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By Clangpants1 (Clangpants1) on Friday, July 04, 2003 - 07:16 pm: Edit

Hi, I am trying desperately to narrow down my college list, with little success. I am finding it hard to get subjective information that shows the strengths of these schools in engineering, specifically biomedical and chemical eng. The schools I can't find clear info on are:




If you know of any schools you can give a strong negative assessment in engineering or are not generally strong in the engineering field, please let me know. Thanks in advance

By Dromedary (Dromedary) on Friday, July 04, 2003 - 08:00 pm: Edit

Amherst: I don't think they even have engineering programs.

Dartmouth: Only has a generic major called "engineering." Look elsewhere.

Harvard: Surprisingly strong in engineering, given how small their program is.

Princeton: Probably the strongest engineering Ivy.

Williams: Not familiar.

Yale: I believe Yale considered abandoning their engineering department a while ago. What does that tell you? They don't rank very highly either.

The rest: Not familiar, but certainly none of them are renowned for engineering. In fact, I think some of them are probably like Amherst (no engineering offered).

By Luv (Luv) on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 02:05 am: Edit

maybe it denpends on which engineering programe you want to study ,for e.g JHU and duke have nice
biomedical engineering programme

By Bullrider7788 (Bullrider7788) on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 02:14 am: Edit

Dromedary, what are you talking about when you say Harvard is strong in Engineering?! Harvard has a TERRIBLE engineering program! I don't even think that they've cracked the Top 30 Engineering programs! And Clangpants, if you're going to be applying to engineering, I suggest that you replace Harvard and Yale on your list with Cornell and Berkely. Both of the schools I named have EXCELLENT engineering programs. Don't just think about prestige.

By Ariesathena (Ariesathena) on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 02:38 am: Edit

Clang: I already wrote to you on another post, but you asked a slightly different question here...

Harvard's engineering programme basically consists of sending students to MIT. Fall 2003 is the first time they will be offering a Ph.D. programme in electrical engineering.

If I am not mistaken, Williams does not have an engineering programme. BC may have one. BU has a large engineering programme... and they will give merit aid! There are six full scholarships for engineers that you can apply for in a competition of sorts.

Tufts does not offer biomedical engineering as a primary major; you must take another major with it. I graduated as a chemical engineer there... the programme is definitely good, quite challenging and rigorous. Tufts is excellent about incorporating student suggestion into the curriculum. For example, students a few years ago (class 2001) suggested that a separate course be taught for MathCAD, as it is needed in reactor design and process control. My junior year (fall 2001), the course was implemented. Tufts also has a biological engineering department (which is part of chem-e), which is excellent. Undergrads are able to work on projects with professors, in such areas as designing artificial ligaments or manufacturing spider silk.

The downside to the Tufts engineering school is that it is incredibly small - 173 undergrads graduated in May. While it does allow for phenomenal professor-student interaction, it limits the amount of courses which can be offered and the diversity of majors (Tufts does not have aeronautical, nuclear, or materials engineering as majors).

By Clangpants1 (Clangpants1) on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 10:45 am: Edit

Hey thanks for your help everyone, anyone know about brown, georgetown, or bc?

By Ryanl (Ryanl) on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 11:12 pm: Edit

Brown isn't known for its engineering but it does have a pretty decent biomedical engineering program. Don't think engineering is that popular there but on the up side, you won't have too much competition if you do it there.

By Dromedary (Dromedary) on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 11:54 pm: Edit

Harvard engineering ranked 27th in 2001 (I don't know about more recent years). Not too shabby given that they have just a few dozen undergrad engineers across all disciplines!

I don't think Harvard is terrible at ANYTHING. There's a reason the place is so highly regarded.

By Asknot11 (Asknot11) on Sunday, July 06, 2003 - 12:00 am: Edit

If you want a great engineering school go to either Cornell or the University of Illinois Urbana.

By Brown_Man (Brown_Man) on Sunday, July 06, 2003 - 03:07 am: Edit

"Brown isn't known for its engineering but it does have a pretty decent biomedical engineering program. Don't think engineering is that popular there but on the up side, you won't have too much competition if you do it there."

I agree! Not that many people major in engineering at Brown. but the courseload is pretty intense (every engineering major at every school is).
Also, Brown biomedical engineering is relatively new so its still on its way in establishing its reputation.
I believe three years ago, only 1 person graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering
(according to 1 of the professors).
Just a side note... facilities are new... professors are really intelligent..... and there are lots of research opportunities (both in the field of medicine and engineering).

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