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By Mrsanguine101 (Mrsanguine101) on Friday, July 11, 2003 - 02:44 pm: Edit

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here participates in it and how it would look to colleges. For those of you that don't know, it's a peer tutoring program where you can help people online. Any info would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

By Firedup17 (Firedup17) on Saturday, July 12, 2003 - 02:38 am: Edit

Oh, how do you join it?

By Mrsanguine101 (Mrsanguine101) on Saturday, July 12, 2003 - 02:06 pm: Edit

Well, first off I'm fairly confident that you need to be a member of aol (not aim, mind you). If you are, tell me and i'll try and give you some instructions to get to it.

This goes for anyone else to, bty.

By Mrsanguine101 (Mrsanguine101) on Monday, July 14, 2003 - 05:47 pm: Edit

bumpidy bump

By Me1 (Me1) on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - 01:43 am: Edit

I am a member of AOL. Please reply here, or email me (I don't post my AOL addy on message boards cos I have had weird ppl contacting me + a lot of junk mail in the past).

By Smiley (Smiley) on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - 02:35 am: Edit

Hi Mrsanquine! I'm a member of that program and love it... For those interested, here's the letter to potential peers:


Hi There!

Thank you for inquiring about the Peer Tutoring Program. Before you send an application, we ask that you look over this job description and see if you meet the necessary qualifications to become a peer tutor. If you would like to know more about the tutoring rooms, the AAC, or AOL in general, please feel free to use this document as a guide to prepare you for the exciting world of Peer Tutoring. If you are ready to apply, you may access the application at Keyword: Homework > Become a Peer Tutor or adult Teacher

Age Requirement: 16-18 years old

School Requirement: A photocopy of a report card or transcript dated within four months of application will be needed. You must be currently enrolled in an educational institution in order to take part in this program.

Parental Requirement: A document provided by the Peer Tutoring Program will have to be signed by a parent or guardian, giving you permission to participate in Peer Tutoring if you are under 18 years old. For those older then 18 years, photocopied proof of age will be required.

Minimum AOL requirement: A peer Tutor will have had the current AOL account for at least 6 months prior to application with NO TOS violations during that time. You will also need to use a special HHPT screen name, so you must have room on your AOL account to add another screen name. This screen name will be used ONLY when you tutor.

Basic Skills Requirement: Applicant shall know how to enter the HHKids area, will understand the use of keywords and Instant Messages, and will demonstrate, upon request, an ability to comfortably move around the AOL environment. The following skills are reviewed or taught during your mentoring period:
Attaching files to mail
Announcing areas and communicating in the room
Keywords and giving directions to find keywords
Explaining how to find IMs
AAC Knowledge Database and AAC Resources

Time Requirement: Peer Tutors, once accepted into the program, will be required to attend a training session, spend a minimum of two weeks working with a mentor, submit all logs for review, and commit themselves to a minimum of 3 scheduled hours per week tutoring in the HHKids area.

Application: All applications will be subject to review by the Peer Tutoring Manager.

Please note that there are a lot of fun and rewarding things that occur during Peer Tutoring, but we do feel that it is important that you understand that there is a COMMITMENT involved, too!

With that said-- onto the fun stuff:
1. Help students from all over the world
2. Learn more about AOL and the AAC
3. Become friends with other tutors from all over the U.S.
4. Earn Community Service Hours.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Peer Tutoring Team

By Mrsanguine101 (Mrsanguine101) on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - 12:15 pm: Edit

Thanks for the input Smiley! bty, do you guys think that this is something that colleges would see as being equivalent to more traditional tutoring? I guess what i'm asking is if whether or not they'd be skeptical seeing as how it's online. Also, Smiley what's this "minimum of two weeks working with a mentor"?


Me1, I sent you the email

By Smiley (Smiley) on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - 06:13 pm: Edit

Mrsanquine, you're very welcome. :-) The 2 weeks of mentoring are no big deal... it really just means that in your first couple of weeks a more experienced tutor watches over your shoulder and guides you...

By Student8712 (Student8712) on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - 12:24 am: Edit

Also what is the training session? Do you actually go to a location or is it all online? I also wonder if colleges will be a little skeptical of this being online and not in person...does anyone have any input on this?

By Smiley (Smiley) on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - 01:00 am: Edit

Student, it is all online :-)

By Smiley (Smiley) on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - 01:00 am: Edit

Student, it is all online :-)

By Student8712 (Student8712) on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - 01:18 am: Edit

Great thanks smiley!

By Smiley (Smiley) on Thursday, July 17, 2003 - 07:25 pm: Edit

Bumping this up in hopes that we'll recruit some new peer tutors ;-)

By Gianscolere (Gianscolere) on Thursday, July 17, 2003 - 09:22 pm: Edit

I'd like to become a peer tutor, but I'm not 16 yet...too bad.

By Smiley (Smiley) on Friday, July 18, 2003 - 09:22 pm: Edit

When you turn 16, it'd be awesome if you want to sign up, Gian! (Unfortunately, they won't make exceptions... I tried to join younger)

By Firedup17 (Firedup17) on Saturday, July 19, 2003 - 12:21 am: Edit

I want to become a peer tutor, but I'm not a member of AOL :(

By Mrsanguine101 (Mrsanguine101) on Saturday, July 19, 2003 - 02:28 pm: Edit

Smiley, do they document how many hours you do?

By Smiley (Smiley) on Sunday, July 20, 2003 - 07:27 pm: Edit

Mrsanquine, each time you finish a shift (usually 1 or 2 hours), you post to a board the room in which you volunteered, the number of hours you spent, and your total hours. When you're in need of a letter of recommendation certifying what you've done, the peer manager will go through and check your posts. She'll then write a letter including your number of hours. :-)

By Andymcgav (Andymcgav) on Monday, July 21, 2003 - 08:40 pm: Edit

haha this wouldn't look good. It just shows that you can sit in front of a computer and type. haha.

By Mrsanguine101 (Mrsanguine101) on Monday, July 21, 2003 - 11:20 pm: Edit

Out of what part of the discussion above did you make the following inference?

"It just shows that you can sit in front of a computer and type."

lol @ you

By Smiley (Smiley) on Tuesday, July 22, 2003 - 09:37 pm: Edit

Not quite sure how to respond to Andy... I think that, if you were to try it, you'd find that it's a bit different from just sitting at a computer and typing on message boards or IM :-)

By Andymcgav (Andymcgav) on Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - 01:04 am: Edit

Sorry. But would adcoms know that? I was speaking as how an admissions officer might think. Otherwise Id be the biggest hypocrite in the world, I know.

By Smiley (Smiley) on Thursday, July 24, 2003 - 10:10 pm: Edit

S'ok, Andy... no offense taken. :-) I don't know either how they'd look upon it...

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