Oh, mi communication dilemma

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By Incognita (Incognita) on Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 03:14 pm: Edit

i have such a problem in my hands...
My gym teacher, in a mid-semester progress report, gave my an A-, BUT now he's been secretly taking points off of me. WHY? so, one week ago, i find out that my grade's a A-, and so i went and asked him what i did wrong. Instead of telling me, he shooed me away, so i kept bugging him(like three times, bad mistake) and know he has taken more points off of me in the past week than he has in the whole 1st half of the semester!!!!! And not only that, when i turned in my weekly progress report, he has me on a B-! he then told me how many points he took off of me in the past week, and i went and calculated it and my grade should be a B+ , not a B-!
O MI GO! i mean, just cuz i nagged him like three times(bad mistkae) he has stared at me all through gym, taking off points for even the most minor mistake (like throwing the football wrong) he only does this to me. O yea, and i go to a ghetto school, and this teacher went to the local community college and cares nothing about grades. So anyhow, i need to go and talk to him and ask him why he took off those points so that i can improve.
1.) what can i do so that i can go tell him that he calculated my grade wrong (the gym department does it by hand)
2.) what can i do to ask him why he's been taking points off of me?
3.) he tries to shoo me away everytime i ask her my saying, o, don't wory, you'll get an A. How can i communicate to him that he caculated my grade wrong? i'm afraid that if i go ask him, he'll go off on a taking -points off for no reason at all spree.
4.)how can i communicate to him? he hates me since i nagged him. any secret phrases? how should i approach him? help me guys... AND BRING HER TO JUSTICE!!!! (how can he be so unfair????)
o yea, i can to this country like 3 years ago, so these confrontations make me really nervous) my school requires 4 years of gym and if i don't get an A, i will lose my merit scholarship....(which he will only laugh at becuase he hates education...)whoa, long post... i'm gonna cry :+(

By Jenesaispas (Jenesaispas) on Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 04:22 pm: Edit

Could you talk with a guidance counselor or a principal, or even another teacher, perhaps?

By Fizzuhcist (Fizzuhcist) on Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 08:11 pm: Edit

I doubt a man who became a teacher hates education. He may be a phys ed teacher, but he wouldn't be there if some small part of him didn't care.

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