March SAT Madness?

Day after tomorrow, March 5, 2016, is "D Day" for SAT takers. "D" = "Debut" of the revised SAT that has caused such a stir around the world.

Revamped SAT Worries Students

Many students have gotten into a groove with the previous SAT format. The redesigned SAT is about to deploy and that means dealing with change.

How’s Your Test Prep APP-etite?

I received notice about a group of apps that may be of practical advantage to high schoolers preparing themselves for the latest changes in the SAT.

College for 2015 Grad On her Own

Question: If I graduated with the class of 2015 and didn’t apply to college or take the SAT what can I do if I want to apply for college now? Would I have to do my fafsa this January? I have been living on my own, would I still need my parents information? Where can ...


Juniors: Current or New SAT?

You should know by now that the SAT is changing with the March 2016 administration. Thus, the Big Question for high school juniors: Which SAT to take?

Standardized Testing for Juniors

There are many milestones during the college admissions process. One of the more important ones is for juniors during the high school 11th grade.

Application Testing Requirement Changes

Those of you applying to college this fall and winter should be aware of some changes that have taken place recently in the area of testing requirements.

Taking The SAT: How Many Times?

Ask a dozen college admissions counselors how many times you should take the SAT and you could get a dozen different answers.