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By Jason (Jason) on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 02:13 am: Edit


I'm a student in my final year of high school in New Zealand, and I plan to apply to college in the US. I'm currently deciding which colleges to apply to, and I'd like your help if possible.

Let me describe the type of student I am: my primary interest is the maths and sciences, but I'm also interested in French, History, and possibly English, and I plan to take these sorts of courses in college.

Here is my current short list of colleges:

and possibly

Do you think these schools are right for me based on my academic interests? Are there any other colleges that you think might interest me? As you can see, I don't have any safety schools yet.

Secondly, what do you think my chances are at getting accepted into these sorts of colleges - here are my stats: (I know that this belongs in the "What are my chances?" area, but it's all related to I'll keep it in the same post).

Rank: 1 in a class of 120
Subjects: I'm sitting the IB diploma:
-English A (HL)
-Physics (HL)
-Chemistry (HL)
-Maths (HL)
-French B (SL)
-History (SL)

I don't know what my predicted score is, but I would guess that it would be about 42-44.

My grades are usually A's, but I do get the occasional B for History or French (we get grades four times a year). In NZ, the grades are usually lower, so a B is not as big a deal here as it is in the USA.

SATs: 1530 (M: 780, V: 750) - sat in December 2002, going to retake in November 2003
SATIIs: Writing: 800, Physics: 800 - I'm sitting Math IIC in October 2003. I'm a HL Maths student, so I'm expecting quite a good score.

Extracurricular Activities:
-I'm the co-leader of a group responsible for the management of a local reserve
-Member of my school's UNESCO club
-Bus monitor (I don't think I'll bother putting that one on my college app...)
-I tutor other students in Maths and Physics
-I write the occasional article, and co-ordinate layout for the school paper.
-I worked with 3 friends to create this computer game which we are about to sell online, giving all profits to charity
-I'm the chairperson of my school's "Environment Committee", which is basically a group of students who work with school management to improve the school environment and facilities

(Nothing really special there, I know, unfortunatly extra-curriculars aren't that big in New Zealand :( )

I've got the standard list of awards, especially subject awards given internally in my school (I got 6 last year), and some external compeitition awards in French, the sciences and Maths.

One more thing: although I live in New Zealand, I'm actually a US citizen, so technically I am not an international student. Do you think being a US citizen living abroad will give me an advantage in the admissions process?

I'd be greatly appreciative of any advice you could give me, and any suggestions for colleges I might like. Living in New Zealand, I don't really know much about the whole college admissions process. Thanks :)


To sum up, here are my questions:
1. Do you think the colleges I listed are appropriate for me based on my academic interests - i.e. are they OK for science-minded students who also like humanities?
2. What do you think my chances are of getting accepted at these colleges?
3. Are there any other colleges you could suggest? - specifically safety schools
4. Is living overseas going to be an advantage in the admissions process? Which 'region' am I going to be placed in during the admissions process? - I assume that I'll be in the same region as other New Zealanders, regardless of the fact that I am a US citizen?

By Uncchlocalmayor (Uncchlocalmayor) on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 02:28 am: Edit

1. yes.
2. very good.
3. Any public university will give you full scholarships--UCLA, Berkley, UVA, UNC, UMich.
4. yes, definitely--you will be a multi-cultural asset to ANY college here in the USA.

Yourlocalmayor c/o UNC 2006

By Amylase (Amylase) on Friday, July 11, 2003 - 02:28 am: Edit

1.Stanford, pomona for sciences and Harvard for English, french etc.

2. Extremely good

3. I doubt your need for safeties

4. Are you a U.S. Citizen? If yes you are probably not considered international or New Zealand student.

Addition Comment:
Another perfect guy, my stats sucks compare to yours. Perfect guys like you make me hopeless for college.

Kidding ya,

Good luck on you college hunt

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