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Discus: College Search and Selection: September 2003 Archive: Post your final list
By Delfin (Delfin) on Friday, August 22, 2003 - 10:24 pm: Edit

After much exhausting research, here's my final list in order from reaches to safeties:

1) Case Western Reserve University
2) University of Texas at Austin
3) University of the Pacific
4) Butler University
5) Gannon University
6) University of Arizona

For everyone else that has their final list, aren't you guys glad that the search is over and all we have to concentrate on is applying? (well, and testing too...)

By T2opine (T2opine) on Friday, August 22, 2003 - 11:38 pm: Edit

This is my final list, from first to last choice:

1)Duquesne University
2)University of Miami
3)Fordham University
4)Creighton University
5)Penn State University

I'm soooo glad that all I really have to worry about now is testing.

By Spiffybrownboy (Spiffybrownboy) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 12:04 am: Edit

Not quite final...

1. JHU (possibly ED after I visit, and NOT pre-med. neuroscience... no intention of pursuing medicine)
2. Emory
3. Tufts (i might take this out cuz of their stupid language requirement)
4. U. of Chicago (EA)

1. U. of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2. U. of Wisconsin - Madison
3. Boston U.

Safety-Matches (they would definitely be safeties if I were in-state, but since I'm out-of-state, I don't want to take a chance)
1. U of Minnesota - Twin Cities (honors, i hope)
2. U. of Pittsburgh (honors, i hope)

1. Rutgers U. (honors if they have it
2. The College of N.J. (honors if they have it)

All I ask is to get into either Michigan, Wisconsin, or one of my reaches. Just ONE of those schools and I will jump for joy!

ta da! yes, i will be going nuts.

By Freak4korn72 (Freak4korn72) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 12:59 am: Edit

Super Reach:
MIT (never getting in seeings how I havent and wont take the SAT 2)

Stanford (Im gonna apply just to see if I could get into an Ivy League school)
U. Penn

Purdue engineering (just because its engineering)

Worcestor Polytechnic Institute
University of Dayton

By Bitz (Bitz) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 02:49 am: Edit


Pomona College

Carnegie Mellon

I find it funny the the previous poster but the Ivy League comment next to a non-Ivy school even though there was an Ivy directly under it. Also, Freak4Korn72, why even waste the fee on MIT when you aren't going to take the required tests???

By Heartfang (Heartfang) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 02:55 am: Edit

You got your final list done already???!!!

Me, my final list probably won't get done until I see how that ED at Princeton turns out... But I have a most-probable-schools list.

By Soulofheaven8 (Soulofheaven8) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 08:45 am: Edit

My list, as of 8/23:

Columbia University (ED)
Cornell University

Vassar College
New York University
Colgate University

Boston University

By Freak4korn72 (Freak4korn72) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 10:19 am: Edit

Im not applying to MIT. I would if I had the SAT 2's, but I dont and wont take them, so therefore im not applying

By Freak4korn72 (Freak4korn72) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 11:00 am: Edit

Oh wow.. wrong one with the Ivy League next to it. Oh well, get over it.

By Emma (Emma) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 11:46 am: Edit


In England: Bristol, Nottingham, York (and nooooo idea about the last three)

By Muzicgal04 (Muzicgal04) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 02:18 pm: Edit

Reaches: Brown, UPenn
Matches: Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Macalester, Wellesley, University of Michigan (hopefully honors)
Safeties: Miami of Ohio, OSU, University of Rochester

By Quagmire (Quagmire) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 03:04 pm: Edit

Reaches: Stanford, MIT, Caltech
Matches: CMU, GIT, University of Wisconsin
Safeties: Universtiy of Oklahoma, University of

By Ooga (Ooga) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 03:19 pm: Edit

As of 8/24





all for east asian studies/int. pol. econ.

By Xyz155 (Xyz155) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 04:17 pm: Edit

Not too sure how selective any of these schools really are but these are my guesses...
Penn State University Park
SUNY- Binghamton

University of Pittsburgh
University of Connecticut

Indiana University-Bloomington
Michigan State University

By Becks777 (Becks777) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 08:46 pm: Edit

Good thing i dont see any UCs here......lesser the no of people apply the greater is the chance for people like me to get in....

By Fonzie (Fonzie) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 09:52 pm: Edit

All 15 of my brothers and I are applying to the same schools:

UC- Berk

We all have 4.0s and 1600s

By Spiffybrownboy (Spiffybrownboy) on Sunday, August 24, 2003 - 11:45 pm: Edit

Ahhh Fonzie, you forgot the 800's on FIVE SAT II subject tests; they count double! I'm sure you and your brothers have them as well. :)

By Noshiksagoddess (Noshiksagoddess) on Monday, August 25, 2003 - 02:44 am: Edit

What may or may not be my final list (safeties to matches):

Sarah Lawrence
Carnegie Mellon

By Evil_Robot (Evil_Robot) on Monday, August 25, 2003 - 02:57 am: Edit

(From hardest to easiest)

Reaches -
Yale EA

Matches -
Carnegie Mellon
Harvey Mudd

Safety -

By Rocksolid4 (Rocksolid4) on Monday, August 25, 2003 - 08:56 pm: Edit

In order of preference:


anyone have any suggestions to add to this list?

By Becks777 (Becks777) on Monday, August 25, 2003 - 09:26 pm: Edit

16*20000- geez! thats a lot of money for college man!!..why dont u and your bros open up some kind of a business and forget about the UCs........just kiddin
anyways here's my list
Washu in stl

U of illinois at Urbana Champaign
Saint louis university
Uc Sandiego

UC davis, irvine
u of missouri at columbia

By Goneinfivemin (Goneinfivemin) on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - 11:17 pm: Edit

Northwestern (?)
Iowa State
University of Houston (?)

By Ihatesns11 (Ihatesns11) on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - 11:32 pm: Edit

You people have such small lists! Mine is (in no particular order):

Carnegie Mellon
U. Chicago
George Washington
U. Rochester
Wash. U. in St. Louis
Case Western

I need to take out 3... I can't decide! Any suggestions?

By Misa3 (Misa3) on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - 11:45 pm: Edit list is..

Columbia SEAS
Cornell University
Carnegie Mellon
Northwestern(still deciding)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology
Polytechnic University

By Bnp182 (Bnp182) on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - 12:04 am: Edit

well...still have to cut a few


By Sunshine916 (Sunshine916) on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - 06:35 pm: Edit

holy moly!

16 schools including the WHOLE IVY LEAGUE. theres something odd about that...eek i would die.

By Bnp182 (Bnp182) on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - 08:30 pm: Edit

Ya...but I worked on everything a considerable bit over the summer. All I have left is a few essays and the teacher/counselor recs. I guess it takes a lot of pressure off knowing I have done a good ammount of the labor already. Also, I have a question. I have heard that the Ivys send the decisions out all on the same day, so does this mean I will get 8 envelopes in my mailbox at once. would suck to get REJECTED by all of them

By Kewkiekid (Kewkiekid) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 04:18 am: Edit

this is much more of a "these are the schools i think i want to apply to" than a final list, but here goes: (in no order at all, "?" denotes really unsure)

George Washington U.
UCR Honors College
USC (?)
St. John's
U. Puget Sound
Pitzer (?)
U. Boston
Cornell (?)

By Ziplocky (Ziplocky) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 07:23 am: Edit

Hardest to Easiest


PSU Schreyers

U.Pitt Honors (shoe-in, gov school ties)
Lehigh/Lafayette (dunno which)

By Soozievt (Soozievt) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 09:41 am: Edit asked if anyone had suggestions to add to your list...

That is hard as I do not know anything about your college criteria and preferences, nor your credentials. However, even if you are the most exceptional candidate, I see a lot of very competitive schools on your list, many that would be considered reaches for ANYONE given the state of admissions these days at those schools. A couple might be considered matches on your list. I would add at least one safety school, that need not be a real easy school, but just easier than the others on your list, yet still a very good college. Think about it. I have a senior also applying to some very competitive schools, and while I do believe she has the credentials to be in that applicant pool, there is no way to count on being admitted and she does have two safety schools on her list which are not that easy to get into either but easier than the other schools which are schools that nobody can be assured of admittance to. So, think about it...that is my suggestion without knowing much about you.

Good luck!

By Rosiebabe5 (Rosiebabe5) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 12:10 pm: Edit

Becks, do you live in St. Louis?

By Chasgoose (Chasgoose) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 01:01 pm: Edit

Yale EA



Vassar (i am a boy and my mom went there)

This all depends on if I get into Yale EA or not. If I get in I might apply to Rice and/or UChicago because Rice is already cheaper than every other college on my list and I might get some merit aid from both of those schools.

By Seventoedsloth (Seventoedsloth) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 03:47 pm: Edit

Cornell(closer to a match)


CMU Engineering

By Jamimom (Jamimom) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 10:16 am: Edit

Wow, great lists. You are all very impressive. The selections show alot of thought and research. Only suggestion I have for some of you is to add a true safety school. That is often the hardest to do. CMU, JHU, Wash U are not true safety schools. Also, I always recommend a financial safety--many times that can be rolled into one application by applying to your state school system. I say this because ever so much can happen between November and May. You have nothing to lose adding one more app, especially to a school that may only require a one pager. You already have essays anyways, or have already completed the common ap. It's nice to have a school truly in your pocket if things just don't work out financially, academically, and selectively. Two kids I knew very well, really were hurt by neglecting to do this. Yes, they recovered but they did go through some unnecessary pain. One has a father who unexplicitly just refused to pay the tuition after a lifetime of assurances that he would. Another had some problems senior year that hurt his chances at all of his selective choices but would not have affected a true safety school. Both scrambled at the last minute to find a school to take them and it was not pleasant.
Good luck to all of you.

By Mazzo (Mazzo) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 11:16 am: Edit

Final List after A LOT of consideration:


Loyola College in MD (legacy)
St. Mary's College in MD
Goucher College

no matches!!!!! hmmm maybe i should rethink this???

By Mike (Mike) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 11:38 am: Edit

I am sure about 3

Puget SOund-s/m
U of Oregon-ss

1 or 2 of

Bates- m
U of Vermont-s/m

1 or 2

Gustavus Adolphus-s

1 or 2

U of the Pacific-s
Pacific Lutheran-s

By Rocksolid4 (Rocksolid4) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 02:13 pm: Edit

Soozievt, which two safeties did your child apply to? I've added Georgetown, Emory and CMU to my list, but they aren't safeties.

By Rocksolid4 (Rocksolid4) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 03:24 pm: Edit

Tulane? Wake Forest? William and Mary? Lehigh?

By Heyheyhoho (Heyheyhoho) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 04:13 pm: Edit

In a rough order of preference:


By Jamimom (Jamimom) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 04:17 pm: Edit

Hello Mazzo,
How about Villanova,Lehigh, Lafayette, Colgate, Bucknel, William and Mary, Colby, Franklin and Marshall, Holy Cross, Boston College,Wake Forest, as some matches. Don't know your stats, so am just guessing by squeezing in some schools with selectivity less than your reaches and more than your safeties. Also don't know what you are looking for, but just want to give you some ideas. Have fun looking.

By Jnorsky18 (Jnorsky18) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 04:38 pm: Edit

by preference:


university of miami
gw university

By Baltodad (Baltodad) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 05:50 pm: Edit

JHU, Carnegie Mellon, and UNC-CH as SAFETIES?!

Let's not get overconfident. (I could have used less polite terms.)

By Seventoedsloth (Seventoedsloth) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 08:26 pm: Edit

I used Carnegie Mellon's Engineering School as a safety because I have some connections and it is pretty much a sure thing. UNC-CH is definately a safety especially for someone living in North Carolina. I dont know about JHU I heard it is pretty hard to get into.

By Soozievt (Soozievt) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 10:36 pm: Edit answer you...obviously one person's safeties are not another's. Though, I do agree with what another said about places like CMU or JHU not being safeties for anyone. My daughter's safety schools are not ones that are that easy to get into but are definitely a better odds than the other schools on her list. The important thing is she really really liked these schools and would not feel badly to attend them at all. Visited them and they would be fine to go to. That is important. A safety school should still meet many criteria you have in a college and be a school you could see yourself attending as you might go there.

That said, the two schools on her list that are not quite as challenging to be admitted to are Connecticut College and Lehigh. NOT easy to get in but for her profile, I think she stands a very good chance at either. One school she added that really interests her sort of borders on match, slightly to the end of safety in that I think she has a strong chance of admittance, and that school is Smith. None of these schools are true compromises, but they are not as impossible to get into as some on her list, no matter how wonderful a kid she is (lol...she IS my daughter afterall so I can say that!). But as you know, top tier school admissions is a little luck as it is a crapshoot to some extent. Huge amounts of perfectly qualified candidates do not get admitted. I think, however, if you have the right stuff so to speak, and you apply to a decent assortment of good schools, with some easier than others, you will get in somewhere! Let's all hope so. Anyway, make sure you find some matches and safety schools that you truly like. Still shoot for your dreams but be realistic. And in any case, you can do well and enjoy many schools. I do not believe there is just one school out there that would suit someone. Again, I do not know anything about your credentials, so it is hard to advise you as to which school would be safeties for you that match your preferences in a college. But please look into that.

Good luck!

By Jamimom (Jamimom) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 01:03 am: Edit

My sons' schools strongly advocate true safety schools to everyone, a thing I tend to advise as well. Until I personally saw several young people's lives temporarily disrupted for not including a true safety, financial, local, and acceptance wise, I don't think I really thought about it much. My oldest son did not initially have what was considered a true safely until his college counselor insisted he pick one. It was a one page, no fee on line app, and he was accepted pretty quickly and even got money offers. He acknowledged that he could have enjoyed going there as he could have enjoyed going to his state school choice which with a 40% acceptance rate was not considered a safety at all. Though he was confident he was in there. As it turned out, he had several acceptances by Christmas and one deferral==he had gone EA to multiple schools. So the pressure was off of him for the last half of his senior year. If things did not work out financially, the state school and scholarship school were in his pocket. He had 2 EAs for schools he really liked so he was just holding out for some reach schools some of which he decided were not for him. So April rained nothing but gifts in his eyes.
In contrast, there were families that were writhing by Christmas. I guess you could say that they were taking things way too seriously but as kids were rejected from non safety safeties,like our state school that has rolling admissions, and other state school again with rolling admissions,the tension was building. It seemed like the girls took it the hardest. Alot of moms I knew reported, stomache, sleep, eating problems. Alot of nerve cases. But I do live in an area where college admissions is overly stressed. And brand name schools are overly coveted. Still, a quick safety in the pocket would have made a nice worry bead.
Then, we had cases that I mentioned previously where things just did not work out senior year. Finances in the family, health in the family, a senior year gone awry==with all these pressures with college aps, exams, essays,tough courses, grades, keeping up the EAs, trying to keep up or develop a hook, no wonder these kids are stressed. I am ever so glad that I did not have to go through such a gauntlet, and it scares me that my children have to do so. But such are the times and there are some things we can do to mitigate the stress. Safeties are one such thing. They can scoff at them, bad talk them but still have them. Believe me the kids I knew in Pittsburgh who had Pitt in their pockets, many with offers of the Honors College and money, were walking tall even as they waited for Harvard's letter. And Pitt lets you know right away. My friends daughter ended up there but did not apply in the fall and had to beg to get in and paid full price because she did not apply in the fall. She was highly selective college material, got into several schools including an ivy, but her father would not pay, her mother could not pay, and then her mother had a heart attack===I personally believe the stress from all of this contributed. This girl is now graduated from Pitt, has a grant to go to a great law school but you better believe she had a safety when she applied to law schools--a safety and a graduate school backup plan. I had told her to apply to Pitt 3 years ago and she and her mother had felt it was not necessary. I don't believe adding a true safety hurts anyone's list and is a welcome sign of humility to the eyes of the college counselor as well.

By Soozievt (Soozievt) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 01:12 am: Edit

Jamimom, I appreciate your wise posts based on experiences. I am with ya on the safety schools. Some kids posting on these forums do not seem to have any and that is scary. Also I hear ya on the stresses of this whole process. Thankfully, we do not live in a community such as yours where this topic is all the rage and there is a competitiveness within. I think the whole process is stressful enough without that! Here, my child just goes for what she wants but is not competing against anyone. She is just going for her dreams and competing with herself.

I guess I forgot to mention in my post above when asked which schools are my daughter's safeties and I mentioned Lehigh and Conn College. But I forgot to say, she will be offered a full four year ride at University of Vermont which is given to every valedictorian in the state. So, I guess that is the true fallback but while UVM is a great school, she does not desire to go there. True, it does burn to not go to college for free when we will have a hard time paying tuition, but the school does not fit her needs. That is why she has chosen other safety schools that do. But in the worst cast scenario, she could attend UVM for free.


By Firedup17 (Firedup17) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 01:18 am: Edit

From safety to reach (but not quite final)

1. University of Florida
2. McCombs/University of Texas-Austin
3. Swarthmore
4. Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania
5. MIT
6. Princeton

By Rocksolid4 (Rocksolid4) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 02:10 pm: Edit

ok ... didnt mean to incite such fury :)...
just a bit of a newbie at this.

By Winterfresh (Winterfresh) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 04:39 pm: Edit

My list goes something like:

1. Hartwick College
2. University of Arkansas- Fayettsville
3. University of Hartford
4. University of Tampa
5. Frostburg State University

Yes, I'm extremely glad the search is over ;)

By Carolyn (Carolyn) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 07:45 pm: Edit

Winterfresh, As long as you're considering Arkansas, have you looked at Hendrix College there? It is very similiar in ways to Hartwick.

By Cdblizzard862 (Cdblizzard862) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 08:56 pm: Edit

My list as of now:
I'm not positive which are reaches and which are matches, safeties because I want to be a theatre major and have to audition for quite a few of them!
New York University-Tisch
Boston University
Emerson College
Sarah Lawrence College
Vassar College
Fordham University
Drew University
And Some colleges I have considered that aren't totally ruled out yet
Oberlin College (good school but I hate the location)
Syracuse University (ditto)
Eugene Lang College

By Istalam (Istalam) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 09:22 pm: Edit

Ranking if i got into all, where i would go.
1.Uchicago (passion)
3.College of William and Mary
6. UT-Austin
7.Va. Tech
8.James Madison
9.George Mason

Good Luck to y'all

Dean for America, STUPID!

By Chasgoose (Chasgoose) on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 - 10:55 pm: Edit

Cdblizzard862, what about Bard College? Its very similar to Vassar and Sarah Lawrence i.e. upstate New York but still close to NYC location, artsy student population, and good small liberal arts college. And they just got a really cool new performing arts complex designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry. Selectivitywise it is easier than Vassar but harder than Sarah Lawrence so by looking at where else you are appplying to it would most likely be a good match school.

By Cdblizzard862 (Cdblizzard862) on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 - 08:26 pm: Edit

I will look into it, thank you! Does anyone know if you have to audition for Bard's theatre program?

By Becks777 (Becks777) on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 - 09:53 pm: Edit

Rosiebabe, i completed my 11 th garde in stl and then moved to chicago.....

By Chasgoose (Chasgoose) on Thursday, September 04, 2003 - 12:02 am: Edit

The audition policy at Bard would probably be similar to Vassar or Sarah Lawrence's but I would contact the school. I don't think, however, that they have one. And I thought of another good school for a theatre major: Carnegie Mellon. As strange as it sounds, Carnegie Mellon is known for, along with its engineering and architecture, great theater programs. Again I do not know much about the audition process.

By Rosiebabe5 (Rosiebabe5) on Thursday, September 04, 2003 - 12:19 am: Edit

Just wondering because I live there. What school?

By Becks777 (Becks777) on Friday, September 05, 2003 - 05:47 pm: Edit

PArkway north high

By Rowan (Rowan) on Friday, September 05, 2003 - 07:49 pm: Edit

Final list, in order of preference (and, as it so happens, difficulty; funny how that works):


University of Chicago
UC Berkeley
UC Los Angeles

UC Santa Cruz

Of course, I would happily go to any of these schools (forgetting the bitterness of being rejected by the rest) and that's why they're on my list. I feel silly banking on one safety, but I'd feel even sillier going to a school I had no intention of attending when I applied.

By Ceruleanne (Ceruleanne) on Saturday, September 06, 2003 - 01:06 pm: Edit

Hi everyone! I keep on thinking I have a final list but then I second guess myself... but for now, here it is:
Reach: Vassar and maybe Oberlin
Target: Denison and Connecticut College
Safety: Washington College, George Mason, Ithaca

By Calidan (Calidan) on Sunday, September 07, 2003 - 04:27 pm: Edit

here's my list (in no specific order):
Boston College
Boston University
University of virginia
UNC @ Chapel Hill
U of Southern California

By Rosiebabe5 (Rosiebabe5) on Sunday, September 07, 2003 - 04:29 pm: Edit

Wash U, Davidson, William & Mary
Emory, Vanderbilt, Richmond
Illinois Wesleyan

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