Wanted: Some safety school suggestions

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Discus: College Search and Selection: June 2004 Archive: Wanted: Some safety school suggestions
By Miakulpa (Miakulpa) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 01:29 pm: Edit

Me: Male white west coast junior
GPA: 3.99 hardest courses avail, 5 APs, 2 Honors so far
Eventually: career in medicine
Scores: 1550 800 v 750 m
800 physics, 800 biology-M, 800 chemistry, 800 world history, 800 Math IIC, 800 english lang, 760 german, 700 french, 760 spanish
ECs: varsity tennis, varsity swimming, volunteer work with disabled, a state science award, independent science research, first author scientific publication in small but peer-reviewed journal

My safety: I prefer cool or cold weather so keep me out of the deep south. The best academics with friendly people. City or country are fine as long as there are vibrant people around. I want to major in the natural sciences, but MAY want to minor in the classics. I have my college list already, but there are no safeties on it.

By Voigtrob (Voigtrob) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 01:35 pm: Edit


By Miakulpa (Miakulpa) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 01:42 pm: Edit

Hmmm. Good thought.

By Alan5 (Alan5) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 01:48 pm: Edit


By Snuffles (Snuffles) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 01:55 pm: Edit

Although this applicant is very strong, there is a possibility that he may still get rejected. Tufts is known to be rather random in its selection, not necessarily because of the fictitious "Tufts syndrome", but instead just because they can.

By Noodleman (Noodleman) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 02:30 pm: Edit

Cornell? NYU?

Please don't yell at me for giving these as safeties. I got into both with lesser stats.

JHU (Not deep south, just south!)

By Madness (Madness) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 02:33 pm: Edit

bates & colby. known as "selective LAC's" but, trust me, they're not. lots of kids with like 1350ish SATs get in from my school.

By Barrons (Barrons) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 02:34 pm: Edit

Northwestern, Chicago, Wash U

By Stampede (Stampede) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 02:44 pm: Edit

I think some of you forget what it means to be a safety. It means there's pretty much a GUARANTEE to getting in.

Northwestern, Chicago, Tufts, Wash U, Hopkins, Vassar, Cornell...

Guys, try again. NO candidate (however, strong - aside from non academic reasons) is gauranteed admission into the universities listed above. Put it this way: if you only applied to ONE university and therefore your education directly depends on getting into that one school, can you honestly sleep restfully after having selected just ONE of the above? If you won't bet your way of life on it, then don't call it a safety.

By Miakulpa (Miakulpa) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 02:53 pm: Edit

Washington U is on my list as a match. Maybe I don't really need to search too far for a safety. If I have enough match schools on my list, I might be okay. I could put my state school (University of Washington) down as my sole safety, but I was hoping to venture farther afield.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm happy to hear more.

By Newo54 (Newo54) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 03:17 pm: Edit

If you don't mind large publics (if you're considering University of Washington, I'm guessing you don't), Michigan, Wisconsin, and maybe Illinois all make good safeties. And really, University of Washington does too, but isn't getting away from home what college is all about?

By Miakulpa (Miakulpa) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 04:39 pm: Edit

Hey Newo54, I see you're from TN. What's Nashville like? I'm considering Vanderbilt as a college choice, but I haven't visited. I understand they have a new BA/MD program, and I'd be interested.
What's the weather like? People friendly? Things to do outside of Nashville? I like the out of doors.

By Barrons (Barrons) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 04:58 pm: Edit

I would be pretty comfortable applying to Wash U, Chicago, and Northwestern from Washington state with those stats.

By Carolyn (Carolyn) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 07:22 pm: Edit

Carleton, Oberlin, Grinnell.

By Oldman (Oldman) on Friday, June 04, 2004 - 09:51 pm: Edit

My son applied to Georgia as a safety...good honors program, good weather, merit money in abundance, great spirit...from his class of 270 there will be 5 of the top 15 going. Also consider Michigan,Texas,Wake,Penn State......all decent schools that you should get into.

By Kevin720 (Kevin720) on Saturday, June 05, 2004 - 12:14 am: Edit

Miakulpa --with your stats, I think any school not in the TOP 20 can be considered safety schools. Just pick a whichever of them you like based on location, weather, etc. and your other criteria.

Good job in high school man, your stats are impressive. Best of luck.

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