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By Greenmoo04 (Greenmoo04) on Monday, October 20, 2003 - 08:45 pm: Edit

Hey guys, this is my open ended essay for the UC app. I fine tuned it, so let me know what you think!

The survival of our society is based upon the principles of learning and grasping knowledge through education. As the great philosopher Aristotle said, “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Ignorance among the citizens plagues society and regresses as a whole. As a human rights activist, my father felt that I had a responsibility to be aware of the issues in the nation and the world. At a young age, he took me to various protests and conferences where I was innocently oblivious to what was happening.
At the protests, I yelled along with everyone because I thought it was humorous how grown adults could act so rowdy by yelling and screaming. At conferences, I sat stiffly, counting ceiling tiles, tuning out the relentless droning. As I matured, I grasped what they were yelling about. I understood why they were so emotional about issues. As I grew up, these ideals became rooted in me. I watched the World News with Peter Jennings every night, since I was 5. . I had always known that I was knowledgeable; I was informed about events worldwide, such as the Gulf War, and how there were impoverished, suffering people without a voice. I became fascinated with where things were occurring and I loved to read the atlas.
Recently, I was thumbing through the Junior Statesmen brochure I had received in the mail. The Junior State of America (JSA) is a student-run organization designed to promote political awareness and to foster leadership abilities. Sounded impressive. Finally, this was my chance to share my views on issues with other students my age.
I signed up for the USC Symposium on Los Angeles Leadership and Politics; I was on my way to USC! I arrived at the campus early for the symposium registration. I breathed in the polluted air of Downtown Los Angeles and never felt so liberated! Going into the symposium, I didn’t register with anyone because I wanted this to be a broadening experience where I would meet people with fresh ideas. The week flew by in a blur. I listened to lectures from a variety of speakers, from the City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo to the Los Angeles Unified School District board members, where I had the opportunity to voice my concerns and challenge policy makers about their decisions.
The week was so enlightening; I was mesmerized. I learned so much about the array of issues that impacted our everyday lives locally, aspects that I didn’t pay much attention to before. However, the most important fact I learned is that there WERE other students out there who were concerned about these issues as I was. I was amazed that there was an entire network of interested students across the country, let alone just the state. With this knowledge and JSA’s support, I founded the North High Chapter of JSA, the only organization at my school that promotes awareness of issues and aspects of government that have an impact on our everyday lives.
I hope to build a strong foundation for the chapter, so that future generations can benefit from the advantages of having a political awareness organization on campus as well. Walking away from this, the benefits that I gained are countless, including the leadership skills and how to communicate with others in an effective manner that are essential to being a successful leader. I feel that with a college education, I can further my goal of leading people, to gain insight on issues occurring, so that ultimately, society wholistically can improve to a level where citizens make responsible decisions. Only then, can the quality and meaning of life can be so much more.

By Alise (Alise) on Monday, October 20, 2003 - 09:18 pm: Edit

I like the essay but i'd rethink the first line. Instead of grabbing my attention it made me stick out my tongue in disgust.

By Greenmoo04 (Greenmoo04) on Monday, October 20, 2003 - 10:17 pm: Edit

Yeah, I was thinking about doing that, but I wanted it to connect more to...the point of my essay? I'm not sure though, any suggestions?

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