Edit

i have no fears cuz i'm INVINCIBLE- yeah, that's right- invincible!

...sad thing is, i'm not even sure if i spelled that right...my only fear is losing someone i love

By Bumblebee83 (Bumblebee83) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 01:46 am: Edit

HA, I'm so happy that people have the same phobias as me!! I am terrified of birds. Terified, when they get near me I feel like I'm going to barf. Moths too, although thats gotten better. I was attacked, literally, by a bird as a child. I kid you not, it was swooping down over and over again on my brother and I. My dad had to shoot it to get rid of it. And moths...their faces creep me out. And feet I really hate other people's feet touching me.

By Fhmamii (Fhmamii) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 11:43 am: Edit

i don't know if this is an actually phobia, but i have a fear of my neck being touched. i freak out and cry and hyperventilate when anyone as much as grazes my neck

By Thunder77 (Thunder77) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 12:16 pm: Edit

I hate people that likes to stare at other people

So i guess you could say that I'm afraid(and annoyed) at people that stares at me

What is this called? any other have this? Don't know how common or weird this is...

By Wo4567 (Wo4567) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 06:52 pm: Edit

i have apocolocynposis: fear of pumpkins.
lol j/k. i'm just teaching the public new words.

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