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Discus: College Admissions: March 2004 Archive: NYU - GSP ONLY
By Djsam2004 (Djsam2004) on Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 10:50 pm: Edit

I think GSP is a scam to take 40,000$ from us, and keep their acceptance rate low and highly selective.

Their professors only teach for GSP. Are they tenure full time, or part time?

It restricts us to CAS, and if we decide we want to major in Business, we can't go into Stern. Its not guaranteed anything outside of CAS. This is crap.

Furthermore, there is a stigma, class sizes are not much different, it delay's core classes, freshmen classes are dictated, financial aid is harder to get. Whats more impressive, honestly, Cal Poly SLO Electrical Engineering, or NYU GSP?

By Djsam2004 (Djsam2004) on Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 10:51 pm: Edit

By the way, my stats are...

SAT I: 1220
670 math
550 verbal
SAT II ( Math2c 640 Writing 600 US History 620)

4.0 UC weighted

AP’s – AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP English, AP US History
Tons of EC’s,
Volunteer work with Amigos De Las Americas (+500 hours)

(Only because my school does not offer these…Academic Talent Development Program (Summer program); H intro-Architecture, H Algebra II/Trig (to get ahead)

Community College: Calculus II (B) , Psychology (B)

By I1lmatics (I1lmatics) on Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 11:05 pm: Edit

dont waste your money on nyu if your only going for gsp ... why not just go to another school for 2 years then try to transfer into nyu.. its basically the same thing as what gsp does except you dont have to pay $40,000 for your freshman and sophmore years

By Djsam2004 (Djsam2004) on Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 11:51 pm: Edit

Thankyou!! Exactly my point. What do others think?

By Awe02 (Awe02) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 08:00 am: Edit

You arent guaranteed to get in if you transfer. Stern kids dont get referred to GSP anyway mainly just CAS. and if u want to do a business major u will go through the normal internal transfer routine once ur apart of CAS i think. and internal transfers into stern are extremely difficult anyway. when its time to decide on your major u pretty much will be in the same boat as everyone else

By Emilyp114 (Emilyp114) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 08:23 am: Edit


With the very small percentage of kids who go into GSP, it isn't going to affect NYU's acceptance rates enough to make that the reason they do it. You're only guaranteed a spot to the school which you first applied to, but if you applied to CAS, then what's your complaint? That's obviously where you wanted to be, right? If you wanted to major in Business, you should have been applying to Stern not CAS. Internal transfers to Stern are difficult and rare, so if that was your plan, it wasn't a good one to start with. Core classes are not delayed, you'll get your core classes out of the way basically in GSP. And no, financial aid is no more difficult to get for GSP than for anyone else at NYU. It seems strange to me that you'd be choosing between CAS and engineering at another school anyway. Are you not sure what you want to study?

By Djsam2004 (Djsam2004) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 10:20 am: Edit

Yeah, thats definitely true. I am really not sure what I want to be. I really wish I could just take two years of general education, and then decide from then, without having restrictions on which college to go to. Stern is extremeley hard to get into, and I feel why apply there if i dontk now if I want to do business? But GSP limits my opportunities.

My whole complaint was that the two years of education in GSP is from professors that do not teach CAS. Do you know if they are tenure full time or part time? Because that does make a different whether it is a washed down education. If you were at CAS, would you prefer to go to GSP? And its 10% that get accepted into GSP, which honestly, for me, feels that it wants to accept more students who are just as qualified, there is just not enough spaces. Why not just eliminate GSP, and combine it into CAS?

One more thing... GSP combines CASA courses, so it does not go in depth, which could possibly hurt us for junior year. Who knows... what do you think of GSP?

By Hnbui (Hnbui) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 01:10 pm: Edit

from what i have heard is that you still take some classes with CAS students when you are in GSP.

By I1lmatics (I1lmatics) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 01:39 pm: Edit

to me i still see it as a waste of money.. the quality/intensity of education at cas is superior to gsp...gsp should not run $40,000 a year because it seems like you are not getting an education that would merit that kind of tuitioin.... i still think the best route is to go to another school for 2 years get really good grades than apply as a transfer to cas as opposed to going in from gsp

By Thesbijean (Thesbijean) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 01:46 pm: Edit

Hello. First off, GSP Facutly Members are almost all faculty members at one of the colleges within NYU in addition to there position at GSP, and you can take classes in any of the NYU Undergraduate Colleges while in the GSP (mostly your sophomore year though). You are also housed with NYU students from all the different colleges as well. Do better reseaerch before making assumptions. Cause when ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME!!!

By Hnbui (Hnbui) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 03:12 pm: Edit

well stated Thesbijean.

By Eskimo (Eskimo) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 05:33 pm: Edit

When I first found out that I was invited to apply to the GSP I summarily dismissed it. When my parents got home and I told them about it I screamed that there was no way that I would go to NYU if it was not in CAS. My initial reaction was pretty much the same as DJSam2004.

A day passed and I calmed down a bit. I decided to investigate. I perused NYU's very thorough website. I read postings on newgroups. I read secondary sources. A week has now passed since my initial shock and you know what-I now think that the GSP is a great opportunity, if you want to study in NYC and be at NYU.

The classes are taught by NYU professors, the CAS requirements can mostly be fulfulled during freshman year, 80% of the courses taken in the second year are electives, that can be taken in CAS and other NYU schools, and after the second year there is no functional difference between a student who started out in the GSP and one who started out in CAS.

I grant you that $40,000 is a lot of dough, but frankly, from what I've read I really don't believe that your 40K would be any better spent if you started out from day one in CAS.

My take on this is if you want to go to NYU, the GSP is worth the passage.

By Matth (Matth) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 06:34 pm: Edit


Not quite everything in your post is correct. You say you can take classes in any of the NYU undergraduate colleges while in GSP. That isn't true. You cannot take classes in Stern or Tisch. Also, some classes in Steinhardt are not available to you. It's mostly CAS classes that you'll be taking because that's what most GSP kids are headed to as juniors.

By Eskimo (Eskimo) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 08:46 pm: Edit

I think that if you intend on going on to CAS, there is little downside in starting out in GSP. I agree that there may be some difficulty in getting classes in Stern or Tisch while you are in GSP-but this is also true for students in CAS.
The fact of the matter is that this concern is mostly theoretical since very few students who are offered admission to GSP originally applied to Tisch or Stern in the first instance. I believe that NYU deliberately limits the GSP offerings to CAS applicants since it wants to limit the numbers in the other colleges.

By Thesbijean (Thesbijean) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 10:37 pm: Edit

I am correct. I applied to Gallatin, and my intended major would consist of me taking classes at Tisch, Steinhardt and CAS. I have talked to admissions people and GSP people, who have both said the same thing to me.

By Emilyp114 (Emilyp114) on Friday, March 05, 2004 - 11:02 pm: Edit

It's true that there are SOME classes at Tisch available to students from other colleges at NYU. However, they are classes specifically designed for non-majors, and will not include Tisch students. No Tisch major classes are available to any students who aren't Tischies. :)

By Gillianaire (Gillianaire) on Monday, March 08, 2004 - 06:57 pm: Edit

I just got the GSP letter from NYU, and I am completely clueless as to what this means.I have read it over, but it is all very vague, and I have never heard of anything like this. Do they just send this to everyone they reject?

By Iluvtoshop (Iluvtoshop) on Monday, March 08, 2004 - 09:23 pm: Edit

Gillianaire you got the letter today?

By Gillianaire (Gillianaire) on Monday, March 08, 2004 - 09:27 pm: Edit

Yeah, I got it today. It came in a large packet along with a catalog about GSP, when I saw the envelope I thought it was an acceptance. It kind of is, but not. If you want I can post the letter.

By Matth (Matth) on Monday, March 08, 2004 - 09:40 pm: Edit

Well, it IS an acceptance and really, if you want to go to NYU, it's the only way. A lot of kids are unsure when they get it but if NYU is your first choice, then you should be happy, right? It's just a little different than the way you had planned on getting your degree but in the long run, you'll have the same degree. Congrats!

By Cookie33 (Cookie33) on Monday, March 08, 2004 - 09:50 pm: Edit

gillianaire..basically if u got a big package with a GSP borchure that means u are in GSP. just call GSP to tell them ur interested and schedule an interview and thatll get u in. NYU gives GSP packages for people they want to admit to the school, but dont have strong enough SAT"s or GPA for their choice program witihin the school.

By Rakeshb (Rakeshb) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 01:02 am: Edit

Then why do you still need to do an interview if it's an admission letter? And what do they ask in the interview?...You sure it's an admission?

By Tlam3786 (Tlam3786) on Friday, April 02, 2004 - 10:10 pm: Edit

Yeah I freaked out about the interview, but it's generally an info session and they let you know that you are basically in. How many people got admitted to the GSP program this year? And how many of you out there are planning to go? I know that my parents work in the city but I am personally not the city type. I lived in the city last summer, but i guess i just didn't know what to do. maybe it'll change this summer. But let me know on what all you guys are doing and what your other college options are. mine are: syracuse with 12grand a year, university of maryland, university of delaware, rutgers university, penn state university.

By Legat0 (Legat0) on Tuesday, April 06, 2004 - 03:55 am: Edit

I also got into GSP. I want to go to NYU mostly because it's in the city, and I love the city, but I'm not sure if I'll like the "impersonal environment" it has and how "they don't really care about you; they're only out to get your money" (according to studentsreview.com). Another deterring factor is the fact that the reviews at studentsreview.com aren't that great. 28 out of 72 people who reviewed the school and are going there or went there said they would not go to the school again...wtf? The others schools I got into and am seriously considering besides NYU are Bucknell and Franklin and Marshall.

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