Wait listed MIT, chances?

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By Zerocool (Zerocool) on Friday, March 28, 2003 - 08:07 am: Edit

In the last few days, I've been getting a lot of mail, and while I havn't heard from all of my colleges, I was wondering if anyone here could help me out. See, I'm an international student, and while college rankings and average admitee SAT scores are well and good, a real opinion is at least as valuable. Some info: im a guy, Belgian, (tentative) major choice is Aerospace Engineering (haha, yes, work for 30 years then get laid off... oh well), and if there's anything else you want to know, ask. Financials aren't that important (dads company pays for it), I didn't apply for financial aid.

Any way, heres the list so far:

MIT: Waiting list - I said I would stay on their waiting list. They probably wont accept me any way, but if they did I would probably screw whatever other place and go there... You can do that right? And is even daydreaming that I would get in on a waiting list a waste of time?

Any way, on to the more realistic choices, which of these would you suggest?
Florida Tech (FIT): Accepted, 10k scholarship, looks like a nice campus?
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI): Accepted, 12.5K scholarship, cold weather?
Carnegie Mellon (CMU): Accepted, not received financial notification stuff yet.
Tufts: Accepted, same as above
Brown: I dunno, they will probably reject me since they say my application was incomplete (missing one of the three evaluations. I sent that one 4 times, but oh well... their loss)
UC-Davis: Accepted
UC-Berkeley: Accepted, they dont have aerospace eng. so applied for chemical eng. instead.
Caltech: Find out monday. If I get in would probably go there.
Princeton: These people dont seem to have realized that this interweb thingy can be used for things other than pr0n. I'll probably receive their snail mail decision letter sometime next year, if it ever makes it to indonesia at all!

By Timepass (Timepass) on Friday, March 28, 2003 - 12:12 pm: Edit

Even I got into FIT,do you have any info on hows the place studywise and even I got a 10K scholarship!

By Cara811888 (Cara811888) on Friday, March 28, 2003 - 12:22 pm: Edit

Heya..congrats for getting into so many places!! Dont really know much about the other places but as for waitlisting..check this out


Hope it helps!

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