UCLA or CSU Long Beach: I'm transferring in 2 years to Art C

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Discus: College Search and Selection: April 2004 Archive: UCLA or CSU Long Beach: I'm transferring in 2 years to Art C
By Moooimagrape (Moooimagrape) on Monday, April 19, 2004 - 10:52 pm: Edit

Help me please.

I'm seriously lost here and I have about 2 weeks to decide.

I got into UCLA's Design|Media Arts program with, so far, no financial aid. As for CSULB, I recieved full tuition, housing, food, the works.

My plan is to finish as many GEs as I can in two years and attend ArtCenter at night to finish my product design portfolio before applying and transferring to ArtCenter in Pasadena (I'm pretty confident about getting in). Only GE credit is transferable, no art courses (they're picky like that)XP. I LOVE UCLA (the campus, Westwood) and I would go there in a heartbeat EXCEPT that my family has financial trouble right now and paying for six years of school is not something we're looking forward to.

SO, what do I do here? Help on:

UCLA: Advice on financial aid, info on how easy it is to get classes, Design|Media Arts Program (what's it like)
CSULB: "I love CSULB" stories or tales of horror, campus life, what's there to do in Long Beach anyway? and I'm NOT a party person
Art Center students: what does it take to get in?

(Right now, I'm leaning towards Long Beach because, hey, its just 2 years)

Anything would be helpful guys.

By Ocliberal (Ocliberal) on Monday, April 19, 2004 - 11:39 pm: Edit

Go to UCLA. You never know what you'll end up doing in 2 years.

By Rana (Rana) on Monday, April 19, 2004 - 11:59 pm: Edit

You know what they say about counting your chickens...?

Why are you so confident about getting into AC in two years?

Of the two art programs (CSULB vs. UCLA), which one is the one you would rather stay at for four years (just in case)? Which school is the most inspiring to you? If the choice is UCLA then go there (there are always student loans, and if things are REALLY that tight for you then you probably qualify for other fin aid, such as work-study, Pell grants, Cal grants, misc. scholarshisps, etc.), if your choice is LB, then you have the comfort of knowing money won't really be an issue for you.

You really ought to pick the school that is best for you over-all; not for just two years, but for the next four. If you get into AC in two, then fantastic; but in case you don't, you won't be left hanging...

By Greenmoo04 (Greenmoo04) on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 - 12:08 am: Edit

If you're really intent on going to UCLA, but can't afford to, look into changing your admission offer to a guaranteed transfer offer. They might even pay for your community college- plus, you're guaranteed a spot at UCLA, at a fraction of the cost.

By Mattca (Mattca) on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 - 03:45 am: Edit

I'm planning on applying to those same 3 schools for next year too. Some things you might want to think about...

If you want to go to school for 4 only years and you really like UCLA, couldn't you just go there for two years, get your GE requirements out of the way, and then go to Art Center for a couple years (or maybe it's longer than that if you're a transfer)? I always hear about how rigorous Art Center is, and that really might be true, but as far as the admissions process...they accept almost 2/3 of the people who apply there. That doesn't seem extremely competitive. So yeah, considering you got into UCLA's design/media program, I don't think getting into the Art Center will be too tough. Plus, they have rolling admissions. Even if your portfolio isn't accepted the first time around, there's nothing preventing you from working on it for a couple of months and then trying again.

And like the above poster said, there's always community college. You can get you're GE in a couple years, and it's much, much cheaper.


By Sodasundae (Sodasundae) on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 - 07:38 pm: Edit

if you're going to have trouble financially attending UCLA, how are you going to afford Art Center? The cost of tuition plus art supplies will probably kill you. If I were you and really intent on going to Art Center, I'd take the free ride at Long Beach.

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