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Discus: College Admissions: 2002 - 2003 Archive: May 2003 Archive: NEED HELP FOR TRANSFER ! HELP!
By Gogirl (Gogirl) on Friday, May 02, 2003 - 08:13 am: Edit

Post away all you know about transfer;
how feasible is it,any stats regarding acceptance rate,what the admissions office looks for ;is it better to apply as freshman or transfer,info about transfer to elite schools.

Thanks for your help!

By Gsh (Gsh) on Friday, May 02, 2003 - 10:40 am: Edit

I personally think if you have good stats to apply as a freshman, DO IT! Transferring is like goign through HELL! I came to the US almost 2 years ago after graduating from high school with my GPA 3.9. I started going to a junior college and I am a biology major. I am a sophomore now and I have applied to NYU,cornell, U. of Rochester, and Johns Hopkins. I am recently accepted to NYU and UR and have not heard fropm the others yet, but the thing about me is that I adapted to the new environment really fast; my college GPA is 4.0, and I play the piano, and I had great recommendations.
Cutting it short, if you transfer you will have chances but you will hear from each school in a different time and they usually specify a three week deadline that makes you crazy. Besides there is always a bias toward junior colleges(if you want to go there). I am one of the successful transfers but if I could have applied as a freshamn I would DEFINITELY do it. However, if money is a problem, then transferring is a good option.

By Gogirl (Gogirl) on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 08:35 am: Edit


Thanks for the info.
I am an international student fromIndia.
Going to Illinois Institute of technology to major in engineering.

If I am in an American University ,then isn't it imperative that I have to tranfer.
Honestly,Freshman looks a lot less complicated.
My stats are:

Rank is 1/120
Good ECs.
Good Recommendations from school.

What do you suggest?
Congrats on NYU &Rochester.
Know anything about transfer stats to Cornell?

By Grohl (Grohl) on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 04:57 pm: Edit

Hi everybody...

Anyone heard from MIT Transfer admissions?? They said decisions should be out in 'early May'.

By Gogirl (Gogirl) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 09:27 am: Edit

Bump:People I need advice.

By Anisociafrk (Anisociafrk) on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 08:42 pm: Edit

i need advice too , ne1???

By Gogirl (Gogirl) on Monday, May 05, 2003 - 11:45 am: Edit


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