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By Virgo007 (Virgo007) on Monday, November 17, 2003 - 10:19 pm: Edit

There's this program which supposendly calculates your % chance at certain colleges (more if you register.)

Regardless, have any of you had experience with the program? Was it accurate in your acceptance with the particular college? I'm a bit wary of the results after I've put in my information.

Here's the program:

By Culovv (Culovv) on Monday, November 17, 2003 - 11:38 pm: Edit

That program is a piece of ••••. Look on Im using people's stats from last year and testing their chances. 1 girl has a 2% chance at Amherst (according to this), yet she is currently going to Amherst... nearly for free i might add.

By Abz1986 (Abz1986) on Monday, November 17, 2003 - 11:57 pm: Edit

WTF? According to this, I have a 78% at Duke but a 18% at Caltech... didn't know the latter was that much harder to get in :-/

Culovv's right, don't trust programs to test chances :p

By Jennyzsong (Jennyzsong) on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 12:07 am: Edit

lol it gave me such high chances.

By Abz1986 (Abz1986) on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 01:29 am: Edit

yea same here, 89% at cornell = pwn

By Trojan1444 (Trojan1444) on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 03:04 am: Edit

This thing is ridiculous...I'm too embarrassed to say how high my chances at schools like MIT or Harvard

By Aspirer42 (Aspirer42) on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 07:09 am: Edit

97% at Berkeley... *riight*...
Maybe the mods'll delete this thing before anyone else wastes their time with it.

By Virgo007 (Virgo007) on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 04:57 pm: Edit

Hey, I was just ASKING if you guys thought it was accurate! It's not like I made the program!

By Abyss (Abyss) on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 09:56 pm: Edit

lol virgo, i understand

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