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By Orangeclock (Orangeclock) on Thursday, October 23, 2003 - 08:35 pm: Edit

I am applying to texas public universities. I would appreciate it if someone could evaluate my essay and help me decide if this is the way to go with my essay. All help and constructive criticism would be appreciated.

My Promot is:

What additional information do you wish to be considered in the decision to admit you? Enclose documentation and references for verification, if appropriate.

My goal is to use this essay to explain mitigating circumstances which explain my less than impressive class rank.

Here is my essay:

It seems that in the admissions process class rank is the most important indicator used to determine a studentís academic potential. Though it may be a good indicator of the aptitude of most applicants, for me is not an accurate indicator of my academic abilities. In my unique situation, I have been faced with certain circumstances beyond my control, which have had a detrimental effect on my class rank. Unless my class rank is carefully evaluated within the context of the circumstances under which it was derived, one could easily be mislead into underestimating my academic qualifications. By showing you academic indicators other than my class rank, including those that are not included in the Texas common application, it is my belief that my academic qualifications can be more accurately presented.

My class rank is severely flawed due to circumstances beyond my control. Soon after my sophomore year of high school was complete my family moved, transferring me from my high school in Wisconsin to one in Keller, Texas. Because of the way in which my credits and grades were transferred between these two schools, I was put at a severe disadvantage in Keller High Schoolís class ranking.

When I first met with my counselor, I found out that my class rank would be determined by comparing my cumulative GPA to the cumulative GPAs of a pool of Keller High School students from my class. The students in this class had earned their Freshman and Sophomore year grades at Keller High School. I had earned my Freshman and Sophomore grades while attending Shorewood High school. Because we earned our grades at different schools, comparing our cumulative GPAs which include those grades is inherently unfair.

I believe that this difference greatly reduces the validity of my class rank for several reasons. The grading practices at my current school Keller and my former school Shorewood were very different. Compared to the grades at my former school Shorewood, the grades at Keller are inflated. In general, the teachers at Shorewood High School award high grades to a smaller proportion of their students than the teachers at Keller High school. Furthermore, the academic environment at Shorewood High School was much more competative than that at Keller High School, making the high grades even more difficult to attain.

Finally, students at Keller High School had the opportunity to take weighted honors courses beginning their freshman year, while students at Shorewood High School had fewer opportunities to take weighted courses. This combination of these factors made it inequitable to transfer my grades from Shorewood to Keller High at face value. Because of these circumstances surrounding my transfer of schools, my class rank greatly underestimates my academic potential as a student.

My academic potential can be more accurately demonstrated by indicators other than class rank. In addition to the conventional application materials such as letter of recommendation, SAT scores, and high school course load, I would like to submit for consideration my scores on Advanced Placement examinations. I believe that these scores reflect my academic abilities very accurately. My exam results, which can be confirmed by the enclosed list of references and the grade report sent by the college board, are as follows: 5 on Calculus AB, 5 on Physics B, 5 on World History, 4 on European History, 4 on Statistics, 4 on United States
History, and 5 on Calculus BC.

It might be of some substance to consider the fact that the BC Calculus examination I took was without taking a course in BC Calculus, but through independent study. The US History exam was taken nearly a year after I took the course as a regular, non-honors course at Shorewood.

Thanks for your time and your help.

By Nealp (Nealp) on Friday, October 24, 2003 - 01:57 am: Edit

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