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By Tennizpro06 (Tennizpro06) on Monday, August 11, 2003 - 12:10 pm: Edit

I apologize in advance if any of these questions sound really dumb..

1. What's a CEEB#?
2. iF the app asks what other places we'll be applying to or are thinking of applying to, can we leave this blank?
3. For things that tell you list awards etc., do we do this in full sentences? and what happens if we don't have enough room?
4. Another question asks "what books/authors have particularly impressed you?" Should we explain how they have impressed me.. or just list em?
5. For music people, do we have to list every single recital if it says to list recitals? Same goes for speech team
6. For sports, there's a table thatshows 4 rows each for a sport. The there's columns that say rec., club, and varsity, and another 4 that specify which year you played. What if I played the same sport for rec, club, and varsity, but during different years???
7. For service projects, what definies this? Like is here we put long-term or short-term volunteer things? Or just projects?
8. Should there always be a spot where I can put like how many hrs I spent a week in a particular ec??
9. For essays, is it better that we have it on some sort of paper? Or doesn't it matter..
10. For work experience, if the only thing I've done is babysitting, but my hours are kind of random.. so how would I put this if it asks for hours ?

By Serene (Serene) on Monday, August 11, 2003 - 01:41 pm: Edit

1. high school code that you can look up on collegeboard i think.
2. dunno. doesn't really matter what you put down.
3. make a list. not sentences. concise is the key.
4. how much space do they leave you for answering?
5. you can just name the most important ones.
6. say it's tennis, the table can look like
Tennis         Rec (10) Club (11) Varsity (12)           9-12
7. Both. But if projects go under an organization (like NHS), put the organization.
8. Usually.
9. Doesn't matter. computer print paper is ok.
10. Estimate or average.

By Tennizpro06 (Tennizpro06) on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 - 11:44 am: Edit

2. So putting them down won't hurt my chances?
4. Just as much room as for desc. of activities
6. duh :)
7. What if it's a lot of little things .. like a clothing drive or something. And there's a lot, can we just put like "other" or something?
8. I'm really not seeing it.. could i put in somewhere else.. ?
10. How do they check up on this? Am I supposed to list references because it doesn't ask for them..

By Serene (Serene) on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 - 08:31 pm: Edit

2. a. I don't think it'll hurt your chances. b. I don't think colleges should ask since it's quite unrelated.
4. Then do give details if space will allow.
7. Sure.
8. Perhaps attach a resume?
10. They usually don't unless something's suspicious.

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