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By Liz (Liz) on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 04:22 pm: Edit

I took both and was the school winner for the AMC
109 - AMC
1 - AIME
I know neither score is fantastic, on college apps should I just say "AIME qualifier and school winner" or list the scores?

By Texas137 (Texas137) on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 04:25 pm: Edit

Unless they ask for your scores on the application (MIT and Caltech do), I would just put "AIME qualifier and AMC-12 school winner"

By Liz (Liz) on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 04:29 pm: Edit

ok thanks, that's kind of what I was leaning towards. Yeah, I'm not applying to MIT/ fact I'm really more of a liberal arts person.

By Texas137 (Texas137) on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 04:33 pm: Edit

those scores are pretty darn good if math isn't really your thing.

By Liz (Liz) on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 04:40 pm: Edit

I like's fun...but what I'm really interested in latin and greek, which I guess take the same sort of reasoning skills. The thing I liked about things like AMC and AIME was that it gives you the opportunity to combine analytical reasoning skills with creativity, you're not just mindlessly plugging numbers, you know?

By Ndhawk (Ndhawk) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 02:11 pm: Edit

Mine aren't great either.....115 and 4, but I was the aime school winner too so i'll put that, that was my junior year scores, although i forget when the scores come back, but you might be able to put senior year if its before january or february, or you could forward it to the adcoms after your app is in if you get your senior scores back later.

By Dwayne_Hoover (Dwayne_Hoover) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 03:18 pm: Edit

most of math isn't mindlessly plugging in fact the only part of math tha tis that is some statistics.

Calculus, Trig, even most of algebra is not plugging in numbers...

By Jimjunior (Jimjunior) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 04:50 pm: Edit

I love those two tests, they are all about figuring out HOW to do the problems, not number crunching or heavy factoring or something. I scored a 139.5 and a 7. Just missed the usamo, but I got another year to go for that

By Dwayne_Hoover (Dwayne_Hoover) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 05:24 pm: Edit

Anybody know some sites for practicing for the AMC..

i scored a 97 this year on the amc12 as a sophomore--I really like math, and i love calculus but i feel i could be a better problem solver fo rthese types of problem sets (AMC, AIME)

By Chrisy (Chrisy) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 06:41 pm: Edit

don't list the scores

By Asdf_1_3 (Asdf_1_3) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 08:06 pm: Edit

What level math is needed for the AMC 12? Does it help a lot if you know calculus?

By Texas137 (Texas137) on Saturday, May 24, 2003 - 08:38 pm: Edit

The AMC exams, up to and including the international olympiad, are all based on pre-calculus mathematics. A good book to prepare for these kinds of exams is available at:

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