Yale and stanford questons

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By Hiphop (Hiphop) on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 - 09:01 pm: Edit

I have a couple questions.

- If you are African-American and your kid gets into Yale, do whatever
you can to send him or her. Krueger and Dale found that black students
get a bigger financial bang from a top-tier school. There is also
some evidence that the same applies to students from economically
disadvantaged backgrounds generally.
This quote is part of a newspaper article I found on the web.
Does this apply for Stanford also? If a black student gets into Yale
and Stanford, then according to this article, shoud the the black
attend Yale?

- yale = more connections/opportunities? probably. I asked someone and that
was his response. Is this true?
if one goes to yale, one will be able to network with those old-money
Is this true?
If so, would one be able to cement such connections in the law school, or
business school as in the undergrad?

- i got into yale and stanford.. if i'm worried about making connex,
then should I choose Yale over Stanford becuase it has more old-money
types, and i'll be able to get more finance interships at Yale than I
would at Stanford?

- If i'm worried about making connex,
then should I choose Yale over Stanford becuase it has more old-money

- and when it comes to getting a consulting or i-banking job,the top
firms recruit at Stanford just as hard as they do at yale. This is
what someone told me. Is this true?
- Would an African American have more connections, networking available
at Yale or Stanford?
- Would an African American be more high sought after coming from Yale
over Stanford?

By Spamchang (Spamchang) on Thursday, May 01, 2003 - 05:49 pm: Edit

stanford puts out great i-banking grads, and from what i hear we get recruited pretty hard.

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