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Discus: College Search and Selection: April 2004 Archive: Pitt vs. UConn
By Slz1241 (Slz1241) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 07:41 pm: Edit

I'm thinking about pre-med, pre-PT something along those lines. Which school would be better for my intended majors and which school has a better social life? Cost is pretty much equal at both since I'm out of state. Any thoughts? Thanks

By Xyz155 (Xyz155) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 08:16 pm: Edit

Both are really good schools. I almost went to Pitt and my mom is a Uconn alumni and I thought about going there too. However, Pitt is definatly better for pre-med. I believe there are 7 hospitals right next to the campus alone while Uconn is in the middle of nowhere. Both have an awesome social life.

By Oceanblue52 (Oceanblue52) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 08:37 pm: Edit

Pitt is definitley the place to go for Pre-Med. UPMC is well known, and there's supposidly lots of oppourtunities for research. Pittsburgh's not a bad town, as long as you dont mind constant overcastness.

By Iflyjets (Iflyjets) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 09:45 pm: Edit

What interaction do undergrads have with the med school at either location (have you checked out the UConn med school yet)? Also, do the schools list any information on acceptance rates and placements? Finally, $$$$...are you in-state for UConn or will you receive $$$from Pitt? Either place should ulitmately get you to med school...just do well on the Medcats and on your GPA.

By Slz1241 (Slz1241) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 10:41 pm: Edit

I think I'm gonna be doing Pre-PT, but as far as I know you don't actually interact with the health schools until grad school. I won't recieve $$$ from either and am out of state for both. I've seen both campuses and like them both alot, but Pitt is pretty far...
XYZ what turned you away from Pitt?

By Jamimom (Jamimom) on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 11:33 pm: Edit

The biggest problem with Pitt is that it is primarily a commuter, suitcase school with basically no campus. So though you are in Oakland which is an active part of Pittsburgh, many of your classmates disappear for the weekend because so many of them have lives in their old communities that they are continuing. Not a problem if you are from Pittsburgh, but could be if you are from out of state. And because of this situation, Pitt does not have as many activities and stuff going on as some schools like UConn do to entertain those staying on campus. They rely on the city to do this.

UConn like most flagship state universities is an amusement park for college students. Because there are so many kids in the dorms there and staying there full time, they have all kinds of thing for them to do. Lots of activities, lots of stuff right on campus because it cannot depend on the town to provide all of the amenties.

By Xyz155 (Xyz155) on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 11:39 pm: Edit

Jamimom you are descibing Pitt a decade ago. It is absolutely not a commuter school at all anymore. Tons are kids are there every weekend and it is just like any other flagship state university. They are even building more dorms because there is such a demand for students that want to live on campus. I wouldn't say that I was turned away from Pitt, I really did love the place but Penn State was a much better fit for me. It was ranked much higher for business and had a major that Pitt did not offer. Although I was not bothered by Pitt's somewhat urban campus I really wanted a rural school badly. I am so sick of Philadelphia and anything urban at the moment, I felt like it would be a once in a life time opportunity to live somewhere rural and peaceful for 4 years. Does that make any sense?

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