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By Dmitrypetrovna (Dmitrypetrovna) on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 - 10:31 pm: Edit

Can we start counting down?? I'm soooo anxious!

By Eaglescout (Eaglescout) on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 - 10:35 pm: Edit

ok 21? im bad at math :)

By Brianktm (Brianktm) on Thursday, March 11, 2004 - 02:34 pm: Edit


By Happystudent (Happystudent) on Thursday, March 11, 2004 - 06:07 pm: Edit

AAAAAHHHH!!! I can't stand waiting

By Dmitrypetrovna (Dmitrypetrovna) on Saturday, March 20, 2004 - 12:14 pm: Edit

So less than two weeks now.

By Vdevluk (Vdevluk) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 04:57 am: Edit

10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wait.... wait..........wait..........ok, going for lunch.

ahhh, its just 10 days. gona be ova petty soon.

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 09:57 am: Edit

I for one just want this thing to be over with.. sigh...

By Alex614 (Alex614) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 01:50 pm: Edit

There's a rumor going around that you can find out today if you got into Harvard because the committee has already made their decisions. Does anyone know if that's true? Has anyone tried calling Harvard to see if the rumor was true?

By Candi1657 (Candi1657) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 02:12 pm: Edit

My guess is that they wouldn't release them by phone before April 1st, because they would be flooded by calls.

By Mrcollegeexpert (Mrcollegeexpert) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 09:06 pm: Edit

You can call, but it has to be between 10AM and 11AM or between 4PM and 5PM. Tell them you need to know to complete your Make A Wish grant.

By Boxosox (Boxosox) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 10:31 pm: Edit

Someone called already and...

Pipettewolf (Pipettewolf) on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 09:12 pm: Edit

I heard this from my friend who I think...thought was on top of things in the insider admissions world. guess not i guess, I called today and the lady was very stern in saying that i had to wait until april 1st.

By Spacechic20 (Spacechic20) on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 04:00 pm: Edit

*9* to go


By Brianktm (Brianktm) on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 04:50 pm: Edit

Eight full days, man you have to be more optimistic; don't count the half ones.

By Dmitrypetrovna (Dmitrypetrovna) on Friday, March 26, 2004 - 06:10 pm: Edit

less than a week.

By Dmitrypetrovna (Dmitrypetrovna) on Friday, March 26, 2004 - 06:10 pm: Edit

less than a week.

By Candi1657 (Candi1657) on Friday, March 26, 2004 - 06:37 pm: Edit

6 days....In less than six hours it will be 5 days...

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Friday, March 26, 2004 - 10:07 pm: Edit


By Alina (Alina) on Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 12:23 pm: Edit

5 days

By Ella05 (Ella05) on Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 08:39 pm: Edit

Gloom? Doom. Or not.

By Brianktm (Brianktm) on Sunday, March 28, 2004 - 12:13 am: Edit

It will be good regardless of the decision, closure is needed.

By Pipettewolf (Pipettewolf) on Sunday, March 28, 2004 - 12:30 am: Edit

Amen to that brianktm

By Alina (Alina) on Sunday, March 28, 2004 - 11:45 am: Edit

4 days lol

By Alex614 (Alex614) on Sunday, March 28, 2004 - 01:33 pm: Edit

I'm so nervous, I really want a massage.

By Candi1657 (Candi1657) on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 01:47 pm: Edit

3 days.

By Boxosox (Boxosox) on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 05:24 pm: Edit

whoa it's getting really close guys (and gals)! How's everyone feel now that the moment we've all been waiting for since december looms on the horizon?

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 06:05 pm: Edit

I want a massage.

By Blondie (Blondie) on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 09:09 pm: Edit

i think the next few days are going to stretch on till forever...

By Bigsisdan (Bigsisdan) on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 11:50 pm: Edit

i think im going to stay out of the hosue on thursday so i can only go and check thursday at night....maybe ill see the ladykillers

what will everyone else do?

By Wannabedoc (Wannabedoc) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 12:25 am: Edit

2 days.
when do we start counting hours?

By Vdevluk (Vdevluk) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 04:46 am: Edit

hey! i want a massage too. my back is killing me.

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 06:31 am: Edit

You do me and I'll do you.
Wait, I just realized how gay that sounds.

By Creon (Creon) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 11:33 am: Edit

53 and a half hours until 5 pm Eastern (2pm Pacific).

(notice how all of the exclamation points show my obvious excitement)

By Alex614 (Alex614) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 12:29 pm: Edit

I give really great massages. I just wish someone would give me one...

By Papalemming (Papalemming) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 12:37 pm: Edit

April 1? How will I be notificated? E-mail? Snail mail? Webpage?

Please excuse my ignorance.

By Papalemming (Papalemming) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 12:45 pm: Edit

Ah, I read it's by email.

Well, I shall now expect my rejection email. Yay.

By Rebelnchic (Rebelnchic) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 12:46 pm: Edit

They will notify you via e-mail...assuming you chose this option when you applied...I think you can still change it on their webpage through application status services...
otherwise if you chose not to get e-mail, you will hear snail-mail.

By Papalemming (Papalemming) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 01:32 pm: Edit

Oops. I think I checked the non-email box.

Ahhh. Snail mail lasts ages to get here! Figure out, I still haven't received my MIT rejection letter.

By Creon (Creon) on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - 11:14 pm: Edit

42 hours remain.

By Wannabedoc (Wannabedoc) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:52 am: Edit

34 hours remain

By Creon (Creon) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 12:51 pm: Edit

28 hours.

By Creon (Creon) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 04:15 pm: Edit

25 hours..

Sorry to annoy everyone.

By Legolas (Legolas) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 05:05 pm: Edit


By Aquaholic (Aquaholic) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 05:28 pm: Edit



By Xonx34 (Xonx34) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:01 pm: Edit

23 hours

By Alphachimp (Alphachimp) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:16 pm: Edit

22 hours 45 minutes

By Wickedsmaht (Wickedsmaht) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:17 pm: Edit

Aren't we pathetic?

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:33 pm: Edit

Hey Alphachimp, where else did you get in so far?

By Eccentricity (Eccentricity) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:43 pm: Edit

hehe.... personally i would not mind a harvard acceptance. i wouldn't mind it at all.
good luck, everyone

By Midwestguy (Midwestguy) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:59 pm: Edit

22 Hours.... and counting

By Polka (Polka) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 07:30 pm: Edit


By Dk1 (Dk1) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 07:57 pm: Edit


By Blade409usa (Blade409usa) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 08:31 pm: Edit

I need to be sedated...

By Candi1657 (Candi1657) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 08:33 pm: Edit


I wanna be sedated...

By Papalemming (Papalemming) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 09:31 pm: Edit

I checked the copy of my application and I did check the email box.

Well, I'll dilligently wait my rejection email. Yay.

*not excited at all*

By Gabypa (Gabypa) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 09:34 pm: Edit

Good luck, kids. I was this crazy in December.

By Creon (Creon) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 09:49 pm: Edit

Roughly 19 hours to go...

I don't know if I can take this without exploding.

By Pentheselia (Pentheselia) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 10:03 pm: Edit

One day more! Les Mis song hehe

By Creon (Creon) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 11:58 pm: Edit

17 hours.

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 12:15 am: Edit

You know, I live outside the states so 5.00 pm in Boston is 6.00 am here. I couldn't sleep the whole night before the EA decisions came out. Anyway, I got deferred. Bleh.
Oh well.. not really so nervous this time.

By Awb (Awb) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 12:56 am: Edit

Oooh...(frustration). I'm in California, so my email will come while I'm in school. The dilemma: do I check during school, so that several dozen classmates can view my rejection letter along with me? Or should I just hold my breath and wait until I get home from work later in the day?? Grrr...

By Alphachimp (Alphachimp) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 01:17 am: Edit

foreignboy, I got into Colby, Michigan, and Grove City. I was waitlisted by MIT, and I'm waiting for Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia SEAS.

and yes, 15 hours 45 minutes

how about you, foreignboy (I've hidden from these forums for a looong time)?

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 03:54 am: Edit

Got into UVA, UW, Stanford, waitlisted at MIT. I think you'll make RD at Harvard. I mean, come on...

By Plutosky (Plutosky) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 04:39 am: Edit

12 hours, 20 minutes...
can't sleep

By Collinterested (Collinterested) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 06:35 am: Edit

for those of you ultimately dreaming of harvard and burning to find out results- i have just checked the harvard homepage and there was the official article of the gazette about admission results. unfortunately i couldn't read - page cannot be displayed at many attempts- although it worked for all other the title say: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HARVARD HISTORY MORE WOMEN THAN MEN ADMITTED TO COLLEGE; RECORD BREAK FOR MINORITIES ADMITTED ALSO.
so if you are girls and minorities just keep your hopes high- this doesn't exclude guys!
best of luck to all of you!

By Melodious04 (Melodious04) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 06:53 am: Edit

Is any other female minority sitting at the computer waiting for that link to be fixed?


... How embarrassing :)...

By Itsallcool (Itsallcool) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 08:28 am: Edit

I got such a cool likely letter, but i am still waiting to get my package or not:) it is scary...

By Foreignboy (Foreignboy) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 11:50 am: Edit

5 hours 10 minutes.

By Mrbubbles000 (Mrbubbles000) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 12:29 pm: Edit

Wait so is it out at 5 EST? Does that make it 2 PST?

By Chardonnay (Chardonnay) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 12:40 pm: Edit

yup. and 4 central, 3 mountain. i'll be so restless in english, since it ends ten minutes before decisions come. i've got to head to class now.

By Alphachimp (Alphachimp) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 12:50 pm: Edit

hope you're right foreignboy

By Subtrunks (Subtrunks) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 03:10 pm: Edit

1 hour and 50 minutes remaining

By Johnmayerfan (Johnmayerfan) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 03:31 pm: Edit

Guys-text of the article

Hope it doesn't give us false hope, huh?

Women outnumber men for the Class of '08
Records set for percentages of Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latinos admitted
For the first time in Harvard's history, women comprise more than 50 percent of the students admitted to the freshman class.

"This milestone is a long way from the 4-to-1 ratio of males to females in the
(Staff file photo by Jon Chase)
1960s," said William R. Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid. "We are grateful to the visionaries at Harvard and Radcliffe who instituted equal access admission for women in the 1970s, as well as to faculty, students, staff, and alumni/ae who have worked so hard over the years to recruit outstanding women to the College."

The Class of 2008 was selected from a pool of 19,750 applicants, the second largest total in Harvard's history. Last year's record 20,987 was reached in part by more liberal early admissions guidelines at a number of selective colleges, including Harvard. While the Early Action application numbers this year decreased by more than 3,700, Regular Action numbers bounced back to produce another large applicant group.

Admitted students will be notified today (April 1) by letter and by e-mail; e-mails will go out this evening.

Women outnumbered men by only three: 1,016 to 1,013.

"We knew that more women than men had been admitted in Early Action, but we did not know how close the final numbers were until after the last vote was taken," said Fitzsimmons.

All applications are considered individually, and final decisions are made by majority vote of the 35 members of the Admissions Committee during February and March.

By standard measures of academic talent, including test scores and academic performance in school, this year's applicant pool is impressive. For example, 56 percent of the candidates scored 1,400 or higher on SATs; 2,700 scored a perfect 800 on their SAT mathematics test; nearly 2,000 scored 800 on their SAT verbal test; and 2,800 are valedictorians of their high school classes.

Harvard's new financial aid initiative to attract talented low- and moderate-income students underscores the critical importance of need-based scholarship assistance in encouraging the best students to apply to Harvard. The $2 million plan, announced at the end of February by President Lawrence H. Summers, eliminates the need for parents with incomes of $40,000 or less annually to contribute to their child's Harvard education and lowers the contribution expected from parents with incomes between $40,000 and $60,000.

"We want to send the strongest possible message that Harvard is open to talented students from all economic backgrounds," Summers said. "Too often, outstanding students from families of modest means do not believe that college is an option for them — much less an Ivy League university."

Harvard's new initiative brings the total annual scholarship commitment for undergraduates to $80 million, an increase of nearly 50 percent over the past six years, while inflation rose by only 13.5 percent.

"Harvard College continues to believe strongly in the twin principles of need-blind admissions and need-based financial aid," said William C. Kirby, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Edith and Benjamin Geisinger Professor of History. "At a time when universities and families nationwide are facing the effects of a weak economy, we are determined to protect every student's ability to come to Harvard regardless of financial background."

"The total aid provided to undergraduates for 2004-2005 will likely top $112 million," said Sarah C. Donahue, director of financial aid. "Two-thirds of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, loans, and jobs. Nearly half will qualify for need-based scholarship assistance with an average total aid package close to $28,500, or roughly 70 percent of a student's total costs, including an allowance toward personal expenses," said Donahue.

In addition, other forms of financial assistance such as the Faculty Aide Program, the Harvard College Research Program, and the Dean's Summer Research Program enable students to pursue partnerships with faculty members on academic projects of mutual interest.

Financial aid staff will be available to talk with admitted students and their families on weekdays during the month of April from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Families are offered a wide range of payment options, including the opportunity to prepay tuition at current rates or to extend payments up to 15 years.

While U.S. regional representation remains similar, the Class of 2008 will be somewhat more international than its predecessor. More than 25 percent of the admitted students reside in the mid-Atlantic, 19 percent are from the Western and Mountain states, 17 percent from New England, 17 percent from the South, 12 percent from the Midwest, and 10 percent from the U.S. territories and abroad.

Foreign citizens number 166, up slightly from last year's 161. As usual, a significant number of incoming students will bring an international perspective, including Americans who have lived abroad, 81 U.S. dual citizens, and 81 U.S. permanent residents. Together, foreign citizens, U.S. duals, and U.S. permanent residents comprise 16.2 percent of the class, compared with 15.4 percent last year.

Areas of academic interest are similar to those of the Class of 2007. Just over 22 percent list biological sciences as their proposed concentration, while 9 percent are interested in the physical sciences. Nearly 9 percent lean toward engineering, 8 percent toward math, and 2 percent toward computer science. The social sciences attract almost 25 percent as do the humanities, with 1 percent undecided.

The Class of 2008 has a wide range of extracurricular interests. The major activity cited by students as an extracurricular focus is music (26 percent); followed by creative writing, journalism, and other writing (24 percent); arts, dance, and drama (21 percent); social service (19 percent); student government (12 percent); debate (12 percent); and political groups (9 percent). More than 57 percent of the class plans to participate in recreational, intramural, or intercollegiate athletics.

Records were set for the percentages of Asian Americans (18.9 percent), African Americans (10.3 percent), and Latinos (9.5 percent). Native Americans will comprise nearly 1 percent.

"Students, faculty and alumni/ae worked extremely hard during the year to recruit students throughout the country. We are very grateful for all of their efforts," said Roger Banks, director of undergraduate minority recruiting.

Marlyn McGrath Lewis, director of admissions, cited the efforts of the Undergraduate Admissions Council, the Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program, and the undergraduate tour guides and greeters in working throughout the year to ensure that the students interested in Harvard were well served.

"Our undergraduates played a vital role in leading tours, hosting overnight visits, and visiting schools. Their assistance contributes in critical ways to the strength of future classes," she said. In addition, she credits the more than 7,000 alumni/ae Schools and Scholarship volunteers. "Their work in their local communities helps attract the very best students into our pool, and their interviews give us vital guidance in making our admission choices."

Lewis also emphasized the critical role of the teaching faculty in the admissions process: "Faculty spend enormous amounts of time throughout the year talking to prospective students in person or on the telephone and answering their many letters and e-mail. Faculty accessibility is a clear demonstration of their commitment to undergraduate education. In addition, faculty members read hundreds of application folders, evaluate academic research of all kinds, and assist in evaluating portfolios across the academic disciplines."

Members of the teaching faculty serving on the Admissions Committee are James Anderson, Michael Brenner, John Dowling, Noam Elkies, Mary Gaylord, Benedict Gross, J. Woodland Hastings, Akira Iriye, Harry Lewis, Venkatesh Narayanamurti, Richard O'Connell, Nancy Sommers, Frans Spaepen, Steven Wofsy, and Robert Woollacott.

Personal contact with admitted students will be very important over the next few weeks. Members of the Undergraduate Admissions Council, the Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program, the admissions staff, and faculty members will telephone and meet with admitted students.

This year, for the first time, the Admissions Office is hosting online chats for admitted students. There will be additional chat sessions in April that will provide an opportunity for admitted students to speak with Harvard undergraduates and their future classmates. Meghan Crnic, director of Internet Communications, noted, "The chat sessions have been a wonderful success, with over 500 of the Early Action admitted students from 47 states and 14 countries joining previous sessions."

In addition to hosting online chats, admissions officers will e-mail admitted students, inviting them to ask any questions they have about Harvard.

A Visiting Program for admitted students is scheduled for April 24-26. In addition to visiting classes, students will attend faculty panel discussions, concerts, receptions, departmental open houses, symposia, and events offered by extracurricular organizations.

"The program will give students the chance to explore the many opportunities awaiting them here in Cambridge," said Megan Basil, Visiting Program director. "We know they will enjoy meeting their future professors and classmates."

More than 1,200 admitted students will visit during the month of April, and nearly 1,100 will be here during the Visiting Program.

"Our undergraduate hosts give students a realistic picture of what it is like to be a student here. Their contact with prospective students is a key element of our success in enrolling the new class," she said.

"Recruiting remains crucial in our efforts to attract the country's and the world's best students each year," said Fitzsimmons. "Nearly 70 percent of all admitted students and 88 percent of minority students were on our original College Board Search List that helped launch our outreach program for the Class of 2008 last spring. We visited hundreds of cities across the country and throughout the world to invite the most promising students to apply, and we hope very much our admitted students will join us here in September."

More than 84 percent of the applicants opted for e-mail notification of their admissions decisions along with the traditional letter. Students have until May 1 to reply.

By Zzii (Zzii) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 04:55 pm: Edit

5 minutes!

By Chardonnay (Chardonnay) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 05:02 pm: Edit

-2 minutes!

By Subtrunks (Subtrunks) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 05:05 pm: Edit

-5 minutes

By Chardonnay (Chardonnay) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 05:19 pm: Edit

-18 minutes, wtf?

By Wasim (Wasim) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 07:26 pm: Edit


By Residentevil (Residentevil) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 07:32 pm: Edit

Nobody got their package yet?

I already got mine in Providence, RI--go snail mail!

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