To the '03 high school graduates...

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By Briteeyez4322 (Briteeyez4322) on Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 07:49 pm: Edit

I'm just curious... where did you guys get accepted/rejected/waitlisted and what were your stats?

Along the same lines... where is the class of '04 applying?

By Clickspring (Clickspring) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 12:55 am: Edit

Class of 03

3.5 UW GPA
10 AP classes total
Completed rigorous academic gifted program that one tested into
34 ACT
top 10% of class
760 SAT II Writing
leadership positions in NHS, student council, and class gov't
Worked as ballet teacher
Danced in ballet company 20 hrs/week

Rejected at Northwestern with legacy
Rejected at Brown
Rejected at University of Chicago
Rejected at University of Michigan
Waitlisted at Wash U

Accepted at U of Illinois instate, where I currently am, and I had 31 hours of credit when I got here

By Wjk323 (Wjk323) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 02:17 am: Edit got rejected with those scores?
what do you think happened?
the essay? interview?

By Trojan1444 (Trojan1444) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 02:48 am: Edit

Well her GPA isn't that magnificent, so it might have something to do with that.

Also, it looks like she only took one SAT II, and all those schools require three.......????

By Drusba (Drusba) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 09:11 am: Edit

Actually, Northwestern, Chicago, Michigan, and Washington U do not require SAT II's.

By Briteeyez4322 (Briteeyez4322) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 09:31 am: Edit

how about any of the LAC's? anyone apply/applying there?

By Giants (Giants) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 03:45 pm: Edit

'03 Graduate

1520 SAT
800 Writing, 790 Math IIC, 760 U.S. History
10 AP's (hardest courseload at school)-5's on 8, 4 on 1, and 3 on 1
National Merit Finalist
4/72 in my class (top three going to UVA, Penn, and Princeton)
93 GPA
ECs: Cross Country, Math Team, Bocce, Quiz Bowl (all-state in 12th grade)

Rejected at:
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth

Waitlisted at:
Davidson, Rice, Williams, Amherst, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Washington U.

Vanderbilt (76k scholarship), Emory (98k scholarship), Georgia Tech

Attending Emory

By Driver (Driver) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 04:11 pm: Edit

'03 grad

1600 SAT
800 writing
800 Physics
800 Math IIC
780 Spanish
7 APs, all 5s (all other courses were Honors)
4.5 weighted GPA
prep school does not rank, but def. top 10%
4-year varsity athlete
ECs: Student Public Service Organization, peer tutor, violin ensemble, Drama Club, Outdoor Club
National Merit Finalist
Yale Book Award

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Swarthmore


Dartmouth, Penn, Brown, Williams, Middlebury, Haverford, Colgate, Hamilton

Attending: Williams

By Aspirer42 (Aspirer42) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 06:32 pm: Edit

*crumples up and throws away Swarth app*

By Driver (Driver) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 06:41 pm: Edit

No, don't do that. The whole point is the capriciousness of the process---my daughter didn't have whatever that certain something they wanted that year. It's not all about grades and test scores there's a lot of luck. I also think my daughter didn't show enough interest in Swat (she didn't want to go there and it showed--she didn't even visit), and that school in particular wants to know you really want them. She only applied there because she had legacy status, but it was too close to home. If you really want it, visit several times, interview several times, and show a lot of interest.

By Bob_3002 (Bob_3002) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 06:48 pm: Edit

See Profile for stats

Accepted: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Caltech, Duke

Waitlisted: Princeton

Attending MIT

By Briteeyez4322 (Briteeyez4322) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 08:13 pm: Edit

anyone else care to contribute? specifically, i'm looking at:

bryn mawr
mary washington

By Briteeyez4322 (Briteeyez4322) on Monday, September 29, 2003 - 10:05 pm: Edit


By Rowan (Rowan) on Tuesday, September 30, 2003 - 01:02 am: Edit

Yale EA
UC Berkeley
UC Los Angeles
UC Santa Cruz

(In-state CA, by the way.)
My guess is that I'll end up at UCSC. We'll see!

By Sunshine916 (Sunshine916) on Tuesday, September 30, 2003 - 04:12 pm: Edit

oh geez. *throws away all applications and walks away to local state school crying*

By Briteeyez4322 (Briteeyez4322) on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 - 12:01 am: Edit

bump again... how about 'em LAC's? Who applied/is applying there?

By Rosiebabe5 (Rosiebabe5) on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 - 05:02 pm: Edit

Giants, how hard is it to get a scholarship to Vanderbilt? Emory?

By Giants (Giants) on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 - 05:26 pm: Edit

I didn't apply for the one at Vanderbilt...the ones at Emory supposedly go to the "Ivy-caliber" applicants they get.

By Rosiebabe5 (Rosiebabe5) on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 - 05:31 pm: Edit

hmm..not thinkin im gonna get that. ivy caliber grades, but not test scores. thanks

By Momof2 (Momof2) on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 - 06:13 pm: Edit

OK - I copied this from an earlier post today:

I'll share our experience with merit aid at Vanderbilt in 2003. Son is #2 in class (98.75 unweighted GPA), 34 ACT, Nat'l Merit Finalist, Robert Byrd winner, has 3 years of All-State honors both musical and academic, leadership positions, etc., etc. Applied for both music and merit aid thru Engineering. Was offered great music money (if he basically dropped engineering) and absolutely -0- in merit. (And yes, their scholarship info. stated that most winners were #1/#2 in class with 32(?) or over ACT) Received large merit offers from other universities, including WUSTL. Declined Vandy admission @ $41,000/yr.

We are still a little bruised over the above, but wanted to share it as a warning NEVER to take anything about the college processes for granted.

By Jonnytothel (Jonnytothel) on Thursday, October 02, 2003 - 12:43 pm: Edit

3.5/4.2 GPA
1360 SAT Is
720 Writing
28 ACT
Class Doesn't Rank but top 20%
EC: Editor in Chief of yearbook, leader of an cappella group, orchestra, chorus, lots of musical awards (districts, all states,) boy scouts, published writer.

Rejected: Amherst, Williams, Tufts, Vassar, Wesleyan

Accepted: Bowdoin, Middlebury, Colby, Bates, Hamilton, Conn Coll, UVM, Skidmore, University of Richmond

By Fee12345 (Fee12345) on Thursday, October 02, 2003 - 05:10 pm: Edit

Jonny to the l

I am applying to a lot of the schools you liked

What schools did you like best?
Expecially Middlebury, Colby, Bates, Hamilton, COn Coll, UVM and Skidmore

where did you end up? we seem to be very similar, but instead of music and published writer I am president of school and Sports guy

By Jonnytothel (Jonnytothel) on Friday, October 03, 2003 - 04:39 pm: Edit


I liked pretty much all the schools I applied to. I have to say that I was pretty surprised when I got accepted to so many places. Of course I am not biased, having ended up at BOWDOIN, but hell I love the school. In the end it came down to Midd/Bowdoin and I spent nights and each and got a good feel for the schools. Skidmore college is a great school and should never be underestimated. But hey, it is all personal pref. Visit each and talk to as many people as possible (students, faculty.) Good luck, and ask me more questions if you need to.

By Briteeyez4322 (Briteeyez4322) on Friday, October 03, 2003 - 09:55 pm: Edit

jonny, how was bowdoin distinctive from the rest of the schools you were accepted at?

By Fee12345 (Fee12345) on Saturday, October 04, 2003 - 10:54 am: Edit

Yah expecially how did it compair to bates... I have heard a lot about Bowdoin but I think I really like bates, probably because the coach there is a real class act he would be a top d-1 coach and is a great guy. Skidmore will definately not be over looked but right now I think its more of a safety but an incredible one at that. What score did you send to most the schools ACT or SAT. Why did you choose Bowdoin over Midd and what did you like and not like about the other schools. Your a huge help because I am basically in the situation you were in last year. Right now I debating if I should apply Early to Middlebury but I am going to visit BAtes over night with someone on the team first, I am going to try my hardest that weekend to get around to at least stopping by bowdoin.
Anyways thanks a ton!

By Jonnytothel (Jonnytothel) on Saturday, October 04, 2003 - 06:59 pm: Edit

I actaully sent my ACT score, my SATI score, and threw in my SATII writing for kicks. (Those were the scores I wrote on the common app, when I released the scores from collegeboard they sent everty SATII test I took (660 Math II, 660 Bio.)

I guess I just didn't really like Middlebury. When I spent a night at both Bowdoin and Midd I felt that the community was much more accepting and friendly at Bowdoin. Not to mention the food and dorms were much nicer. It's really hard to pinpoint one thing that pulled me to Bowdoin becuase it was just an overall feeling. Trust your gut. I wanted to go to a school with great academics and I thought that both Bowdoin and Middlebury could both supply that. Am I making sense? Ask me more questions if you need help.

Fee - Bates is a great school but I felt that it was a tier lower than Bowdoin academically.

By Fee12345 (Fee12345) on Saturday, October 04, 2003 - 09:32 pm: Edit

yah no problem

what made you think midd wasnt as accepting?

How were the kids at bates

Ive heard bowdoins really waspy is that true?

youve been a ton of help thanks

By Jonnytothel (Jonnytothel) on Sunday, October 05, 2003 - 05:01 pm: Edit

The kids at Bates are all right. I actaully hung out with a couple of them last night, seemed like good kids. I think that Bowdoin is actaully the least WASPY of the schools I went to. They do a good job to bring diverse students here (not limited to students of color.) I almost felt that Midd was a little to stuck up for me.

By Allison (Allison) on Friday, December 12, 2003 - 02:28 am: Edit

hey jonny - i go to bowdoin. which dorm are you in?

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