To the Brownalumn haters!!

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Discus: College Search and Selection: April 2004 Archive: To the Brownalumn haters!!
By Subtrunks (Subtrunks) on Saturday, April 03, 2004 - 06:25 am: Edit

I also have this (in better context) in the post called "Brownalumn?"

Damm why do you all hagve to gang up on Brownalum. He is somewhat biased towards Yale and what? We all have our preferences. He is entitled to his opinion and seems very knowledgeable on the subjects on which he writes. As his own ranking states he put Caltech before Yale. Granted HE would prefer to attend or have attended Yale given the opportunity of chosing from Caltech or Yale. I asked for a ranking on overall education and grad school placement. The grad school placement is quantitative and the quality is qualitative. I understand that. If I just asked the very subjective question of which is the best college in America? I would expect to hear Yale from him because he likes New Haven and he really believes in the school. That is also why you can't trust Rankings like US News. To some extent yes they can be relied on to put schools in "tiers" per say. But the difference between 1-5 is negligeble, between 5-10 insignificant, and 10-15 minor. I wanted his opinion because apparently he knows alot the subject. Knowing he has a preferance for Yale and that is just one school out of the 20, I can safely say that his rankings are not skewed. Yale belongs in the top 5 and he decides to place it in 1 or 5 that is fine because I'am my own thinking entity and I can take into account while looking at his rankings. I find no need to argue with him or percentages, or the fact that
XYZ University is "more" selective. All top schools can only admit a certian number of kids and the populations of studens in the US are exponentialy growing (by the way this is not a fact but a perceieved notion so I don't want to recieve a post argueing the fact that the population of college bound kids is growing geometrically or linearly). Of coarse admit rates are droping to low firgures. So lets say for example that California being one of the places where the expansion is really taking place has a school named Stanford. Just by distance difusion more (new)kids are going to apply to Stanford than lets say Princeton. The NE has not been as affected by the current population trends. So if inicially both schools had the same admitance rates then afterward Stanford is goign to look more selective. Standford will just have more rejects because esentially the person admited to Princeton will be admitted to Stanford. The quality of student will be the same. Well because of the above said things there is also regional preferance and if you look at any top school (for the most part) ..most enrolling students willl be from the home state. In areas like New Englad you would have to keep to region since there are so many great schools with in a radius 300 miles. That atleast covers 5 states.

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