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By Buddnutz (Buddnutz) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 09:34 pm: Edit

Anyone know what the largest colleges are in terms of enrollment and/or campus size? Just wondering...

By Brandnew (Brandnew) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 09:50 pm: Edit

I'm going to UCLA...I think that has the most enrollment out of any school in the nation

over 35+k total enrollment...about 25k of which are undergrads. however, it has the smallest campus in the UC system, 400 something acres.

By Medusa2003 (Medusa2003) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 10:10 pm: Edit

The University of Texas - Austin has a 50,000 + enrollment. 39,000 undergrads and 11,000 grad students.

By Drusba (Drusba) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 10:20 pm: Edit

Here in Illinois, UIUC has about 40,000 students total, 29.000 undergrad, and 1454 acres. It palls in comparison to Ohio State which has about 50,000 total with 39,000 undergrads and 3411 acres. Texas squeezes about the same number of students as Ohio State into 350 acres. Not sure which school actually has largest sized campus but University of the South with only about 1500 students has 10,000 acres (the buildings occupy only about 1900).

By Seleucus26 (Seleucus26) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 10:28 pm: Edit

Penn state has 34,000 undergrad

By Lamom (Lamom) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 10:59 pm: Edit

Fiske says ASU is larger than UCLA but I think they are counting all the campuses. UCLA seemed larger when we visited.

By Buddnutz (Buddnutz) on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 - 11:09 pm: Edit

Yeah im not sure either. I know UCF has (central florida) has 42,000 with about 7000 grad students. UF has 48000 students and it says its the 4th largest in the nation w/ about 2000 acres, i know its a couple miles across. 10,000 at U of So, wow

By Kk19131 (Kk19131) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 12:07 am: Edit

Illinois: Enrollment: 36,738
Indiana: Enrollment: 38,903
Iowa: Enrollment: 28,705
Michigan: Enrollment: 37,197
Michigan State: Enrollment: 43,159
Minnesota: Enrollment: 45,361
Northwestern: Enrollment: 7,400 (undergraduates)
Ohio State: Enrollment: 54,989
Penn State: Enrollment: 40,571
Purdue: Enrollment: 37,871
Wisconsin: Enrollment: 41,219

By Icarus (Icarus) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 12:13 am: Edit

these are slightly old numbers (1999), but check it out

By Kyle8744 (Kyle8744) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:22 pm: Edit

it boggles my mind that purdue has so many students. when i visited, the campus just *felt* small and *seemed* small.

wisconsin, however, feels huge. the campus felt more like a small metropolis than a college campus. maybe because i got the impression that it was laid out more like a city with roads, intersections etc than a traditional campus with lots of quads and such.

By Confused86 (Confused86) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:26 pm: Edit

well cornell is huge for an ivy, partly because it is funded by the state

By Bunmushroom (Bunmushroom) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:42 pm: Edit

University of Texas is the largest in population I think.
Stanford is the largest campus, close to 9000 acres. But the actuall area you use as a student is not that big because a big portion of the 9000 is a state nature preserve, a golf coarse, and rolling hills and forests.

By Barrons (Barrons) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:45 pm: Edit

Wisconsin does not need quads to make it nice--it has a mile of lakefront that is mostly in a natural state. It will keep you in shape.

By Jamimom (Jamimom) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 08:54 pm: Edit

I still remember visiting Ohio State. The size of it really awed me. I was used to smaller colleges and more of the traditional out in the boonie campuses. To see a campus this size so near a fairly major city really was amazing to me. And all of the shuttle buses. A city within a city.

By Drusba (Drusba) on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 10:49 pm: Edit

With only about 1900 students, the college with the largest campus size is Berry College in Georgia: 28,000 acres.

By Nigist (Nigist) on Saturday, June 12, 2004 - 12:59 am: Edit

Stanford has second biggest campus in the world next to Moskow university. A lot of it is land though :)

By Eyesclozedtight (Eyesclozedtight) on Saturday, June 12, 2004 - 02:18 pm: Edit

i'm pretty sure UCLA is not the smallest acre per acre in the UC system. it does have high enrollment, but i think schools like UCI and UCR are much smaller. however, i can't be sure. the largest UC acre per acre is davis, where i'm going!

By Mahajan2005 (Mahajan2005) on Saturday, June 12, 2004 - 03:42 pm: Edit

areawise i think it is a&m


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