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By Philntex (Philntex) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 02:30 pm: Edit

I was kinda surprised not to see a Wimbledon thread considering we have so many tennis fans on the board. Anyways, has anyone else been following Wimbledon? This year's has been the first tournament I've followed start-to-finish, and it's been a dramatic one for sure. My women's favorite (Venus) was out in the 2nd round, but my men's favorite (A-Rod) will hopefully be playing Federer in the finals (semis are today). Can't wait. The S. Williams/Mauresmo match was awesome (last half, if not the first). Who are your picks to take the gold cup?

By Geniusash (Geniusash) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 05:21 pm: Edit

the Williams/Mauresmo match was so long, but really good. Those few points where Mauresmo was playing so close to the net were awesome! Serena seemed to be making a lot of mistakes though...

By Seleucus26 (Seleucus26) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 05:25 pm: Edit

sharapova and Federer. they seem the most focused. but if roddick serves 140+ alot...

By Philntex (Philntex) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 06:38 pm: Edit

Serena DID make a lot of mistakes. I don't know what was going on there. She got thrown off by Mauresmo's incredible pace and rhythm. Good stuff, though.

I agree about Federer, if not Sharapova. I didn't see her match against Davenport, but I saw her when she played Sugiyama. Again, good stuff. I just like seeking Roddick play a good opponent 'cause he gets mad, lol.

By Pianolover25 (Pianolover25) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 08:42 pm: Edit

I'm so happy Federer won! He's my favorite.

By Invisible (Invisible) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 08:55 pm: Edit

I'm rooting for Roddick!

By Ronkebam (Ronkebam) on Sunday, July 04, 2004 - 11:15 pm: Edit

Sharapova won, she beat S. Williams like she wasn't making much of an effort. I mean yeah it was a tough match but 6-1 in the first set, S. Williams has never lost that bad ever. Two time champion is not 3-time champion. I felt bad for S.Williams but she did not handle her losing well. She tripped, she was on her heels alot... she could not get the match back cos I could tell she was very very angry and it began to show. All I saw in Sharapova was hate, maybe not for S Williams, rather for losing. she's 17, dudes, she's a world champion and our age, I'm happy for her. But she's not the youngest ever. Go Sharapova!

By Philntex (Philntex) on Monday, July 05, 2004 - 08:34 pm: Edit

I was totally surprised that Serena lost (fyi, I didn't see the match), but from the way I've heard she played, Sharapova deserved to win.

But I was totally disheartened by A-Rod's loss :( He was playing incredibly well up until the beginning of the second set, and from then on it just seemed to be a series of spurts and lags. He's got it going on, though, for being 21! Besides, I learned he relocated to Austin, which is right down the road. Now I'll finally have the chance to hit him up for some lessons ;-)

RCA and U.S. Open, here we come!

By Aim78 (Aim78) on Monday, July 05, 2004 - 11:22 pm: Edit

Actually, I think Roddick played his absolute best throughout the match. He gave it all he had, and that just wasn't enough to beat Federer. Federer was not playing his best tennis until late in the match, but he still came through. Federer is definitely the better player. I've never enjoyed watching Roddick play because he plays the "BOOM BOOM!" game where the ball just gets smashed back and forth. Federer is fun to watch because it's like he's a chess player that can see 2 or 3 strokes ahead. He gets the other guy right where he wants him then perfectly places the ball on the other side of the court.

By Moonlitdorian (Moonlitdorian) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 01:02 am: Edit

Yay for Sharipova. Yay for Federer. I can't stand the tennis players who can only hit the ball hard. I cheer for guys who come in and volley...the ones who have a real tennis game instead of just power.

By Somecanadianguy (Somecanadianguy) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 01:21 am: Edit

Yay for Ancic. Croatian pride. He sure can volley, now if he could only have dealt with those power serves a bit better.

By Philntex (Philntex) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 01:04 pm: Edit

I agree with that, Ronkebam and Moonlitdorian. I didn't even realize how little tennis players of today come into the net until the commentators remarked about how the grass near the net is still nearly intact while the baseline is practically white. This has become such a power game versus a thinking game. It's now all about who can last the longest in a rally. You notice, though, that the best points always come when people break the pace, come into the net, and make those awesome strategic volleys.

By Coqui (Coqui) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 04:11 pm: Edit

"This has become such a power game versus a thinking game."

True, but only to a certain level of tennis. Tennis is, was, and will alwas be a thinking sport. Maybe not lower levels, but PRO tennis is one of the most mentally tough sports, even though it may not seem like it. Power is just more abundant know because of the raquets, strings, and evolution of the sport, but you still have to be as mentally tough as before.

i play high, national level tennis (not high school tennis) and i'll tell you that more matches are won by outwitting your opponent. Federer vs Roddick is Mind vs power. though they both hit hard, Roddick can definetely overpower federer. yet federer used good strategy by hitting off pace slice ball frocing roddick to hit slower, topspin balls.

it does suck that more players don't come in to the net, especially the women. There's basically no serve and volleyers among the top female players. the reason is probably because it IS harder for a girl to hit a kick serve as oppose to a stronger, taller guy. Women's flat, topsin, and slice serve don't give them enough time to get in and volley. i'm tall so i do it more than most, but still not as much as some of the guys.

anyways, go federer! He's my new sampras! (hopefully!)

By Philntex (Philntex) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 06:48 pm: Edit

I definitely agree that tennis is a thinking sport (I argue that all the time to acquaintances who think it's the "easy" sport), but when you compare tennis of ole and tennis of today, it seems that there's a lot more focus on power than there used to be when some of that thought should be used for strategy. Even on the pro level, people are muscling the ball all over the place going for the "Big Winner." It's become almost more like an endurance battle. Watching several rallies where the players just hit the ball cross court to one another for nearly a minute was tiring even for me and frustrating because it was like "Go in! DO something!" Plan shots, make things happen, and, as Aim said, look at where you'll be a couple of shots ahead.

Yes, it is somewhat more difficult for women to integrate that aspect into their game for the reasons mentioned, but you also have to take into account that the pace of the ball is generally slower than that of men's tennis, thus almost evening out that lack of power. Besides, women players today are getting taller, more built, and stronger than they used to be. It's been fun to see women's tennis rise to prominence in the last decade or so.

While I'm not super excited that Federer one, he's an awesome player. I just hope he meets Roddick again (hopefully in New York) so that they can play up this rivalry--although, as Andy himself put it, to be a rivalry, he has to win a couple of their meetings. Hehe, good times, good times. I need to find a good fantasy tennis site where I can start "investing" in my picks, especially since it's been getting so intense lately. There really aren't anymore clear-cut winners, which is what makes tennis so exciting a lot of the time.

By English_Girl (English_Girl) on Friday, July 09, 2004 - 01:51 pm: Edit

Grr @ Tim Henman getting knocked out. He should win! He hasn't got much time left and England would go absolutely crazy if he won!

By Coqui (Coqui) on Thursday, July 15, 2004 - 01:18 am: Edit

no offense, but i don't really like henman. if i was english, i'd probably want to cut his manhood off because i'd be so frustrated with having to endure the disappointment with him losing (or should i say "choking") every wimbledon. sorry he's let you guys down, i feel more sympathy for his fans than for him. maybe next year he'll win...and i'll become the queen of england.

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