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By Anotherdad3 (Anotherdad3) on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 02:13 pm: Edit

My daughter was asked to contact a local alumni for a college interview. He scheduled it at his home. I would have felt more comfortable if the interview was at a restaurant or coffee shop. I do not want to insult this person, but should I show up at the front door and ask to sit in an adjacent room?

By Ellemenope (Ellemenope) on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 02:28 pm: Edit

I think that it is appropriate so long as you don't ask to frisk him first for weapons.

By Northstarmom (Northstarmom) on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 02:40 pm: Edit

Instead of asking to sit in his home during the interview, which may not be possible or may leave you so close to your daughter that she feels inhibited, I suggest that you ask your daughter to call the alum and ask if the interview can be scheduled in a more public place.

I am guessing that there's a good chance that the alum is young so hadn't thought of the fact that since he's a man, and the student is female, the student and her parents may be concerned about her being interviewed at his home.

I think that if your daughter calls and explains, he'll move the location. If your daughter expresses concern about calling, tell her it's OK to blame you. Your concerns make sense to me, and I don't think that your daughter's expressing them will hurt her interview.

I am an alumni interviewer for my college, and have interviewed males and females at my home (since I don't have an office). If I were a man, though, I probably would interview males at my home, but would interview females at a place like a coffee shop.One does lose in terms of privacy in such places, but I think that most female students would feel more comfortable being interviewed by a man in a public place like that.

If your daughter asks to meet him in a more public setting and he refuses, I would suggest that your daughter call the college and request another interviewer.

Alumni interviewers are supposed to be sensitive to the applicants' needs, including selecting locations where the student would feel comfortable. I know that in the case of my college (Harvard), the admissions office would find a replacement if an alumnus refused the kind of request that I am suggesting that your daughter make.

By Texas137 (Texas137) on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 03:30 pm: Edit

another possibility is that you take your daughter to the interview, get introduced, and ask the interviewer what time you should come back to pick up your daughter. That would make your presence felt without having you chaparone the whole time. Unless she is interviewing with Clinton or Schwarzenegger, I don't think an interviewer would risk a quick inpropriety after having seen the girl's father and knowing that he was coming back in x amount of time and that he knows where the interviewer lives.

By Ariesathena (Ariesathena) on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 06:45 pm: Edit

I am beginning alumni interviews this fall, and we were told at an interview session to be sure to make the location comfortable for the applicant. If the guy has a wife and kids who will all be home, then your daughter will be fine. If he lives alone, then you should have it scheduled elsewhere. Somewhere in the ambiguous area is when he lives with male friends who may or may not be home.

Anyway, have your daughter call and blame you if necessary (she probably has that "my dad is sooo overprotective" shtick down), and have the interview in a coffee shop or similar. Most interviewers will understand.

By Anotherdad3 (Anotherdad3) on Thursday, October 23, 2003 - 09:22 am: Edit

Thanks for all your replies. This website has a lot of great people who are very willing to share their experiences.

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