Large or Small School for Undergrad?

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By Benzo415 (Benzo415) on Sunday, October 19, 2003 - 04:44 pm: Edit

I'm a junior who's just beginning his college search, and I've been thinking about many possible upper-tier schools. So I was wondering, what would make me want to go to a larger university rather than a small liberal arts college, or vice versa? I would like to be either an Economics, Poli. Sci, or Journalism major by the way.

By Ksolo (Ksolo) on Sunday, October 19, 2003 - 06:23 pm: Edit

Larger University:
More people, more privacy, less personal attention, more activities to pursue, more resources.

Small liberal arts college:
Much less people, more individualized attention, smaller class sizes, more student interactivity, better student assistance (in terms of many topics from financial aid to academic help).

It depends what you want. Try to visit both types of schools, the large and small liberal arts. Then decide.

By Giovanni (Giovanni) on Sunday, October 19, 2003 - 06:51 pm: Edit

I like big schools :)

Lots of people. Like at U Texas Austin for example.

Are you looking for Lefthanded Lithuanian Lesbians? POW! You've got 40 of them right there.

By Greekstyle (Greekstyle) on Sunday, October 19, 2003 - 08:32 pm: Edit

If you go to an Ivy League school, you will get grade inflation which will make your undergraduate bachelor's GPA look better than what it would be at a small, liberal arts college.

The small colleges offer more individualised attention, you meet a lot more people and the whole experience of university is a lot more personalised. Also, at some of the top liberal arts colleges, the education you receive can be considered by many as one of the best in the United States. However, no grade inflation! :(

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