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Discus: College Confidential Café: 2004 Archive: Favorite List 2
By Justperfect (Justperfect) on Friday, June 11, 2004 - 05:26 pm: Edit

Fav song
Fav website
Fav eatery
Fav fast food place
Fav holiday
Fav college
Fav monument
Fav moment in history
Fav network
Fav sports team
Fav city

By Kwtortoise (Kwtortoise) on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 - 09:00 pm: Edit

anything by Alanis Morissette
Yahoo-mail, movies, news, TV
Jamba Juice
Carl's Junior
moon landing
CBS or NBC (tie)
I hate sports
none at the moment

By Mac87 (Mac87) on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 - 09:07 pm: Edit

don't have one
Declaration of Independence
Network-CBS, Cable-ESPN
Hoosier, Pacers, Cardinals, Colts
St. Louis

By Benzo415 (Benzo415) on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 - 10:21 pm: Edit

Money by Pink Floyd
This one, ESPN, Google, and Yahoo
White House Sub Shop (Atlantic City, NJ)
Al's French Fries... a fry joint near me
Christmas or Thanksgiving
The Eiffel Tower
John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry
New York Yankees
Philadelphia or New York

By Eclinchy (Eclinchy) on Friday, June 18, 2004 - 01:33 pm: Edit

Fav song - "Keasbey Nights" by Catch 22
Fav website - This one probably
Fav eatery - Million-way tie among every Chinese restaurant in the world
Fav fast food place - Wendy's
Fav holiday - Christmas
Fav college - Georgetown

For these last five, I'll shoot for a common theme. :)

Fav monument - Fenway Park
Fav moment in history - 1918 World Series
Fav network - New England Sports Network
Fav sports team - Red Sox
Fav city - Boston

By Futurepres (Futurepres) on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 02:27 am: Edit

Fav song--"Eulogy" by Tool
Fav website-- yahoo
Fav eatery--BTH
Fav fast food place--don't eat fast food
Fav holiday--X-Mas
Fav college--Princeton or NYU
Fav monument--Washington
Fav moment in history--when i was born
Fav network--Fox or NBC
Fav sports team--don't have one
Fav city--NYC

By Recordingwater (Recordingwater) on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 08:49 am: Edit

Fav song: "This velvet glove" - Red hot chili peppers
Fav website: Livejournal.com
Fav eatery: Any authentic Mexican restaurant.
Fav fast food place: Popeyes
Fav holiday: Halloween
Fav college: Reed
Fav monument: Err..
Fav moment in history: Don't know.
Fav network: HBO or Nickolodeon! or the Noggin!
Fav sports team: Hmm I don't even watch hockey but I'll say the Toronto Maple Leafs for some reason
Fav city: San Fran!

By Willywonka (Willywonka) on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 11:37 am: Edit

Fav song- Make War by Bright Eyes
Fav website- IGN
Fav eatery- any seafood restaurant
Fav fast food place- Arby's for their crab soup
Fav holiday- Christmas because I'm greedy
Fav college- Washington & Lee University or Swarthmore
Fav monument- Jefferson because he ruled
Fav moment in history- French Revolution
Fav network- Hm..I know I had one..
Fav sports team- Um..Washington and Lee Generals?
Fav city- Used to be New York, but repeated visits to South Street in Philadelphia has tipped the scales.

By Goodchocolate (Goodchocolate) on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 03:03 pm: Edit

Fav song = The Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Around the World"
Fav website = iSteve's Website
Fav eatery = Steak and Ale
Fav fast food place = Taco Bell!
Fav holiday = Christmas
Fav college = U of Chicago
Fav monument =
Fav moment in history = Moon landing
Fav network = Fox
Fav sports team = Vikings (all I know is they're a Minnesota team, and I was born there...so good enough:)!)
Fav city = Salt Lake City

By Fighton08 (Fighton08) on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 03:22 pm: Edit

Fav song: Bittersweet Symphony
Fav website: Maddox's site, The Onion, LiveJournal (don't pretend you're not addicted)
Fav eatery: ...
Fav fast food place: Wendy's, Chic-fila
Fav holiday: New Year
Fav monument: ...
Fav moment in history: March on Washington
Fav network: TBS, FOX, NBC
Fav sports team: Ravens, Lakers
Fav city: Three-way tie: Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

By Philntex (Philntex) on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 03:55 pm: Edit

Fav song - All the "Circle Songs" by Bobby McFerrin
Fav website - Blogspot/LJ/Xanga
Fav eatery - Andy's
Fav fast food place - Frenchy's
Fav holiday - Christmas
Fav college - Stanford or Yale
Fav monument - uhhhhhh....
Fav moment in history - March on Washington
Fav network - Bravo or HBO
Fav sports team - the U.S. tennis team (men's & women's)
Fav city - NYC (that I've been to) or Paris (that I haven't)

By Gidget (Gidget) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 09:24 am: Edit

Fav song - This Love by Maroon 5
Fav website -Hotmail, freinds photo sites,
Fav eatery -Hoppin Eddies (cajun) or the Wildcat Cafe
Fav fast food place - Tony's Pizza
Fav holiday - Halloween
Fav college - Loyalist/ Sheridan
Fav monument - Pilots Landing ( yellowknife NWT Canada)
Fav moment in history - That I saw? Iraq Protest in Ottawa where i almost got peppersprayed, that i didn't see- Martin Luther King " I have a dream"
Fav network- TSN ( Sports Yeah!!!!!!!)
Fav sports team - New York Rangers- ( I am not jumping on the band wagon, my grandfather and his brother where on the first origional team)
Fav city - Yellowknife, NWT Canada

By Geodude666 (Geodude666) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 09:43 am: Edit

Fav song: river below by billy talent
Fav website: battersbox.ca
Fav eatery: chez me (yes, me)
Fav fast food place: pizza hut
Fav holiday: chinese new year
Fav college: caltech
Fav monument: um... dunno any that stands out
Fav moment in history: when i was born
Fav network: rogers sportsnet
Fav sports team: toronto blue jays
Fav city: seattle

By Foundnemo (Foundnemo) on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 09:23 pm: Edit

Fav song - Pulp - Common People
Fav website - somethingawful
Fav eatery - Bertucci's
Fav fast food place - Burger King
Fav holiday - Christmas
Fav college - dunno
Fav monument - no idea ... anything in DC
Fav moment in history - moon landing
Fav network - NBC, FOX
Fav sports team - Red Sox
Fav city - Boston

By Chemgirl (Chemgirl) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 01:50 pm: Edit

Fav song- anything by Stacie Orico
Fav website - webmd, ect.. all things medical or science oriented.
Fav eatery - nature's grill, ventura CA
Fav fast food - Mc Donalds, but only for the french fries + salad!
Fav holiday - Christmas
Fav college - wheaton in illinois, 'cause that's my school... also have a fondness for princeton, stanford, and swarthmore.
Fav monument - well, the Jefferson memorial is pretty awesome
Fav moment in history - when Bush won the election!
Fav network - no clue, i have never had TV
Fav sports team - US swim team, SF ballet (yes, that is a sport), US gymnastics team
Fav city - Madrid

By Seleucus26 (Seleucus26) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 02:38 pm: Edit

Fav song: Iris by Goo Goo dolls
Fav website: addictinggames.com
Fav eatery: Home
Fav fast food place: subway
Fav holiday: Halloween
Fav college: Penn State (cuz thats where im goin - but really Princeton)
Fav monument: thats random - the vietnam wall made me think
Fav moment in history - British response to Ghandi
Fav network: TLC/Discovery
Fav sports team: any philadelphia team +Dolphins, Canucks, Jazz and Orioles.
Fav city: Philly

Gidget - teh Rangers ave a bandwagon? last i saw they couldnt pull a bandwagon of 19,000 into their own arena.

By Quasarqueen (Quasarqueen) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 03:28 pm: Edit

Fav song- "Sweet Dreams" by Annie Lennox
Fav website- homestarrunner.com
Fav eatery- Benihana (if thats spelled right)
Fav fast food place- Arbys
Fav holiday- Christmas
Fav college- MIT or Princeton
Fav monument- uhhh...the Washington Monument?
Fav moment in history- American Revolution
Fav network- Sci Fi channel
Fav sports team- The Jets
Fav city- NYC

By Brockpojo767 (Brockpojo767) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 01:52 pm: Edit

Fav song -Walk Like An Egyptian and Love Shack
Fav website- http://greggryphon767.proboards31.com/index.cgi
Fav eatery- does subway count
Fav fast food place-subway
Fav holiday-halloween
Fav college- university of hawaii
Fav monument- empire state building
Fav moment in history- the hindenburg explosion
Fav network- comedy central or the food network
Fav sports team - timberwolves
Fav city-tokyo

By Ucbhopeful (Ucbhopeful) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 08:21 pm: Edit

Fav song: Hey Yah
Fav website: www.yahoo.com
Fav eatery: Ramiro and Sons Taqueria
Fav fast food place: Burger King
Fav holiday: Summer or Christmas
Fav college: Univ. of Calif, Berkeley
Fav monument: paris, france
Fav moment in history: when bush loses the election or the knocking down of the berlin wall
Fav network: FOODTV
Fav sports team: Oakland A's
Fav city: Alameda

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