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By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Monday, June 21, 2004 - 11:22 pm: Edit

if you consider yourself average by CC standards, could you please introduce yourself? i'm gian from chicago, my first choice college is the university of chicago, my fav subject is history, and i like to watch abc news, world news tonight, this week, meet the press, other current events stuff. i'm bilingual, english is my second language, i've lived in manila, boston, and chicago, and i have the option of living in edinburgh (i just have to decide if it's worth leaving america for my last 2 years of HS). i'm training for the chicago marathon right now...17 weeks til showtime. also, i'm currently reading a book on the lincoln-douglas debates, and i'm thinking of doing a documentary on it for next year's national history day. i'll be reading bill clinton's biography soon (i'm a clinton fan). i got $150 worth of compensation from united airlines, so i might use that to travel to ny sometime this year (i've always wanted to go there). i intern with a senator from my district who's working very hard at the kerry campaign. what else...i was a vegetarian when i was a kid, ate meat for a certain period after that, but now i've returned to being vegetarian. one peculiar fact about me is that i rarely ever wear shirts with no collar, and the only kind of pants i wear is khaki. according to a personality test i took, i'm an INTJ. i tried to capture, in this post, the essence of me, and i think i've gotten pretty close to doing that. i'm interested in getting to know CCers who consider themselves average by CC standards, so please step up to the plate and introduce yourself.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 02:47 am: Edit

wow that was very insightful (i love that word almost three in one)...umm i was about to start a post on this only as a parody.

anyways umm on that test thing i got an ENTP or something like that, and on the political test i was pretty close to the Dalai himself

i have to apologize because i don't consider myself average…most people here are...
Liberal – yup, ima vote for kerry
middle/upper-middle class – im poor, my parents have done pretty well for themselves
dam near genius – HA, yeah right
somewhat introverted...but nice – I wont be bashful im outgoing
pretty diverse its hard to say which ethnicity is the majority (prob asian) -- black
truth seekers – CAN’T STAND LIERS
love lookers – always :)
statsomaniacal – I guess
curious (intellectually)– I like to learn about certain things so yes
likes to engage in moral-political debates -- yeah
world travelers – mexico only , Hawaii? J
1400 SAT --1070
@ least 3.5 G.P.A. – me 3.2

getting back to what i was saying, when i came here about 6 months ago, i was looking to get advice on my chances at USC (man, who was i kidding:)), or to ask a question about the SAT (can’t remember which came first)...anyways i was enthralled with some of the conversations that were on these boards…you see this is the first message board that I’ve belonged to…I don’t spend much time on the computer. I remember looking at the context of these conversations; validity of the SAT, Political debates, advice, I remember reading a post on someone who was very depressed and lonely…through all of these posts I saw something, a perspective that I rarely get in contact with at my school. You see, a lot of my friends in the past have not been the type of people that express their opinions and philosophies often (that’s the best way I could put it). They don’t like to talk about some of the issues that are occasionally brought up here, and some of them are the, well, some of my friends are the type of people who pick on others, ( I hope that you don’t lose any respect for me even though you don’t even know me :)) some of my friends are the type of people who are OBSESSED with clothes, cars, and commercial crap. (Though a lot of people at cc aren’t that far off) so I began to post here out of the desire to engage myself in discourse that I don’t get everyday (I like to talk about important things that are all over this forum, and hell, giving advice is not to bad, but when I’m out, it’s the party/relax atmosphere and everyone else is apathetic)
…note: I do have intelligent friends I just rarely get a chance to talk to them

I guess what im sayin is that academically Im not average which means I shouldn’t be here, but on another level I see eye to eye with others here…

alright I hope that made sense…:) GOOD LUCK :) on your quest to find the average CC poster.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 03:21 am: Edit

Hey, my name is in my profile. I consider myself average with my SAT in 1200-1300 range. My GPA is alrite. I did bad in my SAT2 Writing (460).

I live in Hong Kong rite now with my aunt's family, been living in HK for 4 years now. I'm originally from Indonesia. I'm bilingual also (actually tri-). I speak Indonesian, English, and Malay. I'm a Chinese by ethnicity and Indonesian by citizenship. My parents came from north and south of China.

I enjoy outdoor stuffs; hiking, cross country running, biking, swimming, etc. I have participated in a 12-km run for cancer research three times. I love food (especially dessert). My favourite dessert has to be the cream puff with icing sugar and vanilla and rum filling.

My friends consider myself as half goofy and half wacky and that I'm unpredictable. I like to wear suit with button down shirt and flip flops, and a longsleeved pinstripe shirt with cargo pants and a sandal. I spend a lot of my time watching business channel (Bloomberg News Channel) and cartoon (Cartoon Network). My favourite cartoon character is courage the cowardly dog. I listen to all kinds of music except hiphop. My favourite band is Five for Fighting.

I'm INFJ according to the personality quiz thingy (I think so). Ohh... One more thing, I like coffee shop kind of friends... =P

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 11:56 am: Edit

i was posting something on here but then i got distracted when oprah's one-on-one interview with bill clinton came on tv. like i said, i'm planning on reading his biography so i watched the interview as a prelude to what i can expect out of the book. and because of that, i forgot what exactly was on my mind an hour ago.

anyway, i remember both of you from the "mock admissions" thread. remember the fictitious application you sent to new england academy? hah yep, i was the director of admissions there.

and i guess our common denominator is that *we* think we're average by CC standards, so it doesn't matter what our stats are. as for me, i haven't even taken the SATs yet...however i don't think that my scores would fall in the upper range of scores on CC when i do take them.

magoo, i can somewhat relate to your situation:

"They don’t like to talk about some of the issues that are occasionally brought up here...some of my friends are the type of people who are OBSESSED with clothes, cars, and commercial crap."

as you may know, i'm returning to my old high school for next year, and the great majority of the people there aren't really as hyped up about their future or as concerned about the world as the people on CC are...i guess their priorities are just set differently at this point and there's not much i can do to influece them if they don't want to change. i don't have a problem with that. after all, it's their life...they can do whatever they want with it. but it helps to know that there's a place like CC where i can get the intellectual discourse that i want.

acennace, how did you wind up in indonesia? how did you like it there? i ask because several of my closest childhood friends were from there (i attended an international school as a kid)...but my friends were from all over really.

i like watching the history channel but i don't have cable at home (watched it only at school), so i try to get the most out of just the local channels. i also like to participate in those run/walk events...especially those that benefit autistic children (my nephew is autistic). is five for fighting the artist for a song called 100 years to live? it's always played on the soft rock station, and i've grown to like that song.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 12:33 pm: Edit

GIAN - Hmm... let's see. My great grandparents moved from China to Indonesia during the opium war I think. My mom changed her citizenship from Chinese to Indonesian in the 70s, and my dad did earlier. I'm actually a super minority in Indonesia, coz I'm a 100% Chinese (0.1%?) * Roman Catholic (1%) = 0.001% of total population.

I liked it a lot in Indonesia, coz everything was sooooo cheap. I bought Gianfranco Ferre jeans (designer jeans) for only US$20 (around that) in 2000. I think it was discounted for 75%. Great bargain. Indonesian food is also great. The only things I don't like about Indonesia are 1) the crimes, 2) the racism after the 1996 overruled government stuff, 3) travelling to other countries has become so hard (with the visa and the suspicion of terrorism). I'm now in HK. It's been great, although sometimes I have difficulty talking to local people. I kinda miss Indonesia though... Esp. for the shopping.

It's great that you enjoy participating in those walk/run events. I'm trying to convince my friends to join me in a 100km walk (overnight) along the MacLehose Trail in HK (for Oxfam I think). Too bad, kids in HK hate doing outdoor stuffs. 100 Years, I love that song. I started to like the band when my ex-crush sang the Superman song in a school function.

What music do you listen to? Do you live in Chicago? I'm going to Illinois Wesleyan next year (if I get the visa). Good luck for the Chicago Marathon event!

By Gidget (Gidget) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 01:20 pm: Edit

Ummmm about me... .Most people call me Gidget ( my freinds) or Raven. I am a little different on this forum to say the least. I am not shy with my opinions and in life am a loud, energetic, music loving, hockey fanatic, clubbing girl.
I come from Ontario Canada and grew up in Yellowknife Northwest territories in Canada (up near the arctic cirle with the Inuit (not Eskimo) people) I speak English and Inuktitut as well as a decent amount of french and spanish and enough Germany not to get yelled at. I am a fun combination of Scottish, black irish and native american.
I graduted school for journalsim and am now heading back to college for Theatre Arts- technical Prodution. I play rugby, talk cars and love to dance. Thats it basically.

By Gidget (Gidget) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 01:24 pm: Edit

Ummmm about me.I am not really average by CC standards, as I am a Canadian which makes me different and am going to school in Canada.
I enjoy the intellectual conversations on CC and have a fairly high IQ according to test they keep making me take. So it is cool to talk to people who know what is going on in the world and what I am talking about.
I like to read , especially about history and ancient civilizations.
What else about me.
Most people call me Gidget and I am a little different on this forum to say the least. I am not shy with my opinions and in life am a loud, energetic, music loving, hockey fanatic, clubbing girl.
I come from Ontario Canada and grew up in Yellowknife Northwest territories in Canada (up near the arctic cirle with the Inuit (not Eskimo) people) I speak English and Inuktitut as well as a decent amount of french and spanish and enough Germany not to get yelled at. I am a fun combination of Scottish, black irish and native american.
I graduted school for journalsim and am now heading back to college for Theatre Arts- technical Prodution. I play rugby, talk cars and love to dance. Thats it basically.

By Gidget (Gidget) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 04:35 pm: Edit

AHHH--- dind't mean to post twice--- SORRY
The Second ones the better version

By Gidget (Gidget) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 04:36 pm: Edit


By Jimster0489 (Jimster0489) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 04:43 pm: Edit


I'm Jimmy. I'm also from Chicago and I attend one of the most prestigious and rigorous public HSs in the state.

I had a 3.7 unweighted GPA this year (I'm a freshman). The courses I took this year were all honors-track, with the exception of chorus and PE.

This year, I was involved in several school clubs and activities. I headed the Freshman Class as President, I cofounded the Peer Mentoring program with the help of an area hospital, I played jv lacrosse, I wrote for the school newspaper as a junior reporter, I cofounded a cultural organization (Desi Club), and I was a member of the Hellenic Club. Yes. Oi vei.

Next year, I hope on continuing my activities minus the ones I don't really love (newspaper, Desi Club). I might be working as an editor of this new literary magazine based in Chicago next year if all goes well, and I might row crew with a private club. = ) Next year is looking swell.

I'm very future-focused. I have a few hunches as to what I want to do with my life. I've always wanted to be a doctor, but in retrospect, the thought of immersing myself in labs and "medical research" bores me silly. I only wanted to be a doctor because it was "so cool", but eh, I guess it's not my thing [right now anyways]. I'm leaning towards becoming a lawyer, a marketing manager, or a magazine editor. Oh and btw, my dream school is Wesleyan U. in CT.

I'm a lover of the humanities. Despite my Indian heritage, my weakest subjects are math and science. I LOVE English and social studies and foreign language. I'm a lover of the letters. = ) I actually took an online test before I wrote in this post and here are the results:

Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.

So, yeah. I guess that's pretty much me. IM me if your ever bored or ever just want to talk!

PS- Sorry if this bio was quite extensive.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 11:07 pm: Edit

black irish...?Que?

alright don't mean to sound stupid, is that black AND irish...or is that a heritage i've never heard of...just curious...i love to learn about other cultures, so enlighten me :)

By Twinkletoes696 (Twinkletoes696) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 08:58 am: Edit

I might actually be below average by standards around here! I'm Twinkle, 18, and will be a college freshman in the fall. I'm into fashion, acting, dancing, socializing, listening to LOTS of different kinds of music, and volunteering with children. I did pretty good on my SATs, not great, but respectable in my opinion- I'm not embarrassed but don't see the need to throw numbers around if I don't have to- and graduated very high in my class. I don't know exactly what I will be when I "grow up" but whatever it is I will be very successful and happy doing it. I enjoy finding ways to balance working hard, being involved in as much possible, maintaining my relationships and playing hard. According to the personality test I am an ENFP, but the F and P can fluctuate to a T or J, as I'm on the borderline for both. I love green vegetables and diet cola with crushed ice in it. My favorite place to be is on the beach on a warm sunny day. I'm NOT an animal person but am a strong people person. I'm not mathematically or scientifically inclined, but I love the humanities, arts, and social sciences. And so on and so forth.

By Gidget (Gidget) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 09:00 am: Edit

There are many variations for "black Irish". Black irish is a term used mostly in North America and refers to Irish children with jet black hair and eyes and pale skin.

The story of how the black irish came to be is sketchy- their are lots of variations but the most common one is that they are the descendants of shipwrecked sailors of the Spanish Armada and some are descended from Spanish Moors who traded with people on the west coast of Ireland.
They say that the black irish were a mix of Spanish and Irish blood from when the Spanish Armada crashed on the Western seabord of Ireland in 1588. The remaining survivors were said to have stayed in Ireland and intermarried w/Irish women there, creating olive-complected, black-haired, dark-eyed descendents.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 09:38 am: Edit

Hey Twinkle, which univ r u going to (sorry, I forgot - u told me once)?

Gidget, same question for you =). I study in an overseas Canadian high school, so I pretty much know a lot about univs in Canada. WOW, Yellowknife... Must be super cold.

Nice meeting ya all!

By Gidget (Gidget) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 01:43 pm: Edit

Hey Acennace- I am actually not at a University but a College in Canada- Sheridan College in Toronto - what school did you go to overseas?

And yeah, living in Yellowknife was cool but although is is very cold compared to most countries including the U.S ( with the exception of Alaska) it is a very dry cold so sometimes I find that a winter day in Ontario is much colder because it is a wet , to your bone cold.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 03:41 pm: Edit

Gidget...Thanks, i find that very interesting i've never heard such a term

By Acennace (Acennace) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 08:07 pm: Edit

Hey Gidget. I go to a Canadian school in Hong Kong (DSC). I'm going to a univ in the US, Illinois Wesleyan. Do you actually use dogsleds in Yellowknife or cars? Just curious, because the northern provinces in Canada (where the Inuit live) are often portrayed in the media as winter wilderness or smthn like that.

By Gidget (Gidget) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 09:49 pm: Edit

It is snow all most of the year and it was cold but not as cold as other parts of Canada. Mostly people use cars in Yellowknife and in the last few years there are more roads. We just gotta Macdonalds like 3 years ago! But food comes in on floater planes ( or at least it did 7 years ago) Some people use Dogsleds on weekends for fun and to race but mostly during the day we drive cars ( some use sleds but not all) and we live in houses and leave the igloos for outdoor hunting trips.
It is different but so cool. The whole community is like family, sharing everything and they still do things the traditional way a lot of the time but we their is nothing like having sunlight so bright at 3 a.m. and seeing the northern lights almost touch the ground. I wouldn't trade it for anything and can't wait to move back !

By Magoo (Magoo) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 11:04 pm: Edit

wow thats beautiful and poetic... I WANNA VISIT THE NORTH NOW.

i thought i'd die in washington d.c.'s winter...but you guys prob. have it worse...right?

By Baggins (Baggins) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 02:12 am: Edit

Acennace: my cousin goes to Wesleyan. He lives in Pakistan and got a visa to attend. There were a lot of foriegn people when I went to visit. I haven't seen the whole collge but my cousin's dorm room was very small. He had a lot of fun there and I think he is going there for his last year next year. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

I would write stuff about myself but I really don't know what to say.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 03:58 am: Edit

Gidget, I would like to switch place with you... HK's just super HOT! I can't stand hot weather. The only thing I like about summer in HK is the beach. An elderly actually died yesterday, because it was too hot (36.1 degree Celsius).

Baggins, is it Wesleyan in CT or Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington, IL? I'm going to IWU in Bloomington. BTW, thanks. I'll surely enjoy it. So where are you from? What school are you going to? What music do you like? (Just lil things to help you to write stuff about yourself ;) )

By Gidget (Gidget) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 08:49 am: Edit

Magoo- the winters are cold yes but it is different. I have lived in Ontario and I find it much colder her in the winter. Up north it is sort of like a tundra and while you have lots of snow it is a dry cold, like dry ice , very little moisture. Down around bottom of Canada/Top of U.S. it is a lot wetter cold , a to your bones , chilling kind of cold. - Quite different- it's hard to explain-

By Magoo (Magoo) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 03:03 pm: Edit


how am i gonna get used to living in the cold, advice tips (i think i'll create a new thread so we don't hijack this one).

By Baggins (Baggins) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 12:02 am: Edit


I'm from Pakistan. I moved from there when I was 5 to Princeton, WV. I lived there for a few months and then moved to Troy, MI where I lived for 10 years. Now I live in Bluefield, VA. Its about 30 minutes away from Princeton, WV. I go to Graham High School. I'm a sophomore and can't wait to get out of this school. I'm shooting for val as most of the kids on this site are. I used to play the flute and piccolo but I quit for different reasons. I like Urdo music as well as some Arabic music. I'm not into any specific type of American music but I listen to a lot of things on the radio. I am really in to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (both books and movies). I like to read but I have to really get into the book.

Thats really sad about the elderly dying because of the heat. It reminds me of this little kid that died in school this year at the primary school. We had been out because of heat most of that week. He died form a brain tumor but my mind always links it to how hot it was that week.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 12:20 am: Edit

Piccolo? NICE! I actually tried to play bamboo flute, but I couldn't handle it well. I switched to organ. If you like LOTR books, I think you're gonna like Silmarillion (also by Tolkien). I just finished reading The Men from The Boys by Philip Collins and starting on Silmarillion.

BTW, the story of the kid with brain tumor is so sad. It reminds me of one of my little neighbour in Indonesia who died tragically under a bus. The kid was playing catch with his friends while waiting for a bus. When the bus came, another kid unintentionally pushed him down. He fell under the bus and his head was crushed by the school bus. -_- tragic...

By Kwtortoise (Kwtortoise) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 12:21 am: Edit

Hey everyone. I guess I'm pretty average also. I got a 3.9 weighted in high school. Only took 2 AP classes, and got 1290 on my SAT. I took it a second time and my score went down, lol. I'm going to major in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona this fall. The past seven years all I have done is karate. Lived it, breathed it, etc. I taught classes and went to every event. I had such a hard time filling out college apps because it looked like I was lazy, yet I don't remember having much free time. High school was torture for me. It seemed like everyone was being someone they wern't, and it was too competative. I hated seeing kids with 5 or 6 AP classes falling asleep during a lecure because they had only gotten 2 hours of sleep the night before. It just isn't worth it. I love to read, and surf the web. I live in So. Cal., and am moving to Arizona with my family in two weeks, it just happened to be a coinsidence that my college is there. I didn't apply to any "reach" school because I wouldn't go, even if I got in. I hate the idea of college ratings, legacies, and prestige. Oh, I didn't get my license until I was 18 for the reason that I didn't get around to it!

By Baggins (Baggins) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 12:23 am: Edit

I've already read the Silmarillion. Thanks though. It was a little on the boring side but I finished it. Next on my list is Unfinished Tales.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 01:43 am: Edit

Hey Kwtortoise, welcome to the Average's thread. ;)
BTW, your SAT is the same as mine, 1290.

By Gidget (Gidget) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 09:05 am: Edit

Unfinished Tales, I like it a lot... really good

By Acennace (Acennace) on Friday, June 25, 2004 - 01:01 pm: Edit

I'm starting on The Da Vinci Code
Quite nice so far...

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 12:22 am: Edit

i'm reading jane austen's pride and prejudice right now and suprisingly, i'm liking it. hah... am i naive or what?

By Magoo (Magoo) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 01:16 am: Edit

gian you surprise me even when you aren't even trying :)

hmmm, how many people on this thread have lived or visited (for an extensive amt of time over 2 months) a foriegn country, it seems to me that the average person on this board lives or has lived internationally...i plan to in college.

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 02:24 am: Edit

and magoo, you strike me as one to make people on CC smile .

it does seem like everybody on this board has lived abroad and granted, i happen to be one of them. i like to think of my experience in manila as a pleasant one, but whenever i ask my parents if they want to go back for a short visit, they always like to remind me about the time when i was nearly kidnapped (not because i'm some precious commodity but because everybody else was getting kidnapped too...for this reason, manila became notoriously known for being the kidnapping capital of the world). to them, this was the highlight of my experience in manila but i still love manila, even with all its faults. growing up in a foreign country has had a huge (positive) impact on my life but it can also bring its share of disadvantages.

i'm not even sure anymore if i want to live in scotland for the next two years...it sounds new and exciting now but my cousins were just telling me that life there gets really boring once you get used to the daily grind. there's not much to do, except stare at the countryside and drive miles and miles to get anywhere.

By Crazylicious (Crazylicious) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 02:33 am: Edit

I'm average.
-1600 SAT
-36 ACT
-800 on 6 SAT II's

j/k! However, that's the profile of many on here.

Anyways, here's the reality:
-1290 SAT (660V 630M)(however, planning to retake to go up to at least 1350)
-540 SAT II Math IC
-26 ACT Composite :( (32 on english though)
-2 C's on my report card :(
-I like long walks on the beach and attractive tanned, toned, brunette caucasians, preferably with green/blue/hazel eyes. I also have a thing for cute nerdy and intelligent boys.
-I read Da Vinci Code a couple weeks ago in a single day.
-I like the Harry Potter books.
-I am obsessed with gorgeous Brit, Orlando Bloom.
-I am Filipina-American with a hint of Spainard blood.
-I've always lived in Southern California, however I've been to: the Philippines, France, England, Belgium, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Western Canada, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania... (however, not in any one of these places for over 2 months)
-Places I want to visit: Egypt, China, Netherlands, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, Eastern Canada, Costa Rica, Scotland/Ireland, Bulgaria, Vietnam
-I'm a Clinton fan and watched that Oprah interview and lots of other interviews.
-I usually read books I like in less than a day in a single sitting.
-I got a 2 on my AP Euro exam, first AP test I ever took.
-I pierced my own belly button and ears.
-I failed my driving test the first time on the first turn.
-I am short (5 feet) but make up for it with a) loud talkativity. b) dynamic personality. I suffer from a big Napoleonic complex. (even though that's a misnomer, Napoleon was not actually that short)
-I am a computer nerd and hacker. (ha)
-I hate the stereotypical, orange spikey haired, FOBS, who hang out only with FOBS. Sorry if I'm taking offense at anyone. I feel I have a right to complain, after being hit on by a huge annoying number of them.
-I like the beautiful southern california weather (I live in LA county)
-I have really high standards when it comes to selecting potential boyfriends.
-I'm having too much fun with this and I'm suspecting I'm starting to bore you fellow CC'ers with unnecessary gibberish which is probably not even slightly entertaining. Sorry :)

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 05:18 pm: Edit

hey welcome to our thread, crazylicious! i see that you have philippine blood in you. well, my mother is filipina/chinese but my father is white, so i'm only half. i love the philippine culture, don't you? it's amazing that you've been to all those places...i've never been to europe myself (my parents have) but if i could go, the place i want to visit the most is italy. my parents said i was conceived there, hence my italian name.

By Crazylicious (Crazylicious) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 05:26 pm: Edit

thank you for the welcome Gianscolere! I love the Philippine culture. Haha, sounds romantic and devious, being conceived in Italy :).

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 05:42 pm: Edit

yep, i am (was) made in italy.

i saw pics of my family when they were in italy and the city seemed very charming. i also want to meet with the pope (my family did) even though i don't necessarily agree with all of his views.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - 09:31 pm: Edit


Crazylicious...whatup, im moving to d.c. in the fall for school, what do you think of the area? just curious from a cali perspective the people there must seem uptight, no?

anyways...YOU READ THE DA VINCI CODE IN A DAY...GOOD FOR YOU. :)...i read cat in the hat in like 20 minutes once, crazy stuff :-)

another discovery a lot of CC people love to read...

By Crazylicious (Crazylicious) on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - 01:13 am: Edit

Washington DC: I was only there for a day when I went to the East Coast (with family) quite a few years ago, so I did not really get to immerse myself with the people and the atmosphere. Magoo, what school are you going to? But I must say, when we visited DC during July, it was raining and gloomy in DC :(, so we did not stay as long as we would have wanted to, just a quick look at the monuments and such. Sorry I'm not very helpful :(.

Yes, I am a fast reader, hehe.
I read the 4 Harry Potter books in 3-4 days (but not really straight, otherwise I could have read 2 of them in one day). Order of Phoenix in less than a day (much to the dismay of my mother, I went out with her to Costco and just sat down and read... people started talking to me and I was rather rude to them :) ).

By Magoo (Magoo) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 05:37 pm: Edit

Howard University :)...wish me luck

By Allena (Allena) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 06:48 pm: Edit

Alrighty I guess I'll give a go:

Stats (High School)
GPA- 3.25 unweighted
SATS- 1000 (no clue on the breakdown, it's been a while)
AP's- None, though I did take Econ and Poli Sci at the local CC
SAT II- Never took it
ACT- See above
EC's: ASB, 2 years as an editor in Journalism, Involved in Freshmen orientation work, very involved in Every 15 Minutes program, and a slew of other stuff that has just escaped me.


Well as you may have guessed, I did not make it into any big schools with those stats, so now I'm going to the local CC.

GPA: 3.87 (May be slightly Higher)
Member of: H.I.T.E program (Honors), Transfer Alliance Program with UCLA, I spent a year with Student Gov here, Phi Theata Kappa.

I've got 1 more year to go here, and then hopefully I'll be joining everybody else a a big university. Just goes to show that mistakes in High School can be fixed with some work.

Now for some personal stuff I guess...

I just turned 19, and was born in the Los Angeles area. I have lived out there my whole (I actually live about 45 minutes north of LA) life and love Socal.

-I'm Republican, and a Bush supporter
- I hope to attend Law School
- I'm really short for a guy, only 5`5
- I'm a History Major
- I was a film major for a short while, but realized that, while I love film, I did not want to be poor... And History + Law seems to fit me much better.

Anyways those are the basics.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 11:52 pm: Edit

"I did not want to be poor"...spoken like a true republican :) ...good for you, i know to many people who are apathetic about politics (ima democrat from NOR CAL :) haha)...anyways nice of you to join the thread...ive read some of your posts here, you seem pretty smart good luck to you at UCLA (jealous :))...say hi to megan for me (my friend is goin there next year).

By Acennace (Acennace) on Monday, July 05, 2004 - 09:57 pm: Edit

Hi to Crazylicious and Allena...
Keep this thread going!

By Magoo (Magoo) on Monday, July 05, 2004 - 10:30 pm: Edit

i've tried...guess people aren't as open as the others here (maybe not enough time)

By F3arxn03vil (F3arxn03vil) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 08:26 am: Edit

My turn (woo)
3.3 GPA
1140 SAT (hey... I was proud of that!)

Allena.. short guys rock lol
I'm a gal, but you got me by an inch (5'4")

No frickin idea who I'm voting for in the election.

Heading to really small college in VA (lynchburg).

Magoo... I know someone who started at Howard last year. She loves it there.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 - 11:34 pm: Edit

F3arxn03vil...that's great where was your friend from?

well, i guess there are more women here than men...:)

By Usunkmyb_Ship (Usunkmyb_Ship) on Wednesday, July 07, 2004 - 12:34 am: Edit

will reply and open up later on
just letting you know
*does the time warp*

By Allena (Allena) on Wednesday, July 07, 2004 - 08:02 pm: Edit

I'd actually be curious to know the division of these fourms. I tend to think they're pretty evenly split gender wise.

By Vadim (Vadim) on Friday, July 09, 2004 - 10:43 pm: Edit

Hello; I'm Vadim, and by the standard of this site, my academics are quite average :)

I speak three languages: Russian, English, and (some) Spanish. My place of origin is Minsk, Belarus. I'm interested in history, literature, languages, politics, geography, psychology, philosophy, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. My political views are quite far to the left.

I have thought about a future career/major in college for years, and I have no idea.
In case you were curious, my personality is INTJ, and I am a perfectionist with an inferiority complex.

Now that you have read my ramblings, you can bask in the luminous glory of enlightenment. :)

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Friday, July 09, 2004 - 11:01 pm: Edit

welcome, vadim! *offers a handshake*
i know belarus exists as a country but i just don't know very much about so i decided to look it up on encarta. here's a tidbit of what i learned.

"The people of Belarus are composed of mainly five ethnic groups. In the 1989 census, people of Belarusian descent comprised 77.9 percent of the population. Russians were the largest minority group with 13.2 percent of the population. Other minorities included Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews (considered both an ethnic and a religious group). No significant tensions exist between these groups, and many residents of Belarus feel some cultural affinity to Russia."

i've never met anyone from belarus, despite the exposure i got from being enrolled in an international school as a child, so i definitely find it cool that you are from there. when did you move to the states and how did you like living in belarus? i myself grew up in a foreign country and am still very much in touch with its culture.

By Vadim (Vadim) on Saturday, July 10, 2004 - 10:27 pm: Edit

Thank you, Gianscolere! I came to the U.S. at the age of four, so unfortunately, I don't remember much from Belarus. I do, however, speak Russian at home, and my family retains its cultural traditions. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back before I leave for college. The economic situation there is very bad, but I still want to see my homeland through somewhat more mature eyes.

In what country did you spend your childhood?

By Iamqueena (Iamqueena) on Saturday, July 10, 2004 - 10:39 pm: Edit

Hello. I have about average academics which i would like to get but don't because frankly i procrastinate too much.
despite my standardized test scores since the 1st grade, I stink at math and english and history are my best subjects.
reallly realllly reallllly want to work in the film industry (preferably as a director) cuz my dad used to work for Fox.
at that time I wanted to act but i decided I was really not getting anywhere in acting, and we played a director game in drama, and yeah, i liked it.
ENTP. and the N, T, & P are very borderline (especially the P).
I'm liberal-
born in ohio, lived in l.a. for 3 years, live in CT, possibly moving to st. louis, san francisco, or tucson this year.
switzerland is also a possibility ( this is like the 3rd time we almost moved to switzerland).

By Magoo (Magoo) on Sunday, July 11, 2004 - 04:57 pm: Edit

you will love San Francisco...there is very much a thriving ind. film industry...SF was slated to be hollywood back in the day; a lot of films were made up here...then something happenned (i forget what it was, maybe an earthquake) so production companies movied south to LA and the rest is...also this being liberal in S.F. is definately a plus, you will enjoy walks through berkeley where people proudly show there pride in their political beliefs. people here are so open and friendly, you can get on a BART train or a cable car (trolly) and have a conversation with a stranger and feel like you've known them for years (careful try not to do this at night!!)...people are pretty trust worthy and love being outdoors...YOU'LL LOVE IT (i can't believe im leaving!!)

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 12:20 am: Edit

vadim- my friend (i have lots of friends that's why i always keep referring to "my friend" is this or "my friend" is that...my overusage of "my friend" gets kinda annoying...anyway) is half russian and i think half ukrainian...she's also the smartest girl in my history class and probably one of the smartest in our sophomore class in general. she speaks russian and is visiting russia later this summer...she's at france right now and having a grand time there. i am envious!

to answer your question, i grew up in manila, philippines. i came to the states when i was 10.

and i agree with magoo. san francisco is an awesome city!

By Crazylicious (Crazylicious) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 01:31 am: Edit

gianscolere: go filipino's! haha

By Chrisy (Chrisy) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 02:22 am: Edit

there's absolutely nothing special about me.

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 06:53 pm: Edit

chrisy, that's what i thought about myself too but once i got started writing, all kinds of stuff popped into my head. and they don't have to be anything special.

By Vadim (Vadim) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 09:35 pm: Edit

I found it interesting that among the Russian immigrant children with whom I spent my first years in the U.S., the vast majority made sure to "Americanize" themselves as quickly as possible. They (with the blessings of their parents) renounced their cultures and made sure to forget their native language. I don't understand these people at all. Why abandon that which makes one unique and gives one access to a much greater portion of human cultural history?

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 09:45 pm: Edit

i couldn't agree more with you, vadim. it's disheartening to see people abandoning their culture in place of their more americanized values....well, some people associate their culture with some form of stigma but making themselves forget their native language and customs isn't gonna help that much anyway to rid themselves of that stigma. as far as i'm concerned, all such a thing leads to is xenophobia towards their native land and customs.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 09:51 pm: Edit

"Why abandon that which makes one unique and gives one access to a much greater portion of human cultural history"...

well, said. you seem pretty open minded and informed about the world around you...another average trait.

By Crazylicious (Crazylicious) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 03:25 am: Edit

does anybody remember the "RANK THE UC'S BY HOTNESS OF STUDENTS" thread? is that against the rules? why did the moderators close it? (*scratches head*... i really wanted to know people's opinions about looks for the UC's... oh well) i'm just wondering... sorry that was unrelated. anyways...

Vadim: "Why abandon that which makes one unique and gives one access to a much greater portion of human cultural history?" Totally agree. I also admire people who can speak foreign langauges... why would they want to forget it?

By Vadim (Vadim) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 03:21 pm: Edit

"well, said. you seem pretty open minded and informed about the world around you...another average trait."

:) If the people on this site represented the average human, then the world would be a considerably better place to live.

By Vadim (Vadim) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 03:26 pm: Edit

Gianscolere and Crazylicious, The only ideas I have about this issue is that (1) their parents think that they will be more successful in America if they attempt to assimilate themselves as quickly as possible, and (2) that those individuals are highly susceptible to peer pressure and simply want to conform. However, it does seem to me that this is a horrible waste.

By not having a concrete or fundamental language, I am better able to see that words are not absolutely attached to their respective ideas, and I think that that in turn has helped me to comprehend in a new way many of the things that humans tend to take for granted.

By Usunkmyb_Ship (Usunkmyb_Ship) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 04:29 pm: Edit


I'm in no way average by CC standards but I'm too shy to make a separate thread.

This will be my last day at CC, for I leave for the Naval Academy Prepartory School in R.I. tomorrow. We're not allowed to go on the internet there. Just only a few approved sites.

I never really talked about myself, heh.
I turned 18 last month.
My mom is chinese and my dad is black. They got divorced a couple years ago. They still argue about each other with me in the middle.
My brother and sister are like 10 years older than me so I kinda feel like the only child.
Mom is raising me all by herself now with very little money.
I don't have a religion. My parents never raised us that way though they did try to brainwash us with those kiddy bible sing along videos. I'd be lying if I said I'm happy and doing fine without God in my life.
I grew up a total dork. I don't make friends easily like other people.
Growing up biracial was weird. As in how people saw me and how I didn't look like anybody else. Something nobody would understand.
As I said before I never had a boyfriend or been kissed. It's going to be awkward going to a school that is 85% male.

TO GET THIS CLEARED OUT OF THE WAY, why the hell am I going into the Navy?
I don't come from a military family. I never thought of joining until sophomore year but it really had nothing to do with 9/11, though it did motivated me.

I first wanted to be an artist. My sister didn't get into the Art Institute and she's much more better than me. My mom likes art too but she doesn't do it professionally. I also wanted work for the airlines, even a flight attendant. I like aviation but I never wanted to be a pilot. The Blue Angels is what got me in aviation in the first place. Still it was just only an interest.

Anyone in Chicago knows that there are sailors everywhere. There is this mall called Gurnee Mills near Six Flags Great America. I don't know what happened to me that day but just seeing all those sailors in the mall made me consider enlisting. Maybe it was because I was in high school and at a point where I didn't know what to do with my life.

So yeah, that day was a turning point in my life, and my family was shocked about my choice. They though it was just a phase because at that time everyone was patriotic and stuff. Nah, it's still stuck with me.

Even though I wanted to go in the Navy, I still felt I deserved better. Don't mean to look down on these people but some/most people who in enlist really had nothing else going for them.

I actually found out about the US Naval Academy in an encylopedia my late sophomore year. I had just had to get in. So what makes me AVERAGE by CC standards is that I worked my butt off in high school and joined so many clubs and community service. I even joined Sea Cadets, which yesterday was my last meeting :/

The whole Naval Academy application process was very complex compared to what everyone else here had to go through. And I had to get a congressional nomination. Luckily I got one from my senator, but that was for 2008 and now I have to go through the whole thing to get one for 2009.

I was very unconfident getting into USNA because I'm not related to anyone and I'm not a jock. I'm very fortunated just to get in their prep school. They should have new '05 pictures in a week or so.

Dark curly hair, a huge mess most of the time.
Tan skin

Highest gpa was 4.2 but graduated with 3.8
Graduated with Perfect Attendance for 4 years.
Won a car for perfect attendance my junior year (1990 Eagle Talon, in storage:/)
NHS, Student Counsil, Book Club, Art Club
1st Honors, top 10%
Aviation student of the year
Sea Cadets: Lead Petty Officer of Engineering, Starboard Squad Leader, leader of color guard
Also applied to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Lewis University-small Catholic college.

Dippin dots
Chicken Fingers
Chicken sandwiches
Rubber duckies
Jet black hair, but not on me, heh.
Bands and singers noone has ever heard of
Ginger ale
A Wedding Story

Me in near Future:
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Career?: Officer in Navy, hopefully work with Blue Angels someday, new aircrafts/test flights, Lockheed-Martin, airport maybe?

How I feel about CC:
When I first came here I was overwhelmed with all these Ivy league potentials. I didn't expect so many. And looking at other people's stats. I'm glad I never took the SAT cuz I'd really feel dumb.

I'm sorry I never helped a lot of people here. I can't determine your chances or tell you about other colleges, I don't know anymore than you do. And I don't like reading people's essays either, maybe just to proofread. Frankly, they all seem dull and boring to me. ***Sorry!*** I like quirky but then everyone says adcoms will look down on that, so I just don't reply to anything. Also I'm surprized of how many parents are here.

I loved all the Asian discussions, they are funny. Special good byes to those who were involved, and to Zan and Crazy who my role models if not to the whole Asian community;) And to the curly haired girls, stop trying to straighten it! To all the guys trying to pick up girls on these boards. To all the politically active people. To all the liberals and conservatives. To all the apathetic people like me. To all you ivy leaguers. The LACS, state colleges, CCs. To the drinkers, to the goody goodies. To Magoo for being able to do something I can never do, listen to other people's problems, hehe! Those who work so hard to get where they are, those just got there with ease. To the Class of 2004. And the next incoming classes. Just all of you take care of yourselves and be safe! :)


By Thedad (Thedad) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 07:27 pm: Edit

Bravo Zulu, USMBB. Fare well.

By Allena (Allena) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 07:46 pm: Edit

Best of luck to you and stay safe!

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 07:55 pm: Edit

aww usunkmybship, thanks for sharing a part of your (online) life with us...i thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. have a good journey and take care.

By Zero (Zero) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 08:57 pm: Edit

Hey Gian, what's your full name? I have a good friend named Gianfranco. anyway. i'm probably below average for this place. 1330 sat and above a 4.0 (but weighted at an easy school)...let's see i haven't done homework since the 8th grade, i quit playing school sports awhile back (football after soph yr, basketball during fresh. year)...i dont have any good accomplishments or anything either. things i like are playing guitar, listenning to music, videotaping funny things, sleeping, and just random hanging out with friends. things i dont like are my friends (love/hate...hard to explain) and anything requiring work ethic.

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 10:17 pm: Edit

hey zero- i have a really good reason for choosing not to disclose my full name, and if you were in my shoes, you'd probably understand why . is "gian" a common name/suffix/prefix around where you live? i'm the only gian i know in my town, but i knew 4 other "gians" at my previous school. one of them has the same first name is i, and the other 3 have "gian" as a prefix in their last name.

By Poison_Ivy (Poison_Ivy) on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 10:53 pm: Edit

If all goes well:
Cumulative UW GPA – 3.7
Cumulative W GPA – 4.2
Total APs – 11
20% top percent of class.
I plan to get a 2000 atleast on the new SAT.
I want to get into the University of King's College School of Journalism Honours Program. Only 40/200 are accepted!

I love having debates (especially moral debates).
I'm in the middle of the political road. I have the morality of a conservative but the acts of a liberal. I'm a vegetarian, don't agree with homosexuality, think that abortion should be okay in some sitautions, and plan to have my lip pierced.

By Smhop (Smhop) on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - 12:49 am: Edit


My heritage is a mix of Italian (1/4) and Black Irish(3/4): That means I just want to get drunk and swear. Va fongul! a fly in me beer!


No one knows what Black Irish is, so I usually just say Italian.

By Magoo (Magoo) on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - 01:24 am: Edit

BATTLE SHIP...it was so nice getting to read your posts. you seem to be a genuine person and one of the only people here that makes me stop and listen to what you have to say (i skip others...i read what i want)...

it sucks, u are one less person i can share my personal philosophy with when u are going through a ruff spot or just want a laugh...well, i wish u the best of luck in your career and in life...be sure to come back and give our kids some advice on going into the military... :)

*gives hug*

p.s. don't dress like a skank anymore :) and congrats on your achievements...man, ur pretty accomplished!

By Magoo (Magoo) on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - 01:45 am: Edit

Smhop...well, that's convenient...im black so i don't have to say anything...people know my heritage right off the bat :)

yeah once again i find other cultures interesting so if you want to elaborate, i'd be happy to know more about your people

there can't be to many black irish folks left...righ? do you have specific traditions?

just curious :)

By Gidget (Gidget) on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - 10:06 am: Edit

Smhop you are black irish? ... So am I .. I forget what thread-- may have been farther up in this one where I "tried" to explained what black Irish was.

By Smhop (Smhop) on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - 04:34 pm: Edit


No specific traditions; I don't know much about it, really. -- to me, it merely is a physical description, not a cultural one. Most people think of Irish (stereotypically)as blond hair/blue yes or sometimes even red hair/green yes... so black irish is just a different than norm physical description as I understand it. However, the "look" is marked by very fair skin (not pale... but fair) which is unusual in people with darker hair/eyes. Its sort of a "snow-white" look on women. I have been called snow-white a lot in life ;)

I am Irish Catholic, but I don't know if that is my family, or if the Black Irish were predominantley Catholic too (vs protestant).

Oddly: my dad is half Italian and half Black Irish... he is very, very mediteranian and/or Italian looking with deep olive skin. My mom though, 100% "regular" Irish, is Blond/Blue/Fair. I came out black Irish in appearance...

I am 5th generation imigrant on both Italian and Irish sides (1890s imiingration). The black Irish ancestors came from Cork, the Italians from a small southern Island, and the "regular" Irish from Dublin I think.

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