DO i stand a chance here? here are my crudentials

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By Onsomethinj (Onsomethinj) on Monday, June 21, 2004 - 07:49 pm: Edit

Tell me how my chances at the following schools are, my stats are below¡X
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Cornell, Columbia, Emory, Duke, NYU, University of Miami 6 year med program¡Kthanks, any others feel free to mention, I don¡¦t care which part of country it is or anything

I just finished 10th grade and I am going to 11th, here¡¦s everything so far-

Cumulative GPA:
*Unweighted ¡V 3.6
*Weighted ¡V 5.2

Standarized Tests:
SAT 1 ¡V taking the new 2005 one
SAT 2 BioM- 630 (its ok considering I skipped 10 questions, retake)
Planning on taking much more sat 2¡¦s

Currently Taken- (middle school-10th): 5 APs, 10 honors, 3 Regulars
Future- 10th summer: 1 AP, 4 honors, 1 regular
11th: 6 APs, and 2 APs online over 11th summer
12th: 4 to 6 APs and lab internship for two or more periods

Classes Taken (marked with a ¡§ * ¡¨ sign)/Planning on Taking in 11th and 12th , the year is in ():
-English: *2 years of Honors (9&10), 2 years of AP(11&12)„³ Total 4 years

-Social Studies: *AP World(9), AP Art (11), Honors economics(11), Honors American(11), AP Human Geography(11), AP American(11), AP Psychology(12), AP government(12), AP eco (macro & micro)(12)„³ Total 8.5 years

-Sciences: *Honors Earth Space(7), *Honor Biology(8), *Honors Chemistry(9),
*AP Biology(10), *AP Physics B(10, got a C though!), Honors Marine Science,
AP Environmental(11), AP Chemistry(11), Lab Internships (could be 1 or 2
years)(12) „³Total 9-11 years
*****Does the C in AP Physics B that I took in 10th grade screw me a lot?

-Foreign Language: 4 years of Spanish (6-9, All B¡¦s except for Spanish 1 being an
A and I skipped Spanish 2, enough?)

Electives: *Business Technology(9), *PE(9), *Weight Training(9), *Health(10),
*Drivers Ed(10), SAT prep„³Total 3.5 years

-Math- *Honors Algebra 1(7), *Honors Algebra 2(9), *AP Calculus AB(10), *AP
Computer Science A(10), AP Calculus BC(11), AP Stat12), Differential
Equations (12, dual enrollment)„³Total 7 years

****I am in sort of a dilemma here for my math record though; I do not have an Honors Geometry record because I took it in 8th grade and could not transfer it over to my high school record because there¡¦s a limit to how many honors classes you can bring in. Also I do not have an Honors Pre-calculus record because I got a NO CREDIT for the class (long story!). Does me not having these two math¡¦s on my transcripts hurt me a lot or will colleges see that I have excelled from 7th grade by taking Algebra 1, then in 9th pre calc, 10th & 11 calculus, and 12th statistics? I hear the upward trend is looks real good, true? For the classes I have not taken yet but listed assume I get all A¡¦s which I will make sure I do.
I know my list looks like it can not be done but some of it is in the summer. I¡¦ll also take some more electives in night school to boot up my unweighted a bit also.
By the time I graduate I should have 3.5 regular classes, 9.5 Honors, and 19+ AP classes!

By graduation:
Unweighted: 3.7ish
Weighted: 6.9ish

EC: 450+ Community Service hours, Job at a convenient store from 8th grade summer to 10th grade, Internships with a CPA, a teacher, a Physician, Aeronautical Engineer, and Optometrist, I also tutor math and science after school, may do research this summer

Clubs: Debate Club, Chess Club, FBLA, Spanish Club/honor society, TSA/SECME, National Forensic Society, Geography Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, English Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society.

Positions: Math Honor Society Vice President, Mu Alpha Theta Vice President, National Honor Society Administrator, tried to start a Fencing club but it¡¦s too ¡§violent¡¨

Sports: Captain of Basketball Youth Group Team, Captain of Football Youth Group Team, Badminton, Bowling, Fencing.

Awards: Won a lot of calculus competitions, science fairs, got American legion, got National Honor Roll every year¡Ketc stuff like that
Umm¡KI think this is about it, what else can I do to improve myself? Am I pretty well rounded yet? Do I have a chance at top colleges and ivies? Please input

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