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By Eridais54 (Eridais54) on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 07:18 pm: Edit

Does anybody know anything about Colby or Bodowin? I know they are small schools, but I heard they were good. What kind of stats would you need to get in? I have good grades and ECs but my SATs are only 1240 (going to retake). Do they place a lot of emphasis on these scores?
Thanks :)

By Rhino (Rhino) on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 07:27 pm: Edit

SATs are not required for admissin at Bowdoin; don't know about colby. Bowdoin looks for interesting kids-smart, great recs, and who will add something specific to campus-music, other arts, sport, alternative life perspective, foreign perspective, etc. Great sciences for women, too.

By Ziplocky (Ziplocky) on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 08:31 pm: Edit

Bowdoin and Bates do not require SAT scores for admissions. Middlebury, in VT, does not either, but they do require SAT II's.

Susquehanna University in PA does not require SAT scores, either, and they are a top school, too.

By Pisces (Pisces) on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 10:56 pm: Edit

I applied to both, but i really didnt know much about bowdoin- i would have visited if i didnt get into my top choice school. As for Colby, very small lac- i forget how many exactly but about 300/per class. Beautiful campus, but in a poor town. 1240 is okay as long as you have the grades (which you said you did) and some good sat II's. I applied mainly for sciences, they have their own science library and stuff (i think, it just seems so long ago now). i've heard its kinda a party school (for a lac). middle of nowhere. They have Janplan i think- which is pretty cool- it's intercession, you take one course. Bowdoin is definitely better in terms of, well, almost everything. better rep, better academics, more selective. unless you are remarkable though without sats, i would try to get a better score and submit it. Generally, anything 1300+ is worth submitting. hope this helps. good luck

By Usualsuspect140 (Usualsuspect140) on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 - 02:02 am: Edit

Got in Colby ED last year with a 3.77 weighted GPA (bad but from a reasonably well known private school that doesn't rank, plus i took hardest schedule), 1460 SATs, really good SAT IIs and pretty good journalism EC's. Personally I liked Colby much better than Bowdoin, thought the kids were a little more laid back and a little more into sports, plus I really liked Jan-Plan and the fact that Colby has a lot of international kids (10% of the school because of a grant that allows them to give huge scholarships to United World College kids). About 450 or so kids in each class at Colby, kids are really into the outdoors and supportive of school sports teams. If you've got any more questions about Colby, Bowdoin, or college admissions in general go ahead and email me at

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