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By Subtrunks (Subtrunks) on Thursday, March 11, 2004 - 07:14 pm: Edit

I applied to Swarthmore College, Amherst College, Williams College, Univesity of Rochester, Harvard University, and University of Florida. I would like to know my chances of getting accepted to the afore mentioned institutions. I did participate in Open House weekends and those sort of events for Swarthmore, Amherst, and Williams. Those 3 schools paid the air fare for me to go check out their campus and what not. I don't know if that might have relevance in their decision making. So please let me know what the opinions in making it to the school.

Well my stats are

US resident

Chemistry - 3 (i really messed up on that test)
Calc AB sub - 4
Calc BC- 3
English Comp- 3
Spanish Language - 5
Physics B- 4
Physics C Mech: Score to be determined upon AP examination.
Physics C E&M: Score to be determined upon AP examination.
Enviromental Science- Score to be determined upon AP examination.
Human Geography- Score to be determined upon AP examination.
Psychology-Score to be determined upon AP examination.
Enlgish Literature- Score to be determined upon AP examination.

SAT: 1310
*Verbal: 670
ACT: 27

Physics: 700
Math 2C: 650
Writing: 560

GPA Unweighted: 3.47 out of 4.0
Weighted: 5.3 out of 6.0

Activities & Awards:
AP Scholar with distinction
Baush & Lomb Scholar[U of R book award] (think i mispelled it but w/e i hope you all understand)
10th grade outstanding science student
Placed 6th in nation during 2002 TEAMS engineering competition.
Placed 4th in state during 2003 TEAMS engineering competition.
Worked at McDonald's for 5 months.
Lab Aide for sophmore year
150 hours of community service
Some other insignificant stuff

I'am 8th in a class of 1113. So that would be coutned as top 1 percent. I come from Miami Florida.

Freshman Year
Algebra 1: B
Honors English 1: B
Random Elective: B
Random Elective: B
Honors Chemistry: B
World History Honors: B

Sophmore Year
Algebra 2 Honors: A
Physics Honors: A
Lab Aide: A
Random Elective: B
English 2 Honors:B
Random Elective: B

Junior Year:
AP Chem:A
AP Physics B:A
AP Calc BC: A
AP English Comp: A
AP Spanish Comp: B
Honors US His: A

Senior Year: (Mid Year)
AP Physics C: A
AP Human Geo: A
AP Psych: A
AP Enviromental Sci: A
Honors Economics: A
AP Literature: B

Well my Enlgish Composition loved the essay. She told others in my class interested in applying to high end schools that they should follow mine.

-Counselor1- mediocre
-Enlgish Teacher- Awesome (incredible recomendation)
-Chem Teacher- Cuz have talked more about EC's but he did wirte accurately about my talents ... mediocre
-Physics- Didn't see it but he has a reputation for putting kids in MIT, Caltech, Ivies,...he has really good recomendations and knows me well .. he is an alumn of Univeristy of Rochester and is still active with the shcool and knows the admissions counselors and what not (it might help my chances in U of R)

There you go its alot of stuff to take in but I think the more info I put in the better the informed the opinion can be. Thank You all for insight!

By Socaljessie (Socaljessie) on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 12:30 am: Edit

if the schools werent interested in you, they never would have paid the airfare. It is helpful because you are a minority, but your stats are good regardless of race. Your SATs are a bit low for Harvard, but you still have a chance. I'd say you are in at most of those colleges

By Subtrunks (Subtrunks) on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 07:12 am: Edit


By Subtrunks (Subtrunks) on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 05:25 pm: Edit


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