Results from a survey entitled "Ivy League Graduate Schools"

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By Wei (Wei) on Saturday, February 28, 2004 - 07:09 pm: Edit

I am an ivy league graduate. I will be a college councilor overseas (Western Europe & East Asia) in a few years. My job will be giving advices on grad or undergrad programs in the U.S. to international students who want to come to the U.S. for higher education.

First of all, I have to say that I don¡¦t believe in any types of school rankings (but I take them as references) because you just can¡¦t compare one from another. However, as a college councilor, sometimes I just kinda have to rank them because students will ask me for sure all the time. It is understood that international students don¡¦t know many of America¡¦s educational institutions. In fact, Ivy League and probably Top 25 (but not all) are pretty much what they can think of in their heads. Therefore, I have been conducting a few surveys to HS and/or college students in the U.S. in different categories so I can give students a number and tell them this is what Americans at your age think ¡V I think it is more important than ranking itself.

Recently, I have got an interesting result from one of my surveys entitled ¡§Ivy League Graduate School¡¨. This survey was conducting closed to a thousand undergraduate college students who plan going to graduate school within five years after they receive their BA/BS degrees. (Ivy League: 19%, Top 25: 53%, Top 50: 75%, Top 100: 86.5%, Overseas, 13%. Others: 0.5%)

Question: list No. 1 through 8 the Ivy League schools you intend to go, if all eight schools¡¦ acceptance rate is 100% and what school/major such as MBA, LAW, Medicine, Engineering and so forth.

Basic Scoring System: No.1 receive 8 points, No.2 receive 7 points¡K¡K.No.8 receive 1 point and finally converting into percentage depending on how many votes in different schools/majors.


1. Harvard (90.3%)
2. Columia (82.1%), UPenn (82%)
4. Yale (76.3%), Cornell (74.6%)
6. Dartmouth (62.6%), Princeton (62%)
8. Brown (47.7%)

Note: percentage with 2-3% is not good enough to determine which school is better. Princeton is not on the top spot because it doesn¡¦t have MBA, LAW and Medical schools.

MBA: Harvard, UPenn, (Stanford)
LAW: Harvard, Yale
Medicine: Harvard, (John Hopkins)
Engineering: (MIT)

Note: although Stanford, John Hopkins, MIT are not in Ivy League. However, many students think they are or even better than Ivy League. (maybe not John Hopkins)

Here is a tough question: (maybe you guys can help me out)
I have three friends, who all got into both schools (Columbia and UPenn) but want to go to the same school together, came to ask me where should they go?? Of course, first question came into my head was in which graduate programs you are. Here is tough: one is MBA, another is LAW and the other is Medicine. I was surprised ¡Kwhat a question¡Kand couldn¡¦t answer them for a second.

However, my final conclusions are as followings:
1. Upenn has slightly better medical school than Columbia (almost the same level)
2. Columbia has better law school than Upenn
3. Upenn has much better business school (Wharton) than Columbia ¡V since Wharton is considered one of the best in the world.

Based on considering No2 and 3 (especially No.3), I tell them to go to Upenn because if you take out the consideration of No.1 and subtract No.3 and No.2, it seems Upenn is better decision.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or you have better ideas? Please Help¡K..

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