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Impact of Lower Scores from Second Testing

Question: My child has given SAT once and is registered to give it again on June7th. He is not well prepared. If his scores from the June 7th test are lower than the previous time, will it affect his admission process negatively? Does he have to report his SAT scores from all attempts for college ...


Up Your SAT Score

The SAT has ruled the roost for as long as most of us can remember. You either love it or hate it. Most hate it. Count me among that demographic. I used to do SAT prep. I started with my daughter and son and then branched out, including it as part of my comprehensive independent ...


SAT Panic: Taming the Irrational Fear to Flee

Ever see the original movie Godzilla or its remake? Some scenes recall a familiar and unfortunate attitude of high school seniors that happens every October: SAT panic. Obviously the fear and anxiety isn’t quite that of those poor Tokyo residents or New Yorkers. There is tension, though, and misunderstanding. Students want to flee the test. ...