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By Collegeguy (Collegeguy) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 01:17 am: Edit

I think the Harvard section deserves a thread on just why Harvard is regarded by much of the country (and the world) as the #1 institution of higher learning. Ok Yalies (and Stanfordians, Oxfordians, Princetonians, and MITians), let's not turn this into a huge debate.

Tell us one thing you LOVE about Harvard.

I love the students. Nowhere else is there such a diverse, talented group of individuals that will undoubtedly go on to great successes.

By Alum (Alum) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 02:18 am: Edit

Please don't make everybody barf.

By Hstudent (Hstudent) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 09:39 am: Edit

one thing you'll learn quickly about going here is that the world wont let you have school pride outside of cambridge....

it SUCKS, but its something you gotta deal with...

By Stanfordrulez (Stanfordrulez) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 11:31 am: Edit

Umm. Collegeguy-- why the sudden change of schools [stanford and harvard]? I mean, all your previous threads were glorifying Stanford. But now, you're turning into one of them. :(

By Collegeguy (Collegeguy) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 03:55 pm: Edit

Stanford is amazing. But so is Harvard. And like many others on CC, Harvard's prefrosh weekend was the clincher for me.

By Tipdrillin4eva (Tipdrillin4eva) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 05:36 pm: Edit

Hstudent, i know exactly what you mean. my friends wear their college gear everywhere and nothing is said about it, but the second i wear a harvard shirt they accuse me of bragging and being arrogant. i guess it's just the penalty of leadership...

By Hstudent (Hstudent) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 06:01 pm: Edit

It can be really, really depressing. People ask why harvard ppl dont have more school spirit, why they dont run around telling everyone to go to their alma maters like everyone else.....its because, well if do, we're automatically labled ••••••••

I thought this was just with my HS friends senior year, but it still happens - we get freaking free harvard sweatshirts and I always feel like a total dick putting them on outside of cambridge

this is a horrible horrible aspect of going to this school - You're gonna be labled an arrogant prick if you ever have pride or mention how much you love it...

grrgh, enough venting

By Dmitrypetrovna (Dmitrypetrovna) on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 06:35 pm: Edit

I love Cambridge, Boston, the campus and the living conditions. The dorms are nice and the house system is unbeatable.

By Cornellgrad04 (Cornellgrad04) on Saturday, May 01, 2004 - 01:09 pm: Edit

Look at all you arrogant Harvard jerks.... You guys even have an ENTIRE forum dedicated to yourself ... I mean its cool you go to Harvard and all, but try to stop flaunting it in everyone's faces :P

hehe, Just Kidding (I realize every school has its own forum on CC ..I mean this post as a joke :))

By Bigblue04 (Bigblue04) on Saturday, May 01, 2004 - 01:36 pm: Edit

My friend told people she was going to "Pennypacker College" in the Boston area when she got in last year.

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